CONTEST VOTING- What do you prefer? What is fair?

Hi Face Painter Buddies!

I have received some questions about the voting for the contest, if the subscribers vote or who chooses the winner, and based on what criteria.
My blog doesn’t have the capabilities to do the open voting like some forums do, I can only make small polls, which means I, or some other artist could choose the top 5, and then everyone could vote on those top 5.
Read the info below, and Please post a comment about what you think is best in your opinion. I know open voting brings lots of traffic to a site, but I want this to be the best contest for you all, not my blogs stats.
Things to consider about open voting.
#1 We’ve had few too entries since my blog only has 100 subscribers, and some are not face painters.
#2 I think it isn’t fair when the pictures keep getting posted before the deadline, because the first people who submit entries have a disadvantage of being one-upped by the next group of people who see their entries and try to do better than theirs.
#3 It becomes a popularity contest to see who has the most friends that can take the time to come and vote for their picture. I know West Coast Face Painters tried to make an anonymous contest for the FABAIC convention prize, but it was totally obvious in many cases who wrote the essays and who did the art because the group members know each others styles. Also, they weren’t allowed to recruit votes, but people can do that through e-mails and no one knows.
I am going to sit down today and try to think of the ideal situation that is fair to everyone. It is hard for me to be the decision maker because I know most of the people who submit entries to the blog. I have to really focus on the creativity when looking at the designs, and ignore who submits them, and my Santi helps me too. Maybe I could get guest Judges…like the Wolfe Bros, or Jinny to come by and choose the winner. Hmmmmm
Any more ideas are super appreciated!!
For now, the contest is based on creativity and technique, which I think are the two most important factors when judging art. I like to see people trying something new with their skills!
All my love,
Anna 🙂

9 comments on “CONTEST VOTING- What do you prefer? What is fair?

  1. Anna,
    Thank you for looking for a way to make the contests better. I like the idea of keeping the contest as anonymous as possible and you are right, I recognize friends work & it does make it harder for me to vote in a poll. But, I like that if a group of people are voting you get a broader perspective. Art is very subjective & is difficult for 1-2 people to judge. It’d be great if different guest judges could come in, or I like being judged by other face painters. I think I’m going to enjoy your blog & glad I just joined!

  2. Hi Anna!
    I definately agree that an being anonymous is best. I do not like the contest where friends and faimly can vote for you just to help you get the most votes. It is about the art, not popularity as you have said. I think to have you or a panel of objective judges is the better solution. You can have guest judges assist you in the difficult decision making which might be fun. Just my thoughts!!
    Have fun!! and good luck.

  3. Wonderful idea. The various contests can be quite daunting to newcomers. I like that you are striving for a more blind entry and more level ‘playing field’.
    Some styles are so easily recognizable…but then so are their own faces when used in contests…lol
    I’ll go subscribe to your blog now 🙂

  4. What Shelley says! hehe! I put a lot of thought into my entry in another contest only to be disappointed in the “popularity contest” atmosphere. I may not have been the best but, I feel my entry was better than the amount of votes it received. I would rather have my submissions judged by someone who doesn’t know the entrants or at least will be fair and judge on the art and not the artist.

  5. Would you mind enabling rss feeds, because this page is difficult to read on my phone. Don’t mean to be a complainer, but I figure if it would help me it would probably help others as well. Thanks 🙂

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