The Winning Peace!

The results are in for the Peace Out Contest. We had a ton of voting going on! This was by far our most active contest ever with nearly 200 votes and 16 entries! A lot of people had a hard time choosing their top choice when they entered the voting booth! Congrats to our top winner and to everyone for taking the time to practice with their creativity!

The winner of the contest is Cat Cabajar, and here is what she submitted with her entry.

My name is Cat Cabajar and I own The Painted Cat Professional Face & Body Art Studio in Sarnia, Ontario Canada. I have been face painting since the summer of 2004 when I was on the committee for a local arts festival called Artwalk. Since then I have done birthday parties, festivals, fashion shoots, fundraisers and all sorts of amazing events. This year I have started my journey into full body art. My goal is to travel with my trade and enter more competitions. When I saw that you were holding this contest I thought it would be a great way to delve in!
My submission is the result of an image I envisioned when I first read about this contest. The most important part of peace is finding it from within. It is only then that you can express the kindness, compassion and clarity that it takes to share that peace with others. Keeping calm amongst the chaos, that is what this piece represents to me.
I used Wolfe Bros. and Mehron products for this design.
Thank you for this opportunity 🙂
Cat Cabajar
The Painted Cat
This contest was sponsored by

Peace Out Contest Voting Booth

Here are the top 5 entries that you can vote on! Read the voting rules below before  selecting your choice.

Thanks so much to everyone that took the time to enter! From inner peace to world peace, to getting funky with peace, it makes me soo happy to see how creative everyone was with adding such an important message to their face and body art.

– You cannot tell others what picture you submitted until after the contest is over.  After looking at  the poll results on how to run contests here, we are trying to base votes solely on the quality and creativity of the design.
– Only our blog subscribers can participate and vote, so sign up if you are in the voting mood!
-Voting will take place from February 15th until February 20th at 11:59pm eastern standard time.
-You can vote only once, and you can only choose one entry.

-The winner will be announced on the blog and Facebook and contacted through e-mail on February 21st. We will tell you how to redeem your $50 store credit. Yeah!!

I want to thank every one for taking the time to submit such beautiful works of art, and give a huge shout out to those who were entering a face painting contest for the first time.

It was very difficult having to choose the top 5 submission for us to vote on, I was so close to choosing the top 12 instead! But rules are rules, and I had to stick to them.

Click on the image below to zoom in and bask in the glory of all of the other submissions that we received. Feel free to praise the designs in the comment box below! After the contest I will post the names of each artist next to their work.

Valentine’s Day Tutorial

Hey hey hey!

We finally made a new video tutorial! Sorry for taking so long, we will do our best so the next one comes sooner.

For this video Anna used Jest Paint Metallic Light Orange and Jest Paint Cranberry Rose as a base. She used DFX Black and White to outline, and a stick on gem that we will soon have in stock (same style that Mama Clown gems that we already have in stock, but a bit cheaper).

Soon we will have Loew Cornell Brushes (Golden Grip and others) and Bad Ass Stencils in stock!

Enjoy the video and leave your comments at the bottom ….

Have a wonderful week!

Santi, Anna, Oshi and Angelo!

A Brush with Destiny!

Welcome to my blog post on the different uses for paint brushes,  and the different brands that we offer at our store.   There is a lot here for beginners and maybe some new bits for the pros. I will start basic and get more tricky as the post goes on, so scroll down to see what brush you are curious about.

Types of Brushes

A lot of people ask me what brushes I use the most.  I carry around a pretty hefty bunch of brushes to gigs, a big cup full because I always like having variety.  If I get a little bored I will play around with a funky brush to help create new designs.

Synthetic versus Natural Hair

I use synthetic hair brushes or brushes that have a blend of real and synthetic hair.  The real hair brushes are very soft when you get them wet, so they are harder to control in my opinion. Brushes designed for acrylic painting, especially decorative painting seem to hold face paint well and offer a lot of control. I have met painters who use the mega fancy natural haired brushes, their claim to fame is that they hold more paint and let it out too! If you are a dare devil, give them a try, I am sure with practice they can be used nicely.


Besides being the best for outlining, making swirls and twirls and popping out little dots, rounds are also good for having a hey day with tear drops. By dragging the tip and then pressing down, or by doing the reverse, you will get cute little tear drops. They work best if you use a round with a chubby base and a pointy tip. You can also use them for making double loaded flower petals and for filling in spaces with paint.

