Elisa Griffith Color Me Palette Review

If you are looking for a vibrant palette of pressed powders to dress up your work look no further. Elisa Griffith, world renowned makeup artist, face artist and instructor created the Color Me Pro Palette. Elisa was born in Italy and is a proud mother of 3. Her work has been featured in The Southern Living Oklahoma Wedding Magazine 2015. Elisa chose her favorite most vibrant pressed powders and combined them in a perfect versatile palette.

The Color Me Pro Palette contains 14 Matte and 16 Pearl colors; the combination of both matte and pearls makes it a great palette to have in a face painting or makeup kit. Matte colors include white, beige, grey, light pink, pink, red, yellow, light green, green, mustard, blue, purple, black and brown.  Pearl colors include white, silver, grey, black, light purple, light pink, dark pink, yellow, green, teal, light blue, dark blue, purple, orange, gold and brown.


The powders go on bright and glide on smooth and are great for blending and creating shadows. Pressed powders can be applied over white face paint to ensure a bright application that pops or pearls can be used over your matte face paints to jazz them up. Powders can help keep your design intact for prolong wear during hot summer days when working with sweaty kids.  The Color Me Pro Palette is also great for makeup lovers. The mixture of matte and pearls means you can make that dark luxurious smokey eye or a shimmery golden beach look. Beauty makeup, theater makeup, cosplay makeup, drag makeup or just everyday use, this palette has you covered.  When you are using the Color Me Pro Palette during face painting or to cover a large area I recommend using a smoothie blender to apply the pigments.  Smoothie blenders are able to pick up a lot of pigment for a heavier coverage.  For smaller jobs or when you are using powders as eye makeup the Royal petal brushes or other makeup brushes can be used to pick up the pigments.  Overall this palette is a great addition to any kit!

Christmas Face Paint Designs and Products to Make them Pop!

Christmas designs are easy with these face painting supplies!

If you are booked up for Breakfast with Santa events, City Tree lightings, company picnics for the holidays, or any other type of event where they want you to paint seasonal designs, here are some products that might help you make fast and fun works of art for the holidays! Please feel free to use the images provided for your design sheets.



The Global Fun Stroke New Sahara is perfect for Rudolph the Rednose Reindeer cheek art, or as the trim for a full face reindeer or christmas bear design. The brown gradient will help you get an adorably shaded little critter, and all you will have to do is add a red nose and maybe an outline and                                                   wreath.

The Global Fun Stroke Iceland is my go to for ice princesses and snowmen. I  use if for polar bear cheek art too. I just grab up the white and teal with a 1/2″ brush for the snow men bodies and polar bear faces, and then I grab up the teal and dark blue for the hats, scarves etc.


The Global Fun Stroke Borneo can help you create fast Christmas trees, wreaths, poinsettia leaves, elf clothing and holly leaves.


TAG Magpie is a Black gradient, and it is my go to for one stroke penguins. Check out one of our past videos on how to use it to make them!

We also carry a variety of red and green christmas style rainbow cakes.

 Check out those face paint cakes here. TAG Christmas Sparkle ,  TAG Noche Buena , Kryvaline Flying Wing , Paradise Fluer , or our other blue gradients.


Icey Blinged Up Beauty Makeup

Penguin Jumping

Double Penguin Party

Christmas Kitty

Holly Eye Design

Finding the Perfect Red Face Paint

Have you purchased a variety of red face paints from different brands hoping to find that perfect red? I have, and I know how frustrating it can be to try to find one red that does everything I want. Here are some tips to help you understand why red is such a tricky color.

Face paint companies produce reds in different shades, and some manufacturers have 2- 4 different kinds of red for you to choose from. Reds can be mixed with yellow, blue, violet, green and brown pigments to create a variety of reddish colors. They can also mix in a little white to make a lighter more pinker red.

We all see colors a little differently so that complicates finding the perfect red based on other people’s opinions. The most common observation is that a red is too orangey, too brownish or blue.

