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Hi again! We are getting close to Thanksgiving and we want to share a couple of things with you.
Next week Jest Paint will be moving to a bigger location so we won’t be shipping any products or answering e-mails between Wednesday November 21st and Sunday November 25th (last shipment for this week will go out at 2pm EST on Tuesday November 20th). We hope to be back at work by November 26th. We might be a little backed up with our orders so please be patient while we organize everything and get ready to serve you even better (the bigger place will allow us to have a bigger inventory and hopefully process the orders even faster).
On the good side, we are having a Black Friday sale! Look at the bottom of this newsletter for more information on that.

Step by Step Butterfly 

This design was made using the Cameleon Colorblock Roses and some Diamond FX Essential Sea Green and White.
You can use a flat brush for the edge, I personally love the Prisma 1 inch flat brush. For the details use a round brush, Loew Cornell brushes are some of my favorite ones. For the Sea Green I used a round sponge.
Rainbow cakes are great for creating mega fast designs that still look intricate and unique. If you haven’t tried them yet I would strongly recommend that you get one and practice. You will be amazed at how much you can accomplish with these little babies.

NEW Product

Today we are introducing a new hand made Rainbow Cake. It has Diamond FX neon colors in the same order as the large Diamond FX neon cake. We have been out of stock of the Large Diamond FX Neon Rainbow Cake for a while and while we wait for it to come, we have made a bigger version  that will be available for a limited time.
The Container is 2 3/4″ x 2 3/4″ by 3/4″.  Your round sponge cut in hald fits perfectly in this cake!


Starting on Friday November 23rd until November 24th we will have 2 great coupons.

First Coupon will be for a 10% discount on your entire order (before shipping, handling and Michigan taxes) plus a FREE BAM Stencil (no order minimum required). The Free BAM Stencil will be at Jest Paint’s choice and ONLY until supplies last (regardless of the expiration date of the promotion). Don’t add the stencil to your cart, just enter the coupon and we will include it with your order (if we still have them).
The Second Coupon will be for a FREE Face Painting With Clash book, with no minimum order required (supplies are guaranteed for this sale). Don’t add the book to your cart, just enter the coupon and we will include the book with your order.
Please read the rules below to understand the way the coupons work, and to find the codes. There are no exceptions to these rules (please don’t ask for one).     🙂
Please read the following rules before using the coupon:

Only one coupon per order is accepted. The coupon is valid only on Friday November 23rd until November 24th 2012 at 11:59pm EST.

The Code must be entered in the Coupon Code Box at checkout, meaning, we at Jest Paint can’t apply it after you have placed your order, or if you put it in the comments box.  No Phone orders will be taken between November 21st and November 25th.  

We cannot combine orders into one package if they each have different coupon codes applied. They will be shipped separately.

Please don’t wait until the last minute to place your order. If your order fails and the coupon has expired, we can not guarantee the discount.

Payment for the order must be received before the coupon expires.

Sorry, but there are no exceptions to these Coupon Code rules.

PLEASE, call (we won’t be able to check our e-mails those days, so call us) if you have any problems while checking out. We will be happy to help you!Coupon Code for 10% Discount and Free BAM: 10FBAM

Coupon Code for Free Face Painting With Clash: FFPWC

Thanks for all of your support,

Have fun at our store!

Anna and Santi
Jest Paint LLC

The Fall Fairy

Happy hot summer! I hope things are cooling down a little for you in the steamy spots! We keep expanding our store, and you can see what we have new under the NEW Products Category. FAB Ziva Blue Shimmer will be here very soon, and we will also be getting the water pens…you can see the review here. I love these for my black line-work!

The TAG Fall Fairy Cake was inspired by a photo Santi spied of Barbara Breitung from Tappy’s Face Painting

We not only liked the colors but how she used the BAM Tree stencil.

Here are some examples of designs I made using the Fall Fairy cake…

If you haven’t played with mixing the earthy pearls and metallics for bases, give it a go! The outcomes are very pretty! We also carry a little rainbow pot called Otoño that I used to make this cat below.

Barb has submitted some great Pics recently that she painted using our Pearl Brisa cake. Here is one to give you an idea of how it looks on happy people!

