Finding the Perfect Red Face Paint

Have you purchased a variety of red face paints from different brands hoping to find that perfect red? I have, and I know how frustrating it can be to try to find one red that does everything I want. Here are some tips to help you understand why red is such a tricky color.

Face paint companies produce reds in different shades, and some manufacturers have 2- 4 different kinds of red for you to choose from. Reds can be mixed with yellow, blue, violet, green and brown pigments to create a variety of reddish colors. They can also mix in a little white to make a lighter more pinker red.

We all see colors a little differently so that complicates finding the perfect red based on other people’s opinions. The most common observation is that a red is too orangey, too brownish or blue.

If a red face paint is labeled Fire, in most cases it is a little more on the orange side. Cameleon Fire Red Face Paint is a good example of an orangey red. If it is called Bruise,  Blood Red or Deep Red then it probably has a little blue or brown tint to it.

You can mix white with your red paint to see if it turns pink or orange or magenta to get an even better idea of what pigments are in the base.

Global Body Art Red Face Paint is the red of my dreams because it seems to be a true red to me, and based on the feedback from tons of face painters, a lot of people see it as a true red as well.


Even though I love Global Red for face painting superheroes, flowers and the tops of rainbows, I like to have a deeper red in my kit as well for when I want to go really dark. My favorite for a bloody deep red is Paradise Red. I also like to darken my Global Red with green or brown for shading a bright red design, or adding a little blue and brown to make a bruise color.

We swatched all of the reds that we have on two different skin tones so that you can see how the hues in someone’s skin can also affect the way the red face paint looks to the eye. Orangey reds will look even more orangey on darker skin, and can tend to fade into skin color.

Also remember that batches may vary, so you might have gotten Diamond FX Red a long time ago and it was very orangey, but you will see that it a really a nice deep red these days.

Feel free to email or call use to make sure that the batch of red we send to you is the one you are looking for.

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Remember that Red Face Paint in general is very rich, so it is recommended not to use it on the eyelids. It can stain the thin skin and look a little scary after trying to wash it off.