Hello world!

THE FIRST BLOG ENTRY! All the rest are down below, or check the categories to find what you are looking for. THANKS for Popping in!!

Welcome Face Painting Empassionados! I have been dreaming about making a blog for the past year, and well…with the help of my wonderful husband Santi, I am here writing my first official post. I have been face painting for 20 years now, and I am just soo filled up with information about paints, techniques, tips and all that jazz, that I am dying to get it all out of me…and hopefully for you to learn from and enjoy!

If you have any questions about face painting techniques, running a business as a face painter, or anything else that might pertain to face painting I will bring them up on the blog to address.  I want to put polls on here about products and events too…so we can all learn from each other in a fun way.

We have over 100 YOUTUBE videos on face painting at my clashtheclown channel. If you haven’t seen them yet, please go be entertained by the wild kids in the background and the funky designs.

I opened a face paint store in January 2009, where you can find a whole slew of face paints and supplies.  We also sell rake brushes and dotter sponges and have awesome DREAM KITS! You can check out my store at www.JestPaint.com!

If you have no idea who I am, you can go learn about me on my entertainment website, www.jestparty.com by reading the History page.

Here is an example of what you can find on my YouTube Channel!!