If a red face paint is labeled Fire, in most cases it is a little more on the orange side. Cameleon Fire Red Face Paint is a good example of an orangey red. If it is called Bruise,  Blood Red or Deep Red then it probably has a little blue or brown tint to it.

You can mix white with your red paint to see if it turns pink or orange or magenta to get an even better idea of what pigments are in the base.

Global Body Art Red Face Paint is the red of my dreams because it seems to be a true red to me, and based on the feedback from tons of face painters, a lot of people see it as a true red as well.


Even though I love Global Red for face painting superheroes, flowers and the tops of rainbows, I like to have a deeper red in my kit as well for when I want to go really dark. My favorite for a bloody deep red is Paradise Red. I also like to darken my Global Red with green or brown for shading a bright red design, or adding a little blue and brown to make a bruise color.

We swatched all of the reds that we have on two different skin tones so that you can see how the hues in someone’s skin can also affect the way the red face paint looks to the eye. Orangey reds will look even more orangey on darker skin, and can tend to fade into skin color.

Also remember that batches may vary, so you might have gotten Diamond FX Red a long time ago and it was very orangey, but you will see that it a really a nice deep red these days.

Feel free to email or call use to make sure that the batch of red we send to you is the one you are looking for.

Click here to see the top red face paints that we carry at Jest Paint.

Remember that Red Face Paint in general is very rich, so it is recommended not to use it on the eyelids. It can stain the thin skin and look a little scary after trying to wash it off.

Our New Blog is Here

Dear Blog subscribers. We have decided to start a new blog that will be even more business oriented that our current one where we hope to have more useful information for your business.

We will be featuring product reviews as well as business advise for the new and well established painters.

All promotions will now only be published on our Facebook page and through our store newsletter (you can subscribe to our newsletter through Your Account at JestPaint.com)

We hope that you will choose to subscribe to this new blog.

The blog is at: blog.jestpaint.com

See you there!!!!


Anna and Santi

2013 Jest Paint Black Friday Sale and New Product News

black friday sale 1 copy

Please read the rules below. THERE ARE NO EXCEPTIONS to these rules (sorry, this is a real NO with lots of LOVE).

In order for us to be able to handle the extra work that comes with the sale we need customers to comply with the rules.

Customers that do not follow such rules will sadly not qualify for the discount,regardless of the situation. 😦

We are having a super colorful Black Friday Sale this year! If your order contains $10 or more worth of products and you enter the coupon code BFJESTSALE (and follow all other rules above and below) in the coupon code box right underneath your shopping cart, you will get a 10% discount (off the total cost of your products) and a Free surprise TAP stencil and Free Face Painting with Clash book.  (No request for specific TAP designs will be taken, sorry)

The sale is valid for orders placed on Friday November 29th 2013 starting at 00:01 am EST and ending at 11:59pm EST the same day (pay special attention to the time zone).  Orders that do not come in during that time frame will not qualify. Payment must also be made on this day with either a credit card through PayPal.  No additional coupon codes can be used with this offer. Offer is not valid for wholesale customers (vendors).

Coupon is only valid if entered in the coupon code box. Coupons entered in the comment box at checkout, or sent in an e-mail, text message, chat conversation, facebook post, etc WILL NOT BE HONORED.

Orders being shipped as one will count as one order, hence don’t place separate orders to use 2 coupons and send us an e-mail asking for us to combine shipping to save you money, because if you used a coupon in each order we won’t be able to do that.

If you are having issues entering the coupon code DO NOT PLACE YOUR ORDER without the coupon in the correct place. You can try to contact us so that we can help solve the issues. If you place the order without the code in the correct box we will not honor it.

Orders placed using the coupon might be shipped on Monday December 2nd.

Again, the code is: BFJESTSALE

We love you guys, but every time we run a coupon we get so many calls and e-mails asking for exceptions that we spend more time answering those e-mails and calls than packing your orders. We want to be able to pack your orders fast, so help us by following the rules, they are not that hard to follow, and we will enforce them. We hope you understand and have a lot of fun shopping! Thanks again for all of your love and support artistas!  🙂

Make sure that you check out our Seasonal Shop and grab up the custom holiday themed products before they jump into someone else’s stocking!

global body hand


We are happy to announce that we are the U.S. Distributors and retailers of Global Body Art! The first shipment should arrive here at JestPaint by late December or early January.