I always have 2 small rounds, two medium rounds  and two nice fat rounds,  all for black and white (round # 2 or 3, and  a 4or 6 and a 10).

Brush Round Gold Nylon  #3  by Wolfe FX

Loew-Cornell has Great Rounds! See them here!

Why do I subject my self to so many rounds just for two colors?

It is hard to rinse all of the black out of a brush at a gig, so I just keep brushes for black so they don’t contaminate the loveliness of the other colors and so my water doesn’t get so muddy so fast with all the rinsing of a black brush.  Same deal with the white,  I don’t like picking up a brush that was last used with red paint, and then rinsing it and using it for white…and ending up with a whitish pink.  My colors come out looking brighter and my water looks better, and I save more paint if I stick to this policy in my brush department.  You can color code your paint handles with finger nail polish so you  know who is who.

For all the other colors I just use another group of many sized rounds interchangeably .


Flats are another brush that I have more than one of in my kit. I have 1/2″, 3/4″, 1″ and 1 1/4″  flats for all of my one stroke painting needs. ( Yes ,I have a strong need to one stroke!)

Brush Flat Gold Nylon Magic #12 (3/4")  by TAG

Brush Flat Gold Nylon Magic #12 (3/4″) by TAG

I think the 1/2″ and 3/4″ flats are easier to control if you are doing fancy one stroke moves with a lot of wiggling the brush, and the wider flats are better for more simple strokes.

I also love the 1/4″ flat brush for doing thin to thick line work for tiger faces and around spider fella’s eyes.  I twist the small flat while I pull it, so it looks like it goes from / to — to / to —-.  You can end with a really sharp line, which always excites me!


Filberts are well known for being the go to brush for double and triple loaded flowers. They make great petal shapes when you just stamp them down, or stamp and twist them.  Different sized filberts will open you up to different sized flowers or baby butterflies.

Filberts are also good for painting cheek art in general, laying down larger areas of a color, like to fill in a pony heads or other rounded edge designs.  Filberts also rock my socks off when it comes to  blending a darker color onto a lighter color…they make a smooth transition between the two colors.

Brush Filbert Gold Nylon #8 (1/2")  by TAG

Brush Filbert Gold Nylon #8 (1/2″) by TAG


I love rake/wisp brushes. They are great for making tons of  fine strokes or tons of tiny dots all at once.  I use the larger sized flats, angles and fans the most.  The fine lines add dramatic fine shading to the outer edges of butterfly wings…if you start at the edge of your wing and then pull in towards the eye.  I also use them for palm trees and grass and horse hair for cheek art designs.  For boy full face designs I use them a lot to add wrinkles on the nose of creepy monsters, or weird textures on the rest of the face, or fur on tigers. 

Brush Angle Wisp Large 1"

Brush Angle Wisp Large 1″

My biggest use for the rake/whips brush is for making tiny little dots over black line work or around designs to add that magical fairy dust look.  I load up a pretty good paste of white and just stamp the tips all over and every one goes “Ohhh wow!”  I am glad simple things can amaze those who watch you paint.

A regular fan brush is also a popular one in my kit. I use it for butterflies and also for wisping shag.  I like to also press it into the rainbow cakes and stamp it around eye masks.

Brush Fan Medium 1 1/4" Spread

Brush Fan Medium 1 1/4″ Spread

There are some funky brushes for sale right now from Loew-Cornell. I have used the dagger a lot in the past after seeing Lynne Jamison use it for making really long fine sharp lines.  I haven’t tried the other two below, but they look like fun.

Brush Loew-Cornell Golden Taklon #10 Flora

Brush Loew-Cornell Golden Taklon #10 Flora

Brush Loew-Cornell Golden Taklon Double FIlbert #6

Brush Loew-Cornell Golden Taklon Double FIlbert #6

Brush Loew-Cornell Comfort 1/4 inch Dagger Striper

Brush Loew-Cornell Comfort 1/4 inch Dagger Stripe

Taking Care of your Beloved Brushes

Before you go nuts and buy really fancy expensive brushes, make sure you have a system set up so that they stay in good shape for a long time.  I am not the best mother to my face paint brushes, sometimes I even drop them on the floor and leave them at gigs, and who knows what happens to them after that! I store my brushes in a zipper pouch that has one mesh side.  There are cases where you store them under elastic bands, and that is my dream for 2012, since they jostle around too much in my pouch, and if it turns upside down the bristles get a little raggedy.

