About Anna Wilinski

I started to paint faces when I was 10 years old with my mom. I have been working in Michigan and California running my own family entertainment business since the age of 18.  I started teaching others to face paint in 2004 at the EMFCM conventions, and I’ve continued to teach classes around Michigan at alleys, guilds, schools and organizations.  In 2010 I was invited to teach at Living Canvas Convention in San Jose, CA, in 2014 at the St. Louis Convention and 2015 at FABAIC in Florida.

Since 2007 I have been going wild making my own rainbow cakes and posting demo videos on YouTube showing people how to use them. In 2009 I opened JestPaint.com after a love affair I started with a new face paint brand in the U.S. market, Diamond FX. I decided to sell DFX and Clash’s Rainbow pots on my site, and now you can get the ones finally produced by Diamond FX, TAG, Paradise and ABC.

I have a tween  year old daughter named Oceana. She is a wild spark, and a creative little genius!   I am married to a very talented fella named Santiago Massano, that I met as a result of the Body of Art fundraising calendar I created in the fall of 2009 with Pedro de Moraes. Like Pedro, Santiago is an amazing photographer, and Santiago has been body painting with me and preserving the images through his super sweet camera in our studio. He is also the backbone of JestPaint.com.  I needed a left sided brain to help keep the store growing! We have an awesome little toddler named Angelo too.

I really LOVE talking about face painting, so if you ever need to chat about it, contact me!  269-598-5436 or anna@jestpaint.com

15 comments on “About Anna Wilinski

  1. Anna, I missed the 2010 Face and Body Art Conference in May. Thank you for the inspiration. I really enjoyed the various sponge techniques you’ve show-cased via video. I booked an event I could not back out of…As I continue to watch your youtube videos I’m more excited about Face Painting. When will you be in the Detroit area and or working with Janice Priest. My goal is to become full time artist, author…however, I’ve not stepped out on FAITH as of yet. Still working my part time gig. Do you have any words of Wisdom to help me take that leap.

    Thank you!
    your Michigan Face Paint Fan/Friend

    • I live below the poverty line doing what I love, but now I see that if I want to go farther in this business, I really have to push myself, expand my market and pursue my dream clients! I don’t think birthday parties will take me farther than I am now, so I am reaching to body painting to keep me painting but also earning enough money to save for the future.

  2. Hi Anna,
    I enjoy watching your vids. I love your work and I am very honored to have met you at the Art Hop in 2009. I am a make up artist and a beginner face painter and would love to learn as much as I can to improve my skills.


  3. Hello Anna! So happy to have found your blog & subscribed immediately! I’m new to FP but you wouldn’t know it if you saw all my face painting supplies! I believe you need to look professional to be treated as one. Speaking of which, once I’m done posting here, heading to jestpaint.com to get a few more cakes!

    I’m considering attending the FABAIC show in May in Florida but I’m afraid I might feel inadequate in the company of all those pros. All depends if I can get more practice between now & then. Are you planning on attending or will you be in the middle of childbirth by then? By the way, congrats to you both!

    Did I mention that I’m a big fan of yours? – love your videos & look forward to receiving your updates in my inbox. Thank you for being so generous with your experience!

    Happy Cheeks!

    • Hi Christine!
      Thanks so much for shopping at our store and being a great friend on Facebook! I hope your trip went well, I need to go check out your page and look for pictures of that international adventure.

      At least one of us is going to FABAIC if every thing goes alright with the birth of mr.baby. Santiago really wants to take the classes and meet online friends, and I really want to sit around the jams and lobbies and nurse and chat it up. We will see what happens. I am not sure if taking a 1.34 month year old would be a good idea for air travel and a long weekend, but it has been 3 years since my last convention so I am craving it!

      FABAIC is full of new face painters and long timers. I wouldn’t miss out if I were you! There is so much to learn, so don’t worry at all about your skills right now, once you go there you will come back with a magical sensation that will motivate you to try new techniques and take even more care in creating little works of art. I came back with so much more respect for the art form both times that I went, and felt more like an artist versus a painting machine.

      When you go to the Jams you can paint on yourself or other people. Try to find someone doing something that you really like and ask to take pictures or make sketches. Look out for really cool color combos, blending techniques, brushes that seem to work really well, and all sorts of tricks to make different effects. I’d even consider making a little book with a page or so labeled for things that you want to look out for, so that you can keep organized and understand your notes when you get home. I had little notes written all over random pages which were not easy to refer to. I did bring blank line drawings of faces so that I could sketch away during the classes, and colored pencils. You can then paint right there, trying the new things, or if you are shy you can do them on yourself up in your hotel room up into the wee hours of the night.
      Oh oh oh and don’t be afraid to get as many pics as you can with other artists, even your heroes. And try not to pass out when you meet them! They are all regular people who are willing to sit and chat and work right along side the rest of us. I love the ego-less environment, and the totally willingness to share by our fellow artists at jams and events like FABAIC. Everyone is sooo excited to share and learn…ooooh face and body painters rock!

  4. Anna, I so appreciate your reply – thank for taking the time to respond.

    I will be giving FABAIC a lot of thought… it will be nice to see all my “Youtube Inspirations” there!

    As for the baby traveling… they fare much better than we give them credit for & you know you’ll find plenty of “aunts & uncles” to hold him while you’re playing!

    Best regards & again, thanks for the tips!


  5. Hi Anna,

    Thank you so much for coming out this wintery day for sharing your knowledge of this art. Everyone was so inspired with everything they learned. Safe travels to you and your family. Prayers for a safe delivery.

    Nancy Hi Anna,

    Thank you so much for coming out this wintery day for sharing your knowledge of this art. Everyone was so inspired with everything they learned. Safe travels to you and your family. Prayers for a safe delivery.


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