Upcoming Classes

Please contact me if you would like to have a small class/workshop for groups large or small. I would love to help you with any kind of face painting need you have, from basic skills, to advanced fancy moves to do with sponges and brushes.  I am willing to travel, and you are more than welcome to come to Kalamazoo too.  Thanks!   Anna 269-598-5436 or anna@jestpaint.com


I am going to be teaching on the west side on Feb 25th…see the info below. Also on March 18th I will be doing some demos in Kalamazoo at Dennys at 4pm and then we can stay to jam after that…clown alley related function but all are welcome!

WHEN: Saturday, February 25, 2012 1:00 – 4:30 p.m.

WHERE: New Beginnings United Methodist Church of Redford
16175 Delaware (northwest corner of Puritan and Delaware)

DETAILS: Class is limited to 40 artists

PRICE: $20.00 C.A.R. members ($25.00 (non-C.A.R. members)

DESCRIPTION: Learn Cheek art and Full face
Use sponges and brushes properly-
Learn the technique of double loading brushes
Learn how to use Rainbow Cakes

Mail to: Bob Ferguson 36495 Joy Rd. Westland, MI 48185

Call: Bill Brasgalla RSVP at (248) 426-0776 by February 22, 2012
Or email Bill at louie857@att.net
Please indicate your experience level: beginner or advanced

Call now to make your reservation. Bring your kit and your enthusiasm with you and join us for an afternoon of creative painting ideas. Professional products will be available for purchase. Jam session will follow until 6:00 p.m.

Call or e-mail me for a free shipping coupon if you want to order products online and we will bring them to the class, since we aren’t taking the whole store with us. (anna@jestpaint.com, phone: 269-598-5436)


On October 22nd Anna and Santi (aka Clash and Mr.Twist) will be at the Hearts of Michigan Convention in St. Louis Michigan.  Clash will be teaching one stroke  techniques for cheek art and full face painting.

My daughter (of course the unpainted one) and her friends at her BDay Party.

JestPaint’s dealer table will also be there with a huge array of face painting products from our store.  We will be bringing all the lines of paints, other face painting accessories, and our huge swatch making sample set so you can see the colors on the skin before you buy them. Santi and I will be there to answer any kind of questions you can throw at us too! 🙂

Advanced orders are encouraged if you want to be sure we don’t run out of any of the products that you need before the convention or if you don’t want to wait it out in line to get checked out at our table.  We won’t be bringing glitter tattoo stencils or clown makeup so you can feel free to place orders a week before the convention and we will pack them and bring them to the convention for you to pick up. If you would like to do this you can use the coupon code HMCSHIP at check out so you won’t get charged shipping.  You can only use one coupon code per order, just so you know, and it is only for those attending the convention.

Check out the attachments to learn more about this very very inexpensive educational fun time for family entertainers!

Heart of Michigan Workshop Schedule

Sign Up for For Convention!



Well holy poly! There is a new poll below. We are trying to work together with some other face painters to put on a fun filled day for those of us that are too far from Vegas and New Jersey and Florida to attend those mega conventions.

Please fill out the poll below if you are interested in attending any of the events that you can choose from below.

PLEASE choose one selection from EACH letter (a-f) so that we can get the whole idea of what people are looking for in terms of a good time to meet, the type of gathering you would be interested in, how far you are willing to drive, and how you would be willing to get involved.

If you know of people who would like to attend a face painting gathering to learn, network, or just have fun, please copy and paste the link to this page and send it to them or post it on your facebook status, or something. It would be great if we could pull people together from Michigan, Illinois, Indiana, Wisconsin and even Ohio to have a lot of fun!

Thanks sooo Much!

Anna and Santi


Check out this little video and http://www.living-canvas.org to learn about the next convention I will be teaching at this year, and find out who the other instructors will be! The convention is September 20th-23rd in San Jose California.

I will be teaching classes in rainbow cake designs for tweens and teens and a class showing how to blend Diamond FX paints.  I am also holding a Jam on Monday night,  all on rainbow cakes!



Since this class is in high-demand and limited to only 12 participants,  I want to make sure that those who really want to and can make it, get a spot.  To make this happen we are requiring payment for the class to be made in advance. On Monday August 23rd you can visit http://www.jestpaint.com and look on the left for Classes.  When you pay, please register at check out so we have all of your contact information.  Once the payment is made you will get a confirmation letter, and then all you have to do is wait wait wait until October 5th!

This is going to be a hands on workshop where students will work one on one with Anna painting other participants or restaurant models. Everyone will get the chance to delve into the wonderful world of rainbow cakes and practice double loading, and fancy brushstrokes.

If the class is all sold out, please e-mail me to let me know you wanted to take it, and I can set up another class if we have enough interested students.  Private lessons are also an option if you are interested in setting up a time for that as well.

13 comments on “Upcoming Classes

  1. I will be in Milwaukee from August 17-29th. Are you offering any classes nearby during that time? I live in Seattle so I’m too far away!

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  3. I am in St. Johns, Mi and want to take a class held in Michigan. Are there products for sale at your classes?Driving to Kalamazoo is not a problem.
    THANK YOU for the time on the phone this week(your phone dialed me while in your purse)

    • Ha ha ha! It was nice to hear you talking from my purse! I will post on here when we get a class set up! We are going to spend this week trying to set a date. Thanks for the the career advice, and the good chat!
      Anna 🙂

  4. anna we are having a painting jam in milwaukee in april I was wondering if you could get in touch with suzysparkles..to see if she needs any more instructors…She may have enough..I was just thinking since your really not that far away it would give us wisconsin painters a chance to meet you and learn how to use split cakes..

  5. anna I guess our jam we wanted here in milwaukee did’nt go cause of the date being on a sunday..and was hard for those of us who have to work on Monday and have to travel several hours just to get to milwaukee..for me it would of been 4 hours of driving one way and 4 hours back home…
    I will still love for you to come to our area

  6. Hi Anna,

    Thank you so much for coming out this wintery day for sharing your knowledge of this art. Everyone was so inspired with everything they learned. Safe travels to you and your family. Prayers for a safe delivery.

    Nancy Hi Anna,

    Thank you so much for coming out this wintery day for sharing your knowledge of this art. Everyone was so inspired with everything they learned. Safe travels to you and your family. Prayers for a safe delivery.


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