Living with a Face Painter, a hubbys point of view

So, I figured the other day that I wanted to write a blog post about how is it to live with a Face Painter.

I know there are a lot of hubbies, and some wives too, that might not quite understand what the Face Painter’s job is.

I have heard and read many Face Painters comments about how sometimes family is not supportive enough.

I wanted to tell the way I see a Face Painter’s job, so maybe you can share with your family… and at the same time, I wanted you to see what we, husbands of painters, see.

One of the first things I noticed is that no matter where I am in my house, I can always find a brush, and I mean always! There are a couple of them in my tooth brush holder, some with the creams, and the soap. There are some drying with the silverware, and others next to my computer. I have found one in my shoe, and underneath the pillow, and thank God there is none in my food!

I can find them also in the car, the shower, and sometimes even in my drinks! And that brings me to the second most interesting and maybe dangerous part of living with a Face Painter: my drinks! Any cups with any liquid  can turn into Face Painting water! Every time I grab a drink I have to test it and make sure that it  is drinkable. We don’t have enough cups at home, because, you need one in the kitchen when painting while cooking, one in the dining room for painting while eating, on in the bed  for painting while sleeping, and one in the bathroom (and I hope it never leaves it) for painting while …. While reading a magazine.

NEVER, NEVER leave your cup close to a face painter, she will turn it into a face painting cup with her magic brush … I wish it was gold, but not, it is just dirty water!

I have woke up a couple of times thinking I had some weird disease… my arms were purple, and green, and red. Then I realized, my wife has it too! Oh no, wait a minute, is paint! Yes, paint is everywhere! And in my house, everywhere for real! I never thought I was going to have paint underneath the couch, in my hallway, in my living room, in my dining room… paint paint paint.

But lucky me, painters also like glitter! You should see the face of the cashier at the supermarket when I go there all covered in glitter and I stop to look at the e.l.f. cosmetic stand to see what is new. Yeah, not your average customer right?

Better yet, when I go to pick up my daughter at school…. I think I now know why she walks a couple of feet away from me until we get in the car. All other dads are wearing ties, or covered in oil, or brick dust… I… I am covered in glitter.

On the bright side, at least I look pretty in all the family pictures!

Now, if you think that those ladies during the 80’s were wearing too much makeup, have you ever dated a Face Painter? I asked once my wife if she could wear some makeup for our night out, I just wanted to see how she looked with beauty makeup. Two minutes later she came out of the bathroom with a butterfly mask! Yeap, that was her idea of fancy makeup for a night out. And I always thought that my mom’s red lipstick was a little too much ….

Now, I have  had the pleasure of working with my wife during some of her gigs as a balloon twister. It was during those gigs that I actually understood what she does for a living.

I always thought she painted faces. I thought that was her job. It sounded like an easy to do job. Grab a brush, put some paint on it and make a pretty design on a face. Piece of cake, right?

I figured, I know how to draw, I have played with tempera before, this shouldn’t be any harder. You don’t need a degree for that, right?

Well, I try it for the first time with my daughter… and one time was enough to realize that while a degree might not be a requirement to paint faces, my 5th grade art class wasn’t enough either!

My First Face Painting Ever

Yeah, I realized that what my wife was doing was an art form. She was actually doing unique designs on each face. She was making people look different; she was bringing the best out of them.

As an artist, she needed inspiration, and she was finding it in those little faces she was painting.

I found out that she has a really hard job. She can’t take years planning a face, she only has a couple of seconds to listen to what her “customer” wants, and when she is done, she has to start all over again, right away.

But, even though I now knew her job wasn’t easy, I was still wrong about what my wife does for a living.

You might think, ok, my wife is an artist, and that is a real job, complicated. But no, really, I think a Face Painter is more than that.

After doing a couple of gigs with her I realized that my wife’s job wasn’t to paint faces. Not really, her job was to make people happy!

Now, that is a job! Yes, she is not there to paint their faces, she is there to entertain them, to make them laugh, to make them feel good, to make them feel nice about themselves. Her job suddenly got A LOT more complicated! What a responsibility! She has to make people happy, after all, she paints at parties, not at business meetings (but maybe she should start painting at those meetings, because boy, those need some happiness!).

So, I realized my wife is what I would call a Professional of Happiness, and, as a professional, she never stops doing her job. She is one of the happiest persons I ever met. She is always singing and smiling, making people laugh, talking crazy, making no sense, working hard with a smile on her face.

