Coupon Code- Good until March 10th, 2011

We have a new 10% off coupon code for all of our Blog Subscribers to use at on orders over $20. It expires March 10th, 2011.

In order to get the code,  you have to skim over our commonly asked questions first to avoid confusion and save time!

WARNING! WARNING! 🙂  Some customers are trying to get the discount without entering the code at check out. You HAVE to enter the code in the CODE BOX during check out. I hope you understand, and please call us before checking out  if you have any problems at 269-598-5436.

FAQs on the Coupon that you need to know BEFORE using the code!!

When do I enter the code?

When you are done adding items to your cart and start the check out process you will be asked for your code. PayPal users enter the code after visiting the paypal page check out…so at the VERY end.

Where do I enter the code?

For Guests or Registered check out: go to your “Shopping Art Cart” in the store, and at the VERY LEFT of the shopping cart page, under the customer information there is a bar that says “enter code”.  Put your code there, complete the customer information and click “Proceed to Step 2”.

For Paypal Check Out (an express route that skips the guest or registered checkout)  enter the coupon code after going to PayPal. Once you’ve been to the PayPal page it will take you back to our website and there will be a space for you to put the coupon code. It seems weird, but it works!

When does the Coupon Expire?

The coupon code is valid for orders CONFIRMED between 02/22/2011 and  March 10th, 2011 at 11:59pm U.S. Eastern Standard Time (check the world clock to make it in time!)

What EXACTLY is the discount for?

To show our love and appreciation!  This is a 10% discount on your order before shipping and taxes. You have to order $20 in product in order for it to work. Our prices are already cheap, so this is just an added bonus of love!

Can I use this coupon more than once?

No, this coupon code can only be used 1 time per costumer.

Can I use the coupon with another one?

No, you can only enter one code at check out.

If I forget to use the code at check out or have a problem using it, can you refund me later?

No,  in order to get the discount you MUST put the coupon code in the correct spot during the check out process. Call us before checking out if you have any problems and we will make sure you get your discount. 🙂

Can everyone use this code?

ONLY my blog subscribers can use the coupon.

The e-mail address you use during the checkout process must match the one you used to subscribe to our blog. If you don’t remember it, please ask us before you go to checkout.

Can I subscribe now and use the code?

YES!    If you aren’t a subscriber go SUBSCRIBE on the Right side of the page at and then use the code.  It can’t hurt! 🙂


The Coupon Code is:  10DFBS It is now expired.

Copy and Paste it into the code box at check out!

Thanks for shopping at! Happy Painting!!


This is a slow time of year for a lot of face painters in comparison to summer vacation time.

I love this time of year because it gives me a chance to check out peoples work, and learn more from other painters on forums or facebook.  This is a great time to find a killer face painting design, or be inspired by a fabric or jewelry etc and challenge yourself to take your time and try it out.

Sometimes I see amazing designs and I stare and stare at them, but until I actually try to do it, it usually gets lost in my brain database.  Find an hour this week and try to create a complete masterpiece! Add your own signature style, or put a real twist on an inspiring design. These could be elaborate designs just for fun, or designs that you could actually do at a birthday party. Simple, yet powerful!

Here is a design I did after checking out a picture Santi found of a venitian mask. I used the same colors, but went out on my own with the rest of the design.

Since we have a one stroke contest going on this would be a perfect opportunity to really investigate new one stroke flowers! Just look up Donna Dewberry images and you will find a ton of step by step guides or videos.


I have been getting a lot of entries for the One Stroke Flower Contest! I think we will reach our 20 entry minimum! Spread the word just to be sure!

Check out the Contest Poll and vote if you haven’t to let your voice be heard about how you think contests should be run!

Thank you for subscribing to my blog. Feel free to make any comments and suggest new ideas!!!