New ST.patty’s Day Demo Up! Updates on Contest and Coupon too!

Well Top of the Mornin’ to you! This face paint demo is one year late, requested by Barbara B from Wisconsin. Thanks for being so patient Barb!

We are still trying to find a camera that makes a clear recording and has good sound. This one has the sound on point, but the image quality isn’t the BEST…but pretty darn good for close up shots.  I am going to start saving for an HD camera so you can see every hair in the model’s nose!

WARNING! WARNING! :) Some customers are trying to get the 10% discount without entering the code at check out. You HAVE to enter the code in the CODE BOX during check out. I hope you understand, and please call us before checking out  if you have any problems at 269-598-5436.  See all the helpful steps on the original blog post to help out too. Use the coupon before the end of February.

CONTESTS for this Month! Ahhh, we got a lot of entries at the start of the contest and now…they are not coming in. We will extend the contest through next month until we get 20 entries! Also, tell your friends on facebook about the contest and subscribing to the blog, and you might win the Blog Subscriber Contest! So far we only have two people participating in this last one, so you have a great chance to win some super prizes! Wheee hee hee!