A Face Painter can bring so much light into your house that you barely even need to turn on your lights at night. A Face Painter adds color to your rooms, and sheets. A Face Painter makes a room warm even during Michigan’s cold winters. A Face Painter will make you laugh, even when you just drank a big cup of dirty water full of paint.

I really think there is a giving heart inside every Face Painter. They give up their weekends and sometimes their families, to make others happy. They make people happy even when they are sick or feeling blue (because Face Painters don’t feel sad, they feel blue), or when they are tired. No matter what, they smile, they fill your face with joy, they make you look great and feel great.

They are nurses for our souls, they are smile makers, they add a little bit of funkiness to our world.

So yeap, that is how it feels to live with a Face Painter, at least in my house, with my wife, that I love.


Oshi’s first Face Painting on me

Wolfe FX White and Black (and all other colors) are BACK IN STOCK!

Just a quick note to let you know that ALL Wolef FX colors are now back in stock! YEAH!!!!

Happy Friday!

The business side of face painting- The Reality of Rates.

This is the first of a  super series on the  Business Side of  Face painting.

Over the next week I am going to make more posts about the much fretted  RATES issue.

  As an artist I have struggled a lot over the years about my rates, and I know I am not alone. I am going to take the time to reflect on what I have learned by experience.  I would love your input as well, so feel free to agree, or disagree with my posts in the comment box below or e-mail me if you would like me to post your comment anonymously.

Post #1 from the Reality of Rates Series (ooh sounds so fancy)

   Consider the time and money you invest into each gig when calculating your rates

After doing my taxes for the last 14  years I realize that my expenses really add up.  Those who do face painting as a hobby may be able to face paint with just a small kit and they are set, but professional face painters usually  incur more and more expenses as they grow.

Normal Face Painting Expenses:

-Face painting Supplies

-Set up

-Costumes or uniforms

 -Day care expenses if you have children


-Insurance, booth fees, conventions, learning materials, and party give aways.

-Cell phone and or internet fees, advertising fees, office supplies and so on.

Though these costs are considered deductions…paying less in taxes will not equal how much you spent.

Time invested into going to one gig is more than you may think:

  1. I spend about 30 minutes talking to the client,  creating and e-mailing an invoice, and then more time with any follow up e-mails if questions come up or changes are made.

  2. The day of the gig, I usually spend about an hour cleaning my kit, getting dressed,  Google mapping the location, and  calling to let them know I am on my way.

  3. My radius from gigs averages about 10 miles per gig…so that is 20 miles per gig…usually 30 minutes of driving.

  4.  I take about 10 minutes to set up at a party, and then, if I don’t not stay longer for free, I take  about 15 minutes to clean up and find the hostess to collect my balance.  So that is an extra 25 minutes.

All in all I spend about 2.5 hours doing things for an event besides actually working at the event.

That 1 hour party is really taking up 3.5 hours of my time.

If  I charged $100 (for one hour) and divided it by 3.5 hours of total working time I would actually be making $28.57 per hour.  If I also  look at the expenses that I had to do the party…then my hourly rate is even less.

Below are some things that you might  want to do to increase your actual hourly rate.

Consider requiring  a 1.5 to 2 hour minimum booking.

Many entertainers have a 1.5 to 2 hour minimum requirement for an event, so that they are not investing so much time for one small event.   If I worked a 2 hour gig…I can add the 2.5 hours prep time to the two hours painting time, and then  divide 4.5 hours of total time  by $200, giving me  $44.50 per hour before expenses.

Consider offering a reduced rate for additional hours to encourage longer gigs.

Other entertainers offer reduced prices for each additional hour  since they already took to the time to prep and drive to the gig anyway, and it motivates the customer to hire them for longer.  $175 for 2 hours painting  divided by 4.5 hours of total work time will give you $38.80 per hour.

Consider raising your rates or charging more for travel time:

If the reality of making much less per hour when looking at the big picture bothers you, consider raising your rates. I have slowly raised my rates over the years and I have also had a gradual increase in gigs. Time lost traveling to gigs outside of your city should be compensated by either charging just for the travel time or by requiring a minimum  booking time that is bigger than normal.

I will talk more in the next blog post about other things to consider when choosing or changing your rates, so keep posted! is all spiced up! New site…new products!

We have been spending the past two weeks working together with a great graphic designer, Tal Soriano Thompson, to give a fresh face and better navigation to Jest Paint.  Ohh it has been a lot of work, but we are so glad that we made the switch!