You can snip wild loose hairs off with a nail clipper, and you can try to reshape your brushes by setting them with hair gel, or even face paint.

You can wash your brushes in  hot water, or in baby shampoo.

It is recommended to dry your brushes either hanging upside down or flat so that when they dry, the water doesn’t soak down into the Ferrule  ( the metal tube that holds the bristles onto the handle )and mishape the bristles or the wooden handle .  Once they are dry you can store them standing up.

Another thing that is hard to resist is not to leave your brushes sitting bristle down in your water cup while you are working. I have a habit of doing this, and I have to stay really conscious to rinse and put away my brush.  Avoiding rubbing your brushes to death on the bottom or side of your cup will also help them last longer.

Watch how your load your paint as well, making sure that you aren’t hurting your bristles by smooshing them into the hard cakes in unnatural ways.  Usually we get a hang of this pretty quick…well hopefully by the time we turn 8 years old.  My daughter still makes me squirm when she uses my brushes.

If you have some damaged brushes, you can still use them for other things, like applying glitter on your face paint designs or glitter tattoos, or by making them funkier by additional smashing or cutting to see if you can come up with a useful specialty brush! ooh la la !

Once, while making a youtube video,  Oceana chewed the wahoo out of one oh my 1″ flat brushe…she bent the metal ferrule so much that the bristles would no longer be useful for one stroking. I took that dear flat of mine and double loaded the tips, smashing in head first into a rainbow cake, and then stamped the head onto my skin and found out it made an amazing feathered petal print.

The fish and flowers were made with Oceana’s smashed flat brush.

About the different brands! We carry brushes that we like, there are so many lines of brushes that it is hard to decide what else to carry.  If you are looking for a particular brush, please let us know.  Some brushes are more expensive than others.  The quality of the handle and the hairs can affect cost, along with simply the brand name that goes with them.  Head to face paint jams and try out your friends brushes and write the names down.  Mark Reid has a plastic handled brushes (correction…they are actually wood with a very plastic like appearance), which looks nicer for a longer period of time than wooden handled brushes.  Paradise’s Prisma flat brush has shorter bristles for better control, and it also has a plastic handle.  Look for pointy tips, a strong connection at the ferrule and bristles that are not too sharp and pointy for a child’s skin.  TAG and Loew-Cornell have great ones!

If you have any questions about brushes, please leave them in the comments or e-mail me…or even call me!

New Step by Step Video and Sales!

Hello! Happy Halloween Season! I hope you all have some fun parties in the works. I always wish I had the time to dress up and go be in a contest, maybe this year I will take night off to do that.

We  added a clearance page with a lot of great products on sale!

We only have small quantities of each, so if you like something you see, I peer pressure you to get it quick 🙂

My baby belly is finally starting to pooch at 14 weeks and Oceana has really taken to covering it with Glitter Tatoos. Soon she will be showcasing a youtube video doing her glitter tat thing on my belly.  She actually seems to have more talent at this than Santi and I do!

Thanks for  your Time!  Have a  lot of  amazing moments with paint and people!

Anna 🙂


Sugar Skull Step By Step

Have some fun with the spirits who you love!

Paint a sugar skull in someones memory!

Click the Image to Enlarge.

You can decorate sugar skulls with spiders and webs, candy, flames, hearts, stars, beads, spirals, tear drops, vines, any kind of flower or plant, spiritual symbols  or any special thing that the loved one loved.

Follow this link to see actual sugar skulls and learn about the different types that came from Mexico.

Here is the History of the Day of the Dead and Sugar Skulls

Be inspired by Sylvia Ji’s amazing paintings of women with sugar skull designs!

New Products at

Wolfe White is back!

Wolfe Neons by tomorrow night!

Two new hand made cakes,  the Creepy Cake and Gothic Girl

Paradise Detailz in Gold, Silver, Pink, Purple and Green are here now!

We are waiting on another new exciting shipment from TAG to re-boost our inventory

and there will be more new TAG splits and One Strokes!

Y-Body products are also coming soon!

What would you like us to Carry?

We are thinking of getting  90’s in either DFX,  TAG or Wolfe (other than Black and White) Do any of you use 90’s? Which brand would you prefer?

We are also dreaming of 45’s in DFX? Any 45 fans out there?

Please let us know of brands or other face painting products that you wish you could find at our store.

Thanks so much!!

Anna and Santi

p.s. Get your Halloween  orders in as Early as you can to avoid having to pay Express shipping, or finding out we are out of stock in what you want. We are placing big orders with all companies to build our inventory for the season, but you never know what hot item will get depleted before you can say “Trick or Treat!”