Global Body Art is based in Australia. It has been creating a cream based face paint for years and has recently created their own formulas and colors for solid water based face paints. They are produced by a different factory than the other popular brands from China, but they have a lot of the great similarities, like bold colors and a consistency that allows for crisp line work and layering.

The BLACK and WHITE are both strong and rich, and after saturating the cakes with water for days on end they are still easy to use! You can cover a whole arm with brush strokes with just one load of a large round brush, which is amazing!! The black is very easy to wash off with just water, and it doesn’t stick in the hair line or eyelashes or leave a shadow on the skin.

Global has developed the most beautiful and rich MAGENTA and BRIGHT YELLOW that are not neon, but are almost as intense in color.  They have a light yellow that pops alone and brightens up any complementary color that you mix it with.  The RED is FANTASTIC!!! To me it is like the perfect red; bold, easy to work with, and intense enough for your most demanding red super heroes.  The ORANGE is darker and richer than most oranges on the market, and looks delicious mixed with either Yellow or Magenta.

Another great thing about all of the Global Colors is that they contain zero fragrances. Some color’s raw ingredients do not have the most pleasant odor, but I think overall it is totally a win win for those with sensitivities to perfumes.  All of the regular, pearl and metallic colors have been dermatologically tested and only contain ingredients that are compliant with FDA regulations. We have been working closely with Global to make sure that the labels are also FDA compliant, so that customs will be a breeze.  Like most Neon Colors, they contain pigments that have not been tested by the FDA for use in cosmetics, and are labeled accordingly. They have been tested for cosmetic use by independant labs though.

Global will also be adding rainbow cakes to their line, and because of their great new colors, I am so stoked to see them in rainbow cake form!


We have some new products at the store that are useful for the temporary tattoo artists and face painters. Check out our selection of LaDot ink stones, inks and jewels.   These stone stamps create clean, crisp designs that you can embellish and spread all over the body quite quickly.  5-10 stones and a body ink filled pad would create a perfect temporary tattoo set that you can offer your customers when face painting isn’t up their alley, or to compliment your face painting services at the event.  If you want to use these stones with face paint you will need to prep the stones with layers of face paint. This will ensure that future applications of face paint will not get sucked into the stone, and instead stay on the designs surface. The raised surface of the designs makes them perfect for easy loading with out getting paint on the rest of the stone. Check out the videos posted at our store!


gel pens design 4 copy.jklgel pens design 1 copy

We have a new line of Body Art Gel Pens from NPW in Europe that come in Glitter and Matte colors. If I don’t get these away from my desk soon I will be completely covered in random designs!! One of our great Packeristas, Betsy, got some for her daughter, and she is letting her creativity run wild!  Not only are they great gifts for the young budding artists in our lives, but they come in handy for highly detailed work, like filling in henna designs or creating tattoo style work. You can even blend the colors right on the skin. They are not waterproof, but they are smudge proof when dry. The Glitter colors are super shimmery.

Another product that we are carrying from NPW is Glisten Up, Brush on Glitter Tattoos! Imagine doing a tattoo without having to use liquid body glue! Though they are not designed for festival sized events, you could use these at small birthdays to accompany your face painting services and enjoy the ease of use and long lasting glittery results for your clients!  All you have to do is cut out the design you want to use ( I would pre-cut them all out before an event) peel the clear film off,   press the design  onto the skin, peel back the paper, and then apply glitter. They look just like regular glitter tattoos that you could create with glue and stencils.  What else? You can use these on fabrics to decorate aprons, shoes, bandannas etc. and they stay looking nice even after being washed many a time.  Glisten Up, Brush on Glitter Tattoos would also make inexpensive stocking stuffers for the people you love to see sparkle, but whom you don’t want to see dripping body glue on your fancy rug.

dfx new cake


That’s right! Diamond FX jumped in with their new line of 30gr rainbow cakes and a larger variety of their 50 gr sized cakes! Come check them out! I think you will really like the Beach Party cake, and the Rose Garden cake pictured above, along with the many others!