You can hit the links on this page to bounce around and then just go dancing through the store once you have read the post.

Please let us know if you spot ANY spelling errors or glitches. We are working on better images for the Subcategory Headings, some look like they have been stretched in a fun house mirror!

VIP ITEM:   You will have to sign up with a new account because we have a new website provider.  You might also have to delete your cookies and cache and history if your computer is stubborn and won’t let you see the new site.

Some new Features to Jest Paint are:

-Easier Navigation with a subcategory menu on the left that stays open when you look at items under that category. Our old site was a disaster in this department.

-Subcategory pictures to help you identify what you are looking for.

 -When we are out of something you are hoping to order you can click  “Email me when item is back in stock”.  When we update our stock you will be sent an e-mail to let you know that we have the item.                                                                                                                                           

  1. You have to click on the product or add it to your cart in order to see the link.  It will be under the Wish List Button (If you go look at  SUPER M STENCILyou will see the small link) 

  2. -What’s really great is that we are notified when you hit that magical link, so we know what people are hoping to get back in stock soon and we can place orders accordingly.

-We now have an easy to use FAQ page to find answers to your most intimate, I mean important, questions.   Go check it out and let us know of any other good  questions we should answer.  Thanks!

-We have more options for shipping Priority and Express.

Please read our Shipping/Returns page to see other important information.

-We have a page just for those who want to place International Orders with all the good info you need!


We have a nice variety of Bad Ass Stencils to help texturize and speed up your face painting talent. Stencils seem like cheating to some, but they actually amaze those watching, and you can always add your own pizazz with a brush to make every design look unique.

We have a lot of new Loew-Cornell Brushes, including the Gold Grips,  and fun special brushes!

Under sponges we have their Smoothie Blenders  and Double Dotters.

We have new DFX brushes by Da Vinci which we have tested and approved for awesomeness.

We now have Sponge Stamps which are GREAT for closing a long line. Load one of these up on a rainbow cake and run down the line stamping those last folks that you don’t have time to paint. Bad Ass stencils would also be great for this.

Thanks for being so great!!

Peace, Love and Paint,

Anna and Santi

Website down for maintenance

DEAR CUSTOMERS: Our website will be down on Monday and Tuesday January 30th and 31st for maintenance. We apologize for any inconveniences, and we welcome you to revisit us on Wednesday February First. 🙂

Starting on Wednesday February First we will have golden grip brushes from Loew-Cornell, new sponges, more special brushes and hopefully Bad Ass Stencils and a full inventory of Wolfe FX.

The Newest Face Painting Contest is Here! Peace Out!

Oh my it has been a long time since our last contest!

If  you made it through the worst of the Post Holiday Job Slump scream “Yeah, gigs are coming again!” If you didn’t hit a slump, please tell us why in the comments!

Oh yeah, the contest!

The prize this time around is even bigger than in the past! a $50 e-gift card or a $50 store credit to, wooohooo!

The subject of the contest is “Peace Out!”

We are hoping for a lot more peace in our Families, our Schools, our Towns, our Country and our World.  We often wonder how we could ever achieve world peace if we can’t even achieve peace in our own little circles. Everyone is so different in so many ways that it is natural that it is hard for us to all get along easily.   We think that face painting peace signs and other symbols of peace on kids and adults is a nice reminder to those who see them that peace is on our minds! We just need to be examples of peace every day and challenge others to forgive and to compromise.

If you have a peaceful idea for this contest, don’t wait until the last minute! Whip out some practice faces and sketch out as many creative ideas that you can. Once you find the one you like the most paint it on your arm or leg or neck… or someone else that is human, and send it to us!

Quick Submission Rules

1. Paint a human with the Peace Out theme in mind. Be creative as a crazy caterpillar and make a new design just for this contest.

2.  Most of the design should be done with professional face paint. Only use stencils and bling to add to the design, not to create the whole design. E.g. a stenciled background to add texture is okay, but do not use a stencil for the whole design(like you folks would ever do that anyway.)

3. Take  nice clear pictures that aren’t blurry,  too dark, or set to a contrast so high that the model’s tear ducts are bright red and their skin is unnaturally orange. ..I love to tweak my contrast a little, but don’t go overboard with editing, doing this can be misleading. Photoshopping the actual design is a no go, but photo shopping out the background, explosive zits and boogers is fine!