New Products Demos

This is just a short post to let you know about 2 new products that we have in stock.

The first one is called Skinliner by Kryolan. They are face and body painting markers. Unlike others that we have seen around these are great quality! They are water based so they are not completely water proof. Watch the video and learn all about them!

The second product we added to our store is called Spin Cake! These are a variation of rainbow cakes that are becoming very popular in the Face Painting community. They are specially made to be used with dotter sponges or pouncers.  We have a couple of options available right now and we will add more options soon. Watch the video to learn more about them.

Here are some examples of fun designs made with Spin Cakes

Have fun painting and feel free to ask any questions you have about these and any other products at our store!!



New New New!!!

Hi! Sorry it has been so long since we wrote our last post, so many things happened since then! We have tons of new products that we want to introduce you, a new employee that will be helping us pack with love all your orders, and a new baby that wants to come any time now!

Our baby is coming soon! Yes, last Monday at 2am Angelo tried to come out but he wasn’t ready yet, but he should be saying hello any time soon, so keep your eyes open for the news! Once the baby comes, we will take 2 days off from the store so we can take care of him and Anna, so orders might take a bit longer to be shipped, but we will do our best. We will post on our store front when we are at the hospital so you know before you place your order if we will be able to ship it mega fast or not.

Tomorrow we will be training a new employee to help us pack your orders. He is a great guy and we will introduce you to him as soon as we can get a picture of him! Once the baby is born we will need an extra hand to help us keep up the speedy service that we are proud to provide!

New products! The past month we have brought many new products to our store and we are happy to see that some of you have already tried them!

We have started our own line of Glitter Gel with a unique thing that was not available in the US until now: 2 colors of glitter in the same bottle! This makes for a wonderful effect that you will love! It is our own version of rainbow cake but on a glitter gel base! They are called Jest Paint Rainbow Gels

We now have 4 different combinations and we love them all!!! The colors are: Cosmic Purple, Cosmic Gold, Cosmic Pink and Cosmic Blue. They all come with a plastic and a metal tip. You can use the plastic tip for thicker lines (or thinner lines if you have good control of the bottle), and you can use the metal tip on top of the plastic tip if you want to make mega thin lines. Since the bottle is small it is easy to squeeze and you won’t have any problems with glitter being at the bottom of the bottle and not coming down. The ingredients are listed at our store and the product is manufactured by a reputable manufacturer in the USA.

We also introduced a new line of products custom made by TAG for us. We have been thinking for a while how nice would it be to have two 1-Stroke cakes in one so you can save some money and space, and also so you can use both color combinations to create cool designs without having to pick up different cakes. After debating the idea we came up with the TAG Duo cakes, big split cakes with 2 different color combinations that are very popular. Right now we have one for boy designs, TAG Duo Snagon (Snake-Dragon) and TAG Duo Riris (Rose-Iris). More combinations and stock will be coming soon.

Now you can also buy the new line of TAG 2 Color Splits that TAG has created. They have some great color combos, and we are still getting the custom made combinations, so you have more options than ever! We have had great success when we first introduced that product to the market last year, and we are happy to see that TAG decided to incorporate our idea to their regular line.

We also now carry Amerikan Body Art Liquid Bling. They are great Glitter Gels that are known for their quality and colors! We hope you like them as much as we do.

Last but not least, we are now selling the great YBody Stencils and a new glitter Tattoo Kit by Ybody. Their stencils are of great quality, much easier to pull off than other brands, and their designs are well thought out so they are easy to get on and off of the skin without having to pick up tons of small parts.

Also, we are hoping to have the complete line of Colorini and the new Lazer Glitter Set by YBody very soon, so keep checking our Facebook page for more frequent updates.

Thanks for all your support!

Anna and Santi

Wolfe FX White and Black (and all other colors) are BACK IN STOCK!

Just a quick note to let you know that ALL Wolef FX colors are now back in stock! YEAH!!!!

Happy Friday!