The history of the rainbow cake + we have more!!!

In 2005 I saw my first rainbow cake put into action. Nick Wolfe painted a neon rainbow swipe on  my daughter’s cheeks at a class.                                                                                                                      Oceana checking it out!

I had seen a step by step on how to make rainbow cakes on the Snaz site before that, but I never thought of using them.  Once I saw that swipe, I went home and started chopping up my cakes of paint and making my own weird combos. My first ones were gradients, from dark to light to dark.   I was determined to figure out how to use these for other ways instead of the regular rainbow color combo and design.  I started making youtube videos in late 2006/early 2007 to show other people how to use them.

  I remember when I finally made it to FABAIC in 2007 I was loaded with rainbow cakes and held constant jams sessions showing people how to use them.  I used rainbow cakes in most of my contest entries…and I think those little monsters helped me get a million medals…and come in 2nd over all. I was able to get the colors down fast so that I had time to work on the details.  Most people at the convention had never seen so many combos used in so many ways. It was really exciting to see them use them and get more excited!

                                                     My original containers were very portable, but harder to use with the lids in the way.

                                                          First Place Monster Face at FABAIC 2007 using a orange/yellow rainbow cake gradient.

  In 2008 I met Rebecca from Arty Brush at a jam following a class in CA, and we discovered that we were using a lot of the same techniques. She has a lot of color combos and was creating beautiful designs.

In 2009 I opened (it was also called so I could sell these little cakes made with DFX.  Right as I was getting my store ready to open Rebecca’s Arty Cakes were announced at Silly Farm.  Since then, rainbow cakes have taken the face painting world by storm.  I was so happy when DFX started mass producing them, and even happier when TAG improved the packaging, and even happier when TAG made custom cakes for us. They are not always the funnest things to make …messy and time consuming, but we still make them too. There have been a lot of people playing with rainbow cakes over the past years, probably sooner than I know, and together, we have all put our heads together to create fun fast designs with these babies. If you haven’t tried them, you have to!!!

TIPS for Using Rainbow Cakes

If you are a dipper (add water to your sponge or brush by dipping it into a cup), load a little  water on your brush or sponge and then load the tool with the rainbow cake. Hold the cake with the stripes running up and down, not horizontally in your hand, or the water on the cake will run across all the stripes blurring the colors.  Add a tiny bit more water if needed.  Load both sides of  your brush or foam wedge.

If you are a sprayer, spray your sponge and then load it or spray the cake and load your brush.

What is this foam wedge? I use them a lot because they get all of the colors from a 1″ wide cake, better than a 1″ wide brush in my opinion.  I use them mostly for crowns and eye masks and one stroke cheek art butterflies. You have to be careful making sure that  your sponge isn’t too wet, just damp when loading.  I have a book out called Face Painting with Clash that shows you how to do a basic array of designs using rainbow cakes and foam wedges ( which you could substitute with a 1″ brush or sponge).

Apply the paint by swiping or bouncing the sponge on the face, making smooth strokes or a smooth base.

You can use half of a cake or just a few colors if you want to. See what Paradise has in their Prisma cakes. I have been using them like crazy this year too!! The HOT and Shadow, Flash and  Cool make me crazy!!

I used a handmade rainbow cake for this butterfly, but TAG Black Iris would be  perfect for making this design.

Here are some more  designs I did using all types of rainbow cakes.

Check out our new cakes TAG made for us!

JestPaint has a New color, and we have Snazarooo and Hair Tinsel :)

Hi Face Painters,

I hope you are all doing great! Nature is crazy this year and I hope every one is safe and sound!

We have some new products  in the store and a lot more videos you can check out on youtube.  The links are below.


Santi gave birth to another color for the JEST PAINT line, it is a really pretty metallic aqua blue…like a dark metallic  teal.   It is a powerful color that creates a lot of drama, but it washes off  SUPER easily.  We had requests for this color, and Santi went to work!  It is made of FDA approved ingredients for cosmetics  just like the rest of our line.

We read a post on a forum  considering that our paints were re-labeled, but we want to be clear that we really have been working personally with a person from the factory  on the shades and consistencies. You won’t find this Aqua Blue anywhere else, it is our baby!

We are in a toss up between softer, but easier to load colors and harder based paints that are a little harder to load. I have been out painting in 90 degree weather with extreme humidity, and even though some of our colors are soft, they do not get sticky, or unworkable like some paints you might have tried before.  So don’t be afraid of the term “soft” as the way we describe them in the store.  It’s  a good kind of soft! lol See it at the store here!


Do you want to be booked for more hours at a job? We have Hair Tinsel now to compliment face painting and Glitter Tattoos.  After a day playing with them, I got the hang of making nice little knots to hold them in. My daughter loves them! Check with your state to see if you can do these if you don’t have a  license to do them. I have no idea why you don’t need one to paint a child’s face, but you do need one to tie a piece of tinsel into the hair, but…that is the way life is.  See it at the store here!


We started carrying Snazaroo in May. The Sparkle colors are great! If you like SNAZ and see a color that we don’t have that you love, please let us know.  I grew up using Snazaroo, and I still keep some of my favs in my kit. Ask me if you have any questions about them! Check them out here!


Are you in the sweat belt? Starblends will help hold back the drip with their powder base.  We only have the top colors this week, but we will have a bigger selection in a week or so. Let us know what you think of  these paints and what colors you use the most.  Be ready for those mega sweaty boys, and overheating girls! Here they are!

We also have Paradise Detailz Teal, get your dots on!


Santi has been working away taking special requests for paint comparisons and posting them on our facebook page.  If you see any colors that we sell that you would like to see compared to other colors, let us know!

See the Swatches Here!

Save on TAG One Stroke Cakes! Plus Step by Step!

Hi Face Painters!

Here is a video of a fairy butterfly clown. I think this would be a cute alternative clown face, not soo scary like some clown faces can appear to little kids (or even adults).

I used our new colors, and might I just say, we have been getting GREAT reviews about the new line!  Thank you to every one who has given them a shot. I had a blast painting kids with darker skin tones this weekend with all of the Jest Paint colors. They showed up so well and the metallic colors made them all look magical and shimmery! I fell in love with the Cranberry Rose…I love mixing it with pinks and purples and DFX Metallix White for variety. I also cried a river of happiness over the redness of the TAG red.

Check out our JestPaint page on facebook to see color swatches and join Face Painters Product Review on facebook to see the reviews. Check the Jest Paint line out at our store by clicking here!

Attention: Orders placed after Thursday April 21st at 4pm will be shipped on Monday April 25th during the morning. We will be chasing a Rabbit around Chicago (aka..meeting Santi’s Parents for the weekend.)

THE NEW COUPON!          EXPIRES MAY 1st, 2011

FAQs on the Coupon that you need to know BEFORE using the code!!

What EXACTLY is the discount for?

 This is a 10% discount on TAG One Strokes and the TAG Pearl Split Cakes that you add to your order before shipping and taxes.   There is no minimum order required. Our prices are already cheap, so this is just an added bonus of love!

Get the  TAG cakes here after reading the rest! The Code is hiding below!

When do I enter the code?

At check out.

Where do I enter the code?

For Guests or Registered check out: go to your “Shopping Art Cart” in the store, and at the VERY LEFT of the shopping cart page, above the customer information there is a box that says “enter code”.  Put your code there, complete the customer information and click “Proceed to Step 2″.

For Paypal Express Check Out (an express route that skips the guest or registered checkout)  enter the coupon code after going to PayPal. Once you’ve been to the PayPal page it will take you back to our website and there will be a space for you to put the coupon code. It seems weird, but it works!

When does the Coupon Expire?

The coupon code is valid for orders CONFIRMED between 4/18/2011 and  May 1st, 2011 at 11:59pm U.S. Eastern Standard Time (check the world clock to make it in time!)

Can I use this coupon more than once?

No, this coupon code can only be used 1 time per costumer.

Can I use the coupon with another one?

No, you can only enter one code at check out.

If I forget to use the code at check out or have a problem using it, can you refund me later?

No,  in order to get the discount you MUST put the coupon code in the correct spot during the check out process. Call us before checking out if you have any problems and we will make sure you get your discount.

Can everyone use this code?

ONLY my blog subscribers can use the coupon. Tell your friends to join so they can use the code!

The e-mail address you use during the checkout process must match the one you used to subscribe to our blog.  If you don’t remember it, please ask us before you go to checkout.

Can I subscribe now and use the code?

YES!    If you aren’t a subscriber go SUBSCRIBE on the Right side of the page at and then use the code.  It can’t hurt!


The Coupon Code is: 

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Thanks for shopping at! Happy Painting!!