Ben Nye Precision Eye Liner – Body Art Pen is here finally!!! A black felt tip liner pen that actually has a water resistant formula! That is right, run your design under water and it won’t budge! Blot it dry and it will be perfect. If you rub it up the first layer of major blackness comes off, but you are still left with a pretty nice design that doesn’t look smudged at all. We were dying for a product like this, and it is finally here!!! Thank you BEN NYE!!!

ben nye owl

We also have Snazaroo Petal Sponges,  and we will also some more sponge surprises soon! Let us know what other products you would like to find at our store.

Treacy, Betsy and Deanna  Our Awesome Packeristas!

We are so thankful for Tracy, Betsy and Deanna
Our Awesome Packeristas! The kids are pretty cool too!


What face paint is the best? Some info to help YOU decide!

So MANY FACE PAINTS!!! SO MANY CHOICES!!! Advice to those who haven’t tried it all.

angelo and his head

When popping around the internet reading forums or talking to painters on the phone, I hear so many different opinions about different brands of face paints.  Some love one brand and despise another, while others feel totally the opposite.  This is a rundown about the different styles of face paint that we sell at Jest Paint. It seems that they all have their pros and cons…and one person’s pro might be a different persons con so take it in with a fleck of glitter.  A lot of people keep different styles of paint to use in their kit for different reasons since some brands work best for bases, while others rock out in the line work department. Sometimes you may be dying for a color that is so amazing even though it might be a little more difficult to use.  Like they say, sometimes you can’t have beauty with out pain! With more brands and more competition the quality of face paint should keep improving over the years, so keep your eyes out for more amazing products to come!

(Side Note: Paints can vary by the batch, it is the nature of the colorful beast)

There are five types of face paint that we carry. Below are some bits of important info about each style, please leave comments with any of  your own input! 🙂

Glycerin Based Paints 

The brands: Mehron’s ParadiseKryolan’s AquacolorsFABSnazaroo

Water activated.

Glycerin based paints are generally softer in the cake.

They load more quickly and thickly on your sponge or brush.

They dry slower, and because of this they are ideal for dry blending and wet blending with the sponge or brush.

They can make small brush detail work more difficult since they usually load thickly, though most  FAB regular colors seems to work really well for details.

They may rub off easier than wax based paints if you touch them a lot.

You can set them with translucent powder to increase their durability, though you don’t have to.

They work as great bases for adding decorative powders on top, and for holding glitter.

Wax Based Paints 

The Brands: Diamond FXCameleonTAGWolfe FX

Water activated

Wax based paints are generally more firm in the cake. Though they vary by color from being like a soft clay to being dry and brittle.

They load quickly, but you get an opaque yet thinner load, more like using watercolors.

You can do fine brushwork details with them easily and also layer the colors with limited bleeding through.

They dry quickly, so you have to blend faster, or blend on your sponge or brush before applying to the face.

They are more durable on the face, though like all of the paints, they are water based and not sweat resistant.

They work great for split cakes.

Powder Based Paints

 The Brands : Ben Nye’s Magicakes (Wet) – Mehron’s Starblends (Wet or dry) – Jest Paint’s Vibrant Powders (Dry) – Kryolan’s Shades (Dry) –Kryolan Viva (Wet and Dry) – Mehron’s Precious Gem  Powders (Wet or Dry) –  Ben Nye Grande Lumiere Colours (Wet or Dry).

You can use them wet or dry depending on the brand.

If using  your paints dry, they show up the strongest when you apply a primer first. A primer can be anything that will make the skin a little bit tacky, from face paint to eye shadow primer to glycerin or oil or lotion. Just be sure to apply a super thin layer of primer (if it isn’t paint) so that your applicator doesn’t pick any of it up.

