Upcoming Classes: Living Canvas Convention Sept 2010

Check out this little video and http://www.living-canvas.org to learn about the next convention I will be teaching at this year, and find out who the other instructors will be! The convention is September 20th-23rd in San Jose California.

I will be teaching classes in rainbow cake designs for tweens and teens and a class showing how to blend Diamond FX paints.  I am also holding a Jam on Monday night,  all on rainbow cakes!

About JestPaint website

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White Face Clown Demo

I am answering another request for a clown face, and I am open for any other requests you have!! Check the Body Painting page for a new post there if you want to as well. Happy hot painting!

Peacock Feathers Demo Video

You can use a lot of different rainbow cakes to make the inside of a peacock feather. I have a hard time fitting more than one big one on a face…so if you have any lay tips for that, let me know!

This is another peacock feather just using regular cakes that Santi painted.

This is one I did. The necklace is made with a double loaded round brush.

Here is a leg wrap I made with a 50g Euroblend Cake and black and white details.

Spreading Face Painting Around the World

Have you ever dreamed of traveling around the world to paint the faces of kids who may never get the opportunity? I have nearly my whole life, but I have found myself stationed in Michigan since the birth of my daughter when I was 24, and haven’t quite figured out how to take her on a wild road trip.

Last year I got the opportunity to teach face painting to a group of global volunteers who live in a school community (IICDmichigan.org) 45 minutes from my house. These volunteers come from Asia, Europe, Africa, South America,  North America…probably from everywhere! For some reason the school is in a little farming town in Michigan, where they learn the skills  needed to work with an organization called Humana People to People and work in communities of the world’s poor.

I went the first time and showed an example of Story Telling Face Painting, using a story from Christopher Agostino’s book, and then held a hands on workshop for 20 some students. They loved to get into the paint. I donated some paints for them to use, did another workshop, and then when those that really took to the art asked for more paints, I sold them at the lowest price possible.

The pictures below show what one team that went to Brazil got in to, painting non stop for hours and hours on the sweet kids in their project.

The other collage is pictures of children painted by my friend Pedro, who made the Body of Art Calendar with me, during Children’s Day in Africa.

When Karina, from the Brazil team, came back to the U.S., she came to visit Santi and I, and told us all about how amazing the experience was. The kids were totally thrilled, and they painted each other from then on.

I think that this is an amazing way to serve the world, when we are just one person, we can train many to go out and spread joy through face painting.

If you like the idea, check out local organizations that train volunteers in your area.  If you have any questions, please shoot me and e-mail or give me a call.

New Rainbow Cake!!

Hello! I am happy to tell you that I have a new rainbow cake on my store. It’s called “Northern Lights” and the color combination was suggested by my face painter friend Heather Unhola, from Canada.

I hope you enjoy it as much as I do!

Have fun!!

direct link to the product: http://annalives2.powweb.com/store/page3.html

PS: I am still waiting for more images for the 1000th view contest!!!

Mask Design with a New Rainbow cake

Check out this video. I made a mask design, “A Princess to Cat”,  with a new rainbow cake. Soon it would be available at http://www.JestPaint.com

About the 1000th view contest

Hello Bloggers, I just wanted to share with you a couple of images I received from the subscribers participating in the 1000th view contest. Remember that you have time until June 8th 2010 at 11:59pm eastern time to submit your images.

To read the rules of the contest press here.

By the way, I FacePainted my JestPaint.com website so go and check it out!

Mad Hatter from the new movie Alice in Wonderland by Gina

FP Jas as pretty tiger by Jennifer Schuster

One Extra thing! I just created a new page on my blog called “Upcoming Classes”. I will publish there all the  information related with my Upcoming Classes.