4. Let us know how you felt about participating in this themed contest, and/or some bio info about you.

Other things to consider before you get going!

The pictures will be posted anonymously once they are all submitted. The latest poll results on the best way to handle voting show that most of you want me to pick the top 5….and then subscibers vote on those top five to pick the winner. Check out our polls if you want to weigh in on this for future contests.

Only those subscribed to the blog can vote, and we discourage popularity voting. You can tell folks on facebook to join the blog and vote for the design they like the best…but do not tell them what your design is…please.  And the design can’t be painted on your own face, but you can paint on your own arm or leg or someone else’s face to help keep it anonymous. So basically, this also means that the design has to be new and not published anywhere else.

Extra Rules/Logistics for Entry

(Don’t groan too loud…We know… We Know…rules are not the artists number one fun thing on earth… but these are actually important to read, so buckle down folks!) 

-Starting on January 20th, 2012 participants can submit their entries.

-The deadline for submissions  is February 13th, 2012 at 11:59pm eastern standard time.

-Voting will take place from February 15th-February 20th at 11:59pm eastern standard time.

-The winner will be announced on the blog and facebook and contacted through e-mail on February 21st. We will tell you how to redeem your store credit. If you want us to call you, please leave us your phone number in your submission e-mail.

-Anna Wilinski will choose the top 5 pictures to be voted on. The choice will be based on clean technique (smooth blending, crisp line work, balanced design) and creativity. If you are a beginner, give it your best shot, make every line count and blend like there is no tomorrow.  In the end the design concept, and originality will be top on the list for decision making.

– You cannot tell others what picture you submitted until after the contest is over. No logos or other identifying text should be on the image itself, nor the artist face in the image.

– The images that you submit should contain an original Face and/or body painting design made by you.

-Only two UNIQUE  DESIGNS per participant can be submitted. You can submit multiple pictures of the same design and I will choose two to post on the blog if you want to show different angles.

– Only our blog subscribers can participate and vote, so, you have to send the image using the e-mail address you used to subscribe to our blog. E-mail me if you can’t remember it. Subscribe now if you haven’t yet.   🙂

– The pictures have to be sent to the following e-mail address: You will get an e-mail back from us letting you know that we received your submission. If you do not hear back from us within 24 hours, you can call us at 269-598-5436 to make sure that we got your submission.

-The subject of the e-mail must be: “Peace Out Contest” and the e-mail must contain your name or alias (very important since we will publish the winner’s name in the blog and everyone else’s too after the contest).

-If you have a Facebook page , and you  haven’t become a fan of JestPaint on Facebook, click here and” Like” it!      Face book is a great way to stay connected…feel free to also Friend us… Anna Wilinski-Massano and Santiago Massano on Facebook too. We want to check out your face book pages too!

The PRIZE for the Peace Out Contest is a $50 credit or e-gift card at, which will be issued on February 21st, 2012. 

-By entering the contest you give Anna Wilinski and JestPaint rights over publishing your picture on this blog, the Jest Paint face book page, the site and any other site that we might feel is pertinent to advertise this contest.

-The artist will be given credit for their work wherever their pictures are posted by either their name or alias provided.

– We will publish the winner’s design on our blog, together with his/her name or alias, and any extra info they want to add after the announcement.

– We will publish all submitted images in a collage on our blog so everybody can enjoy them! Artists names will be added after the contest is over.

-By submitting your image, you agree to all of the rules of the contest.

Have fun, give it a shot, and let us know if  you have any questions!

Peace, Love and Paint!

Anna and Santi

Valentine’s Day Tutorial

Hey hey hey!

We finally made a new video tutorial! Sorry for taking so long, we will do our best so the next one comes sooner.

For this video Anna used Jest Paint Metallic Light Orange and Jest Paint Cranberry Rose as a base. She used DFX Black and White to outline, and a stick on gem that we will soon have in stock (same style that Mama Clown gems that we already have in stock, but a bit cheaper).

Soon we will have Loew Cornell Brushes (Golden Grip and others) and Bad Ass Stencils in stock!

Enjoy the video and leave your comments at the bottom ….

Have a wonderful week!

Santi, Anna, Oshi and Angelo!

A Brush with Destiny!

Welcome to my blog post on the different uses for paint brushes,  and the different brands that we offer at our store.   There is a lot here for beginners and maybe some new bits for the pros. I will start basic and get more tricky as the post goes on, so scroll down to see what brush you are curious about.