Website down for maintenance

DEAR CUSTOMERS: Our website will be down on Monday and Tuesday January 30th and 31st for maintenance. We apologize for any inconveniences, and we welcome you to revisit us on Wednesday February First. 🙂

Starting on Wednesday February First we will have golden grip brushes from Loew-Cornell, new sponges, more special brushes and hopefully Bad Ass Stencils and a full inventory of Wolfe FX.

Merry Christmas and or Happy Holidays!

Dear Friends,

                         Anna and I want to wish you Merry Christmas or Happy Holidays, which ever suits you best. Anyhow, we hope you have a great time and that you find joy and peace this time of the year, and all year round.

We want to thank you for all your support. This wouldn’t be possible without you. You are making our dreams come true, and we hope we are helping to make yours to.

This has been a great year for us, and we have found lots of joy in what we do. We hope next year we can keep offering you great products, at great prices with awesome service.

We also hope you find time to spend with your family and/or friends, and that you get crazy fun Face Painting gigs during this winter.

This time around, we are thankful for finding joy in our work, for the baby (Angelo) that is coming in April, and for the house that Habitat for Humanity will help us build next year.

We love you all!

Anna, Santi, Oshi and Angelo


This Friday (11/25/2011) use code BFS10 at checkout and get a 10% DISCOUNT on your entire purchase (before shipping and taxes). Promotion valid for orders over $20 (before shipping and taxes).

Check over the rules below before you shop to avoid any shopping cart confusion, especially if you are using paypal!

So, these are the rules for the code:

10% Discount on all products, use code BFS10

This coupon expires at 11:59pm EST on November 25th 2011.

When do I enter the code?

At check out.

Where do I enter the code?

For Guests or Registered check out: go to your “Shopping Art Cart” in the store, and at the VERY LEFT of the shopping cart page, above the customer information there is a box that says “enter code”. Put your code there, complete the customer information and click “Proceed to Step 2″.

For Paypal Express Check Out (an express route that skips the guest or registered checkout) enter the coupon code after going to PayPal. Once you’ve been to the PayPal page it will take you back to our website and there will be a space for you to put the coupon code. It seems weird, but it works!

When does the Coupon Expire?

The coupon code is valid for orders CONFIRMED by 11:59pm On November 25th 2011 U.S. Eastern Standard Time (check the world clock to make it in time!)

Can I use this coupon more than once?

No, this coupon code can only be used 1 time per costumer.

Can I use the coupon with another one?

No, you can only enter one code at check out.

If I forget to use the code at check out or have a problem using it, can you refund me later?

No, in order to get the discount you MUST put the coupon code in the correct spot during the check out process. Call us before checking out if you have any problems and we will make sure you get your discount.

Can everyone use this code?


Once again,

The Coupon Code is:


Copy and Paste it into the code box at check out! HAPPY SHOPPING!!!

New Products, updated info on Diamond FX stock and Cyber Monday Sale

Dear Face Painters! This is Santi (Anna’s hubby). I just wanted to let you know that we have added new 2 colors split cakes, all TAG colors in 90gr and Christmas Stencils to our store!
We should be getting our order from Diamond FX Europe today, so soon we will have a full inventory of Diamond FX again!!!!!

We will be getting more Christmas cakes soon for those of you that couldn’t get them the first time (we still have some left but not many).

Keep in mind that if you are planing to order products for Christmas the sooner you do it the better, because shipping gets slower during Christmas time!

We wanted to remind you that we have the option of insuring your package, and that might be a good idea during Christmas when USPS is flooded with packages.

Also, we have Wish List and E-Gift Card service available at the store, so, you can create your wish list and send it to your significant other, or you can ask a E-Gift Card from JestPaint.com for Christmas.

Soon we will be doing more contests and tutorials, and keep your eyes open for Cyber Monday (Monday after thanks giving) for our BIG SALE!

We wish you all a great Thanks Giving and we thank you all for your support! We love being your source for Face Paint!

Santi (and Anna)

WOLFE FX White is back in stock


This is Santi. I just wanted to let you know that Wolfe FX White and Black are back in stock in all sizes. We also got Wolfe FX Red back in stock.

Thank you sooo much for choosing us for your Halloween shopping madness!!!

Have an awesome Halloween!!!