You can use mixing liquid, which will make the powders more durable against sweat and touching, and will make the colors more opaque.  Mixing liquid is best used with the Precious Gems loose powders or the Lumiere colors.

If you moisten a powder based cake, it will be hard to use it again dry since the liquid will compact the powder. Kryolan Viva claims that it is interchangeable.

Powders can be used as a base for eye masks or full face designs.

You can blend loose mica powders on top of your matte powder cakes to add more pigment and shine.

They blend smoothly and quickly.

They won’t melt in your containers on super hot days…and seem to hold up better to sweat that the other types of paints, but only if you do not touch them a lot.

They are more fragile, so you have to take special care when transporting them and when using them.

You will want to be prepared for fall out. Depending on how much you load your sponge and if you are using a primer, you may want to drape the kids to protect their clothing. You can limit fall out with practice.

They can look streaky on sweaty faces, or if a child has random sun tan lotion applied. The powders will look the darkest where the skin is moist or oily. Either have the child evenly wipe off their face, or apply a primer evenly first.

You can seal the powders with something like Ben Nye Final so that do not rub off.

Cream Based Paints

The brands: Mehron’s Fantasty FX (Many more that we do not currently carry)

No water needed.

Cream based paints take longer to dry.

Best for base work, not ideal for brush work since they are thick and creamy.

Can be set with a translucent powder for a more durable finish.

You can find them in tubes, pumps and cakes.

Good for use in hospitals since you can squeeze out individual palettes for each patient.

Grease Based Paints

The brands: Ben Nye Professional Clown Series (Many more that we do not currently carry)

Theater folk and professional clowns are more likely to use grease based paints. They are less common in the face painting industry because they require powdering and doing detailed work is very difficult.

No activation.

Do not dry, so you must set them with powder.

They are waterproof when set with powder.

Stand up well to sweat, but if you are hot and rub the paint it can smear.

Great for smooth blended bases.

Hard to use with brushes. Detailed line work is very difficult since it loads rather thickly on a brush and does not flow off of the bristles.

Are there any differences between each brands Metallic Style Paints?

TAG Pearls are soft and shimmery. They are great for sponging base work since they are lighter than many other shimmery paints. They are not all the best for linework since some colors do not apply very solidly when trying to do swirls or tear drops. TAG Pearl Green and Pearl Blue are sort of “boyish” and silvery.  They have many beautiful colors that you can’t find in any other line, like Pearl Wine and Pearl Apricot. One of my favorite blending combos is Pearl Purple and Pearl Teal…totally gorgeous.

Diamond FX Metallics have many similar shades to TAG and Wolfe, though I like their high pigmentation and opacity the most for doing brush work! They have a very bold and bright Pink, Purple, Blue and Green. You might want to tone them down with Metallic White for base work, and use them straight for detailed line work.

Kryolan Interferenz paints vary. Some have a really cool duo-chrome effect and are very shimmery, while others just have a light shimmer. Some are a bit transparent, and are best if applied on top of other colors, or mixed in to other colors. I have not tried all of the Interferenz colors, but my top faves are GB, BR and PV. PB is best for mixing with or applying on top of matte  colors…it is like the inside of an Abalone shell.  I would say that Interferenze colors, in general, are best for smooth bases, and not the greatest for brush work.

Kryolan Metallic colors are known as the best metallic out there for bases. They are rich and shiny and scream METAL!! They can clump a little on your sponge unless you load doing a lot of rubbing around to break up the metallic chunks of glory.

FAB’s Shimmers are similar to other brands of metallic and pearls, but as a bonus some have a really nice iridescent effect. The ones we carry are very shimmery. My top favorites are Ziva Blue Shimmer, Magenta Shimmer, Ocean Shimmer and London Sky Shimmer.

FAB Glitter Paints actually have a fine cosmetic glitter mixed into the shimmery paint for a magical effect! FAB’s shimmers and glitters are much better for base work than line work.