Types of Brushes

A lot of people ask me what brushes I use the most.  I carry around a pretty hefty bunch of brushes to gigs, a big cup full because I always like having variety.  If I get a little bored I will play around with a funky brush to help create new designs.

Synthetic versus Natural Hair

I use synthetic hair brushes or brushes that have a blend of real and synthetic hair.  The real hair brushes are very soft when you get them wet, so they are harder to control in my opinion. Brushes designed for acrylic painting, especially decorative painting seem to hold face paint well and offer a lot of control. I have met painters who use the mega fancy natural haired brushes, their claim to fame is that they hold more paint and let it out too! If you are a dare devil, give them a try, I am sure with practice they can be used nicely.


Besides being the best for outlining, making swirls and twirls and popping out little dots, rounds are also good for having a hey day with tear drops. By dragging the tip and then pressing down, or by doing the reverse, you will get cute little tear drops. They work best if you use a round with a chubby base and a pointy tip. You can also use them for making double loaded flower petals and for filling in spaces with paint.

I always have 2 small rounds, two medium rounds  and two nice fat rounds,  all for black and white (round # 2 or 3, and  a 4or 6 and a 10).

Brush Round Gold Nylon  #3  by Wolfe FX

Loew-Cornell has Great Rounds! See them here!

Why do I subject my self to so many rounds just for two colors?

It is hard to rinse all of the black out of a brush at a gig, so I just keep brushes for black so they don’t contaminate the loveliness of the other colors and so my water doesn’t get so muddy so fast with all the rinsing of a black brush.  Same deal with the white,  I don’t like picking up a brush that was last used with red paint, and then rinsing it and using it for white…and ending up with a whitish pink.  My colors come out looking brighter and my water looks better, and I save more paint if I stick to this policy in my brush department.  You can color code your paint handles with finger nail polish so you  know who is who.

For all the other colors I just use another group of many sized rounds interchangeably .


Flats are another brush that I have more than one of in my kit. I have 1/2″, 3/4″, 1″ and 1 1/4″  flats for all of my one stroke painting needs. ( Yes ,I have a strong need to one stroke!)

Brush Flat Gold Nylon Magic #12 (3/4")  by TAG

Brush Flat Gold Nylon Magic #12 (3/4″) by TAG

I think the 1/2″ and 3/4″ flats are easier to control if you are doing fancy one stroke moves with a lot of wiggling the brush, and the wider flats are better for more simple strokes.

I also love the 1/4″ flat brush for doing thin to thick line work for tiger faces and around spider fella’s eyes.  I twist the small flat while I pull it, so it looks like it goes from / to — to / to —-.  You can end with a really sharp line, which always excites me!


Filberts are well known for being the go to brush for double and triple loaded flowers. They make great petal shapes when you just stamp them down, or stamp and twist them.  Different sized filberts will open you up to different sized flowers or baby butterflies.

Filberts are also good for painting cheek art in general, laying down larger areas of a color, like to fill in a pony heads or other rounded edge designs.  Filberts also rock my socks off when it comes to  blending a darker color onto a lighter color…they make a smooth transition between the two colors.

Brush Filbert Gold Nylon #8 (1/2")  by TAG

Brush Filbert Gold Nylon #8 (1/2″) by TAG


I love rake/wisp brushes. They are great for making tons of  fine strokes or tons of tiny dots all at once.  I use the larger sized flats, angles and fans the most.  The fine lines add dramatic fine shading to the outer edges of butterfly wings…if you start at the edge of your wing and then pull in towards the eye.  I also use them for palm trees and grass and horse hair for cheek art designs.  For boy full face designs I use them a lot to add wrinkles on the nose of creepy monsters, or weird textures on the rest of the face, or fur on tigers. 

Brush Angle Wisp Large 1"

Brush Angle Wisp Large 1″

My biggest use for the rake/whips brush is for making tiny little dots over black line work or around designs to add that magical fairy dust look.  I load up a pretty good paste of white and just stamp the tips all over and every one goes “Ohhh wow!”  I am glad simple things can amaze those who watch you paint.

A regular fan brush is also a popular one in my kit. I use it for butterflies and also for wisping shag.  I like to also press it into the rainbow cakes and stamp it around eye masks.

Brush Fan Medium 1 1/4" Spread

Brush Fan Medium 1 1/4″ Spread

There are some funky brushes for sale right now from Loew-Cornell. I have used the dagger a lot in the past after seeing Lynne Jamison use it for making really long fine sharp lines.  I haven’t tried the other two below, but they look like fun.

Brush Loew-Cornell Golden Taklon #10 Flora

Brush Loew-Cornell Golden Taklon #10 Flora

Brush Loew-Cornell Golden Taklon Double FIlbert #6

Brush Loew-Cornell Golden Taklon Double FIlbert #6

Brush Loew-Cornell Comfort 1/4 inch Dagger Striper

Brush Loew-Cornell Comfort 1/4 inch Dagger Stripe

Taking Care of your Beloved Brushes

Before you go nuts and buy really fancy expensive brushes, make sure you have a system set up so that they stay in good shape for a long time.  I am not the best mother to my face paint brushes, sometimes I even drop them on the floor and leave them at gigs, and who knows what happens to them after that! I store my brushes in a zipper pouch that has one mesh side.  There are cases where you store them under elastic bands, and that is my dream for 2012, since they jostle around too much in my pouch, and if it turns upside down the bristles get a little raggedy.

You can snip wild loose hairs off with a nail clipper, and you can try to reshape your brushes by setting them with hair gel, or even face paint.

You can wash your brushes in  hot water, or in baby shampoo.

It is recommended to dry your brushes either hanging upside down or flat so that when they dry, the water doesn’t soak down into the Ferrule  ( the metal tube that holds the bristles onto the handle )and mishape the bristles or the wooden handle .  Once they are dry you can store them standing up.

Another thing that is hard to resist is not to leave your brushes sitting bristle down in your water cup while you are working. I have a habit of doing this, and I have to stay really conscious to rinse and put away my brush.  Avoiding rubbing your brushes to death on the bottom or side of your cup will also help them last longer.

Watch how your load your paint as well, making sure that you aren’t hurting your bristles by smooshing them into the hard cakes in unnatural ways.  Usually we get a hang of this pretty quick…well hopefully by the time we turn 8 years old.  My daughter still makes me squirm when she uses my brushes.

If you have some damaged brushes, you can still use them for other things, like applying glitter on your face paint designs or glitter tattoos, or by making them funkier by additional smashing or cutting to see if you can come up with a useful specialty brush! ooh la la !

Once, while making a youtube video,  Oceana chewed the wahoo out of one oh my 1″ flat brushe…she bent the metal ferrule so much that the bristles would no longer be useful for one stroking. I took that dear flat of mine and double loaded the tips, smashing in head first into a rainbow cake, and then stamped the head onto my skin and found out it made an amazing feathered petal print.

The fish and flowers were made with Oceana’s smashed flat brush.

About the different brands! We carry brushes that we like, there are so many lines of brushes that it is hard to decide what else to carry.  If you are looking for a particular brush, please let us know.  Some brushes are more expensive than others.  The quality of the handle and the hairs can affect cost, along with simply the brand name that goes with them.  Head to face paint jams and try out your friends brushes and write the names down.  Mark Reid has a plastic handled brushes (correction…they are actually wood with a very plastic like appearance), which looks nicer for a longer period of time than wooden handled brushes.  Paradise’s Prisma flat brush has shorter bristles for better control, and it also has a plastic handle.  Look for pointy tips, a strong connection at the ferrule and bristles that are not too sharp and pointy for a child’s skin.  TAG and Loew-Cornell have great ones!

If you have any questions about brushes, please leave them in the comments or e-mail me…or even call me!

Merry Christmas and or Happy Holidays!

Dear Friends,

                         Anna and I want to wish you Merry Christmas or Happy Holidays, which ever suits you best. Anyhow, we hope you have a great time and that you find joy and peace this time of the year, and all year round.

We want to thank you for all your support. This wouldn’t be possible without you. You are making our dreams come true, and we hope we are helping to make yours to.

This has been a great year for us, and we have found lots of joy in what we do. We hope next year we can keep offering you great products, at great prices with awesome service.

We also hope you find time to spend with your family and/or friends, and that you get crazy fun Face Painting gigs during this winter.

This time around, we are thankful for finding joy in our work, for the baby (Angelo) that is coming in April, and for the house that Habitat for Humanity will help us build next year.

We love you all!

Anna, Santi, Oshi and Angelo

Christmas Solidarity Sale!

Use code LOVE at checkout and get a 5% DISCOUNT on your
order (no minimum order required), and WE will DONATE
extra 5% to UNICEF. Offer valid from 12/18/11 until 12/25/11
at 11:59pm EST.