Christmas Face Paint Designs and Products to Make them Pop!

Christmas designs are easy with these face painting supplies!

If you are booked up for Breakfast with Santa events, City Tree lightings, company picnics for the holidays, or any other type of event where they want you to paint seasonal designs, here are some products that might help you make fast and fun works of art for the holidays! Please feel free to use the images provided for your design sheets.



The Global Fun Stroke New Sahara is perfect for Rudolph the Rednose Reindeer cheek art, or as the trim for a full face reindeer or christmas bear design. The brown gradient will help you get an adorably shaded little critter, and all you will have to do is add a red nose and maybe an outline and                                                   wreath.

The Global Fun Stroke Iceland is my go to for ice princesses and snowmen. I  use if for polar bear cheek art too. I just grab up the white and teal with a 1/2″ brush for the snow men bodies and polar bear faces, and then I grab up the teal and dark blue for the hats, scarves etc.


The Global Fun Stroke Borneo can help you create fast Christmas trees, wreaths, poinsettia leaves, elf clothing and holly leaves.


TAG Magpie is a Black gradient, and it is my go to for one stroke penguins. Check out one of our past videos on how to use it to make them!

We also carry a variety of red and green christmas style rainbow cakes.

 Check out those face paint cakes here. TAG Christmas Sparkle ,  TAG Noche Buena , Kryvaline Flying Wing , Paradise Fluer , or our other blue gradients.


Icey Blinged Up Beauty Makeup

Penguin Jumping

Double Penguin Party

Christmas Kitty

Holly Eye Design

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