My New Book is Here and more news!

Hi Fellow Face Painters!

I have a couple announcements to do:

#1 The store is  fully stocked with some colors that we have been missing for quite awhile (Lite Green 32g and The Large Euroblend Neon Rainbow Cake).

#2  My new book is here and ready to jump into your hands! It is all about using rainbow cakes, so if you are in need of a step by step guide of how to make the most of your rainbow cakes, or if you want to give this speedy colorful  method a try for the first time, please order a book before we run out! It will be at tonight!

#3 For those thinking about attending the Living Canvas convention in California,  if you want a $20 discount on registration please send me an  e-mail to  before registering for a special coupon code and more details.

I hope to meet you at the convention in California or at my class in Kalamazoo!



P.S. Here is a book review from Pat Bohn!

I got your book this morning in the mail. (Boy, are they early today!)
I looked through it and I LOVE it!  I like the way you show the tools and the steps in how to use them. I love the butterfly eyes and the tiger. The dolphin step-by-step is something I can even follow…lol.  I know from taking your classes, that you’re very good at breaking down each design so we can see exactly how to do them and that technique follows over into your book.
Amazing designs. Amazing clarity in the pictures AND the instructions as well.