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The 1000th view contest!

At we got crazy!!! This week we reached our 1000th view and we want to celebrate it with you.

We are starting our first Face and/or Body Painting  Contest! It goes like this:

From today (May 18th, 2010) until June 8th, 2010 participants can send an image to The image should contain a Face and/or body painting design made by the participant. The prize will go to the most creative (unique) image, so you have to really let yourself go. Think big, get wild!

This are the rules:

– The prize will go to the most creative/unique design chosen by Anna Wilinski.

– Only our blog subscribers can participate, so, you have to send the image using the e-mail address you used to subscribe to our blog.

– The e-mail has to be sent to the following address:

-The subject of the e-mail must be: “1000th view contest” and your name or alias (very important since we will publish the winner’s name in the blog).

– The deadline is June 8th 2010 at 11:59pm eastern time.

-Only one image per participant can be submitted.

– The winner will receive the following kit: 3 Handmade Rainbow Cakes, 1 Neon Violet (DFX) 32gr cake, 1 Hydra Sponge, 3 Foam Wedges , 1 Paradise Electric Yellow Glitter and 1 Certificate made by Anna Wilinski.

– The prize will be sent through regular mail to the address given by the winner after previous contact with him/her by e-mail.

– The prize will ONLY be sent within the US unless the winner pays for the shipping outside the US.

– We will publish the winner’s design on our blog, together with his/her name or allias (we want to make sure to give you the credits for your work).

– If possible we will publish all submitted images in a collage on our blog so everybody can enjoy them!

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Hi folks! The spring is now here and we want to celebrate it at so we have put some extra items on sale at our store.

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If you had a coupon and tried to use it and it didn´t work, we fixed the problem with that and they are ready to be plugged in.  We are seconds away from our Blog`s thousandth view, so watch out, we might go crazy!!

Feel free to make any suggestions on how our store or our blog could be better for you. Thanks!!

Happy Spring (finally!!!)


Rake Brush Shout Out!

Notice the little white spots  on this rainbow cat’s face? I made these using a fan rake. The rake brushes are brushes with sections of the bristles cut out, and I use them to add instant pop to designs. People watching me paint always get excited to see rows of little white dots pop up…it is kind of crazy.  If you don’t use sparkles, this is a simple way to add some bling.

Lace is easy to make with these brushes too! They also make nice background baby’s breathe type flowers in floral designs. You can get these brushes at my store under fun face paint tools. 🙂

Check out the Body Paint page for a new Post on my Hubby’s first body paint design.


Clash Anna Banana

DRAGON Step by Step by Clash Anna b-Nana


Using a rainbow cake or split cake, load a ½ or ¼ sponge or foam wedge with at least two colors of paint. The one I used has two shades of greens and blues. Start at the eyebrows and sweep is a monster…so it doesn’t have to be perfect.


Now make two swipes coming from the temples down over the top lip and under the nose. I kept the same color on the outside…but you can switch it up if you want.


Run the sponge along the sides of the nose, keeping the lighter side on the top of the nose. Fill in the gap between the eyebrows.

STEP 4 Fill in the cracks with the sponge. You can wiggle the wedge to make gill like designs on the side of the eyes.


Draw large black slits over the nostrils to make huger nostrils. Paint the outside of the nose and the eyebrow arches.


Make a sharp gill like scaly spiky effect by linking together arches with your round brush.  Paint thin black lines coming in to the center of the face where the arches meet. Fill the black around the eyes and make scary nose wrinkles.  SCARY!


Highlighting the cheekbone gill things and adding teeth and horns complete the look of this dragonish beast!

Letter from the 25th Subscriber

This is a condensed version of the letter that the 25th subscriber sent me, hope you enjoy it as much as I did.




Hi Anna,
I was very excited this morning to read that I was the 25th !

Yesterday I was searching for inspiration for a clown face that “A” asked for because of the school party, so then I found your YouTube videos which are really great! Then checked out your blog for the first time yesterday, I noticed you’ve only just started it, so I just had a little dream during the night if there was any chance that I might win the 25th coupon. I’ve never subscribed or posted to a blog before ! So I can see I’ll have to do it more often. 🙂

A couple of years back I volunteered for a Haloween fund raising face paint at the girls school, so in searching for inspiration I came accross some interesting designs, not haloween feel at all, but I liked the feel of so much so that I just had to save them for future ideas.  I’m so impressed to find your youtube videos and see such a design building up.

I wish you and your husband all the good luck in developing your online presence so you might secure a good income from doing what you obviously love doing.

In the meantime I’ll be checking out your other sites flickr and entertainment which I’ve not had chance to do yet, and of course browsing your shop to try and decide just what I should treat my girls and me to, the metalics and black light stuff looks so exciting.

With best wishes and thanks for the coupon,

The 25th Subscriber

We have reached our 25th Subscriber!

Thanks to everyone who has subscribed to the blog! Please feel free to come to my site to ask questions about face painting, and learn from myself and other artists. Let me know what a dream blog would contain for you! We are still sending coupons to new subscribers, some will have some extra surprises! Thanks again! Much love from Kalamazoo!
ANna 🙂 Clash :oD

Getting Crazy with Black Light Paint

The past couple of weeks my husband and I have been experimenting with the DFX UV/Blacklight paints under Black Light. We figured this could be a fun way to spend our evenings after my daughter went to bed, and now I am dreaming in neon! 

I bought a 2 foot long black light from Spencer’s Gifts, which can make my whole room glow. You can also buy round bulbs from GE and large flashlights. Look for cool accessories that glow too around your house.

Working with the Neon Paints with the intention of using them for black lights is a whole new animal. You don’t need a heavy application to have them glow under black light, and the bolder and crazier the better. You don’t need to do very much delicate blending, or use fancy line work either. ~However, you should warn the people you paint that the design might look totally different under regular light.~ I painted my nose with regular black to cover up a mistake and when the lights were on…there I was with a black nose tip, and other correction marks.

Since the skin will not show (it will appear black under the lights) you can do all sorts of cool effects just highlighting certain parts of the face.

For example, with the design above I used a dotter sponge to make the two large spots on my forehead. The black around them is just my regular skin. Below I painted just Santi’s eyes and forehead and the strip down his nose…and his hands.  Everything else disappeared. Note how cool they look in his hair!

The reds, pinks, yellows and white really pop forward, while the blue and violet look farther away. Knowing this you can make three dimensional tricks. You can blend regular paints in to make shadows too, but don’t get to dark or the paint will just vanish.

I think it is best to paint under black light with a small regular lamp nearby as well so you can see where your brushes  and water cups are.  This way you can also see the immediate effects of what it will look like with the black light, but not make a mess. Then the design will look good under the regular light to.


I have a couple of face paint friends that have regular gigs at bowling alleys and roller rinks (Jolene and Jenni :o, that’s you!) who use their Neon paints when the black lights are on. Other times face painters use them to paint people going to a party or club where there will be black light.

You can also buy tiny black light flash lights and paint people for Halloween…and they can shine the light on their face to make a really awesome surprise.

The pinks, oranges, greens and yellows look amazing under regular light, and with the crazy fashion trends these days of neon graffiti t-shirts girls really love the neon paints when they see them in my kit. The Star Skull below shows  the neons under regular light.  Sorry I look so grumpy in this picture!

Check out my body paint page on my blog for more info on taking pictures under black lights, and more of the pictures we took. Below are some items from that can get you started!