Contest Poll & 30% Discount Coupon Code Treasure Hunt (now over)

Hi hi hi!

Sorry to hit your inbox with so many e-mails, but we have just been cranking out ideas here while we shovel the snow!  Read the two items below!


Go to JestPaint on facebook and look through the images in the “Face and Body Art”  album to find a hidden 7 letter word in one of the images.         (You have to “Like” the page in order to see the pictures)

If you are the first to find the word then run for your life to the comment box and post that you found it first! This lets everyone know that the hunt is over. Now if you want that 30% coupon as soon as possible, send us an e-mail at right away telling us the hidden word.   We will send you the coupon code. It will expire in one week from when we send it, so if you can’t use it, pass it along to someone who can. That’s a nice present! If you can use it, go crazy and save on all your paints for the season that is fast approaching!

CHECK OUT THE POLL and Give us Your Opinion about Contests!!!

Please make 4 votes, one in each letter category (A – B – C – D ). If you have any comments, leave them at the bottom of the post. If you didn’t read the last post about voting, please check that out too. Thanks so much!!! I want to have the best contests ever for you guys!

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