Paradise’s NEW Brilliant Colors are a step above their first line of Metallic colors. They have bright new colors and fantastically metallic Silver and Gold which are great for bases and brushwork.  The Fuchsia is a show stopper, and looks amazing blended in with the Blue Bebe.  The other shades in the line stand out for amazing bases, but they are not ideal for detailed line work.

Whew! I hope that wasn’t information overload!  In case it was, here is a simplified grid! Just click on it to see it all nice and big!

          Face paint comparison grid

Shamrockin’ Sale, New Paints, Vids, Class and JAM

Hi People Painters of the World! Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

We are Shamrockin’ a 10% off sale on orders over $50 this 3 day weekend at Jest Paint! This is a great opportunity to try some of the new things we have bouncing around our shop! Please scroll ALL the way down to find the coupon code and read the fine print…get out your shamrock goggles!

For those who were wondering, our daughter Oceana is doing much better these days. She is adjusting to her new Diabetic lifestyle and we are getting her numbers to normal levels and she looks so much healthier and feels so much better too. It isn’t easy for any of us but it does get better. Angelo is happy because he is getting a little more attention now that we are catching on! He just sprouted his first two teeth and is crawling on all fours and cruising around the house. He’ll be 1 next month, so he has to get his walk on soon!

Beginner’s Class and Super Free Demo JAM

Come visit us if you are free on March 24th, 2013 !! Check out the flyer for all the details!

Jest Paint Class Jam Final Date (Large)

Here is the low down on all the new products we have this month at Jest Paint! We will also have more stuff soon, so keep your eyes peeled and painted!

Check out the new Tat2U pens. They are very similar to the Kryolan Skinliners, just a wider range of bright colors.  Here is an image they shared using the Tat2U pens. We will have a tutorial up soon, but if you want to know more the Skinliner Video below has a ton of info that will help.


We have the entire selection of Cameleon face and body paints now!

We are waiting for our next shipment because many of the 32 gram cakes sold out right away.  I give major thumbs up to Metal Rose Sugar and Metal Thistle! I also love Celedon and Dark Blood Red.  My fav of the new ColorBlocks is definitely Soul Fire! Check out all the swatches under each product at our store so you can build up your wish list!



paradise brilliant colors

Mehron seems to have been listening to all the feedback about their Paradise metallic colors, and they came out with a new line of them called Brilliant Colors!  We are totally psyched because they are beautiful and easy to apply!!

The new Brilliant Gold and Silver is out of this world! It is like they took the Metallic Powders and magically transformed them into cake form! They are soo opaque and extremely shiny! Your robots will have never looked so good!

The Brilliant Fuchsia is super shimmery and very magenta-ish! I promise that you will love this color, even if you are a boy! Just ask Santi. 😉

The Brilliant Orange is much fresher than their Sunset Orange (which was kind of like a burnt orange), yet it still isn’t crazy tiger orange since it has some gold in it to simmer it down. It is  a stellar color, and would make more high fashion tigers, that is for sure.

The Brilliant Baby Blue is like a mix between DFX Sky Blue and FAB Ziva Blue shimmer.

The Brilliant Violet, Blue and Green are much improved in consistency than their older versions and a bit brighter in shades; as a reference they are similar to DFX Metallics in Blue, Violet and Green but with the creamy Paradise consistency that many love!

What else is new?

We also have new TAG Split Cakes and One Strokes to brighten your day!

Check out the swatches and images below to see if you want to marry one!

We have to give Laura Oliver props for helping design the Water Fairy Cake and the Aurora Borealis! Thanks Laura! They are already “flying” off the shelves!

Below is a design using the New Aurora Borealis  I created some major drama at the bank and supermarket with this eye design. meee

The Fire Fairy is a beautiful  sheer cake..it creates a gossamer wing effect.  For a more solid bold look you might also like the NEW Oriental Dreams!meow


We love Dara Lightle, the queen of Henna and free hand glitter tattoos , and we also love her new Hello Henna Kit that we are now carrying! This is a great way to get your toes wet…and maybe even delightfully brown… in the name of an age old beautiful body art-form!

For the love of color we made a new chart of Paradise Regular Colors. I hope some of you find it helpful!

paradise chart

Starting on Friday March 15th until March 17th we will be running the Shamrockin’ Sale!

The coupon will be for a 10% discount on your entire order  over $50 (before shipping, handling and Michigan taxes).
Please read the rules below to understand the way the coupon works, and to find the code. There are no exceptions to these rules (please don’t ask for one).     :)
Please read the following rules before using the coupon:

Only one coupon per order is accepted. The coupon is valid only on Friday March 15th until March 17th at 11:59pm EST.

The Code must be entered in the Coupon Code Box at checkout, meaning, we at Jest Paint can’t apply it after you have placed your order, or if you put it in the comments box. 

We cannot combine orders into one package if they each have different coupon codes applied. They will be shipped separately.

Please don’t wait until the last minute to place your order. If your order fails and the coupon has expired, we can not guarantee the discount.

Payment for the order must be received before the coupon expires.

Sorry, but there are no exceptions to these Coupon Code rules.

PLEASE, call  if you have any problems while checking out. We will be happy to help you!

Coupon Code: CLOVER10D


Please read the entire e-mail before using the code 🙂

Starting on November 6th until November 7th or until supplies last (which ever comes first) we will be giving away a FREE BAM stencil (at Jest Paint’s selection) with each order over $50 if you use the coupon code JESTBAM at checkout.

Please read the following rules before using the coupon:
Only one coupon per order is accepted. The coupon is valid only on November 6th through November 7th, 2012 until 11:59pm EST on November 7th.

The Code must be entered in the Coupon Code Box at checkout, meaning, we at Jest Paint can’t apply it after you have placed your order, or if you put it in the comments box.  Phone orders must request that the coupon to be applied when placing your order.  
We cannot combine orders into one package if they each have different coupon codes applied. They will be shipped separately.

Please don’t wait until the last minute to place your order. If your order fails and the coupon has expired, we can not guarantee the discount.

Payment for the order must be received before the coupon expires.

Sorry, but there are no exceptions to these Coupon Code rules.
PLEASE, call if you have any problems while checking out. We will be happy to help you!

Have a great week!

Anna and Santi

Jest Paint LLC

2 days only! 10% Coupon for DFX and Mehron Products!

Fall is here in Michigan, the leaves are blowing around like witches on brooms and the air is getting chilly!  For those of you on the east coast, we send our best wishes for your safety while Sandy makes her moves.

There is going to be a two day sale (October  31st-November 1st, 2012) on all Paradise/Mehron products throughout the store, and DFX Products that are under the following Categories, Diamond FX and Diamond FX Brushes.

You will save 10% on the above items IF and only IF you enter the coupon code in the coupon code box during check out. But, but, but we beg you to please read the coupon rules to avoid disappointment or confusion! Once you have read them then you can copy and paste the code below and shop like crazy!

Enter the coupon code once you have racked up $25 in any products on October 31st or November 1st, 2012 while checking out, and you will save 10%  off any items that you picked from the Diamond FX and Diamond FX Brushes pages, and on any Paradise/Mehron product.

Important Coupon Rules to Remember

Only one coupon per order is accepted. The coupon is valid only on October 31st-November 1st, 2012 until 11:59pm EST on November 1st.

The Code must be entered in the Coupon Code Box at checkout, meaning, we at Jest Paint can’t apply it after you have placed your order, or if you put it in the comments box.  Phone orders must request that the coupon to be applied when placing your order.  

We cannot combine orders into one package if they each have different coupon codes applied. They will be shipped separately.

Please don’t wait until the last minute to place your order. If your order fails and the coupon has expired, we can not guarantee the discount.

Payment for the order must be received before the coupon expires.

Sorry, but there are no exceptions to these Coupon Code rules.

PLEASE, call if you have any problems while checking out. We will be happy to help you! 🙂

The Coupon Code is: COLORCRAZE

Now go Crazy and have a wonderful Halloween!