2013 Jest Paint Black Friday Sale and New Product News

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Please read the rules below. THERE ARE NO EXCEPTIONS to these rules (sorry, this is a real NO with lots of LOVE).

In order for us to be able to handle the extra work that comes with the sale we need customers to comply with the rules.

Customers that do not follow such rules will sadly not qualify for the discount,regardless of the situation. ūüė¶

We are having a super colorful Black Friday Sale this year! If your order contains $10 or more worth of products and you enter the coupon code BFJESTSALE (and follow all other rules above and below) in the coupon code box right underneath your shopping cart, you will get a 10% discount (off the total cost of your products) and a Free surprise TAP stencil and Free Face Painting with Clash book.  (No request for specific TAP designs will be taken, sorry)

The sale is valid for orders placed on Friday November 29th 2013 starting at 00:01 am EST and ending at 11:59pm EST the same day (pay special attention to the time zone).  Orders that do not come in during that time frame will not qualify. Payment must also be made on this day with either a credit card through PayPal.  No additional coupon codes can be used with this offer. Offer is not valid for wholesale customers (vendors).

Coupon is only valid if entered in the coupon code box. Coupons entered in the comment box at checkout, or sent in an e-mail, text message, chat conversation, facebook post, etc WILL NOT BE HONORED.

Orders being shipped as one will count as one order, hence don’t place separate orders to use 2 coupons and send us an e-mail asking for us to combine shipping to save you money, because if you used a coupon in each order we won’t be able to do that.

If you are having issues entering the coupon code DO NOT PLACE YOUR ORDER without the coupon in the correct place. You can try to contact us so that we can help solve the issues. If you place the order without the code in the correct box we will not honor it.

Orders placed using the coupon might be shipped on Monday December 2nd.

Again, the code is: BFJESTSALE

We love you guys, but every time we run a coupon we get so many calls and e-mails asking for exceptions that we spend more time answering those e-mails and calls than packing your orders. We want to be able to pack your orders fast, so help us by following the rules, they are not that hard to follow, and we will enforce them. We hope you understand and have a lot of fun shopping! Thanks again for all of your love and support artistas! ¬†ūüôā

Make sure that you check out our Seasonal Shop and grab up the custom holiday themed products before they jump into someone else’s stocking!

global body hand


We are happy to announce that we are the U.S. Distributors and retailers of Global Body Art! The first shipment should arrive here at JestPaint by late December or early January.

Global Body Art is based in Australia. It has been creating a cream based face paint for years and has recently created their own formulas and colors for solid water based face paints. They are produced by a different factory than the other popular brands from China, but they have a lot of the great similarities, like bold colors and a consistency that allows for crisp line work and layering.

The BLACK and WHITE are both strong and rich, and after saturating the cakes with water for days on end they are still easy to use! You can cover a whole arm with brush strokes with just one load of a large round brush, which is amazing!! The black is very easy to wash off with just water, and it doesn’t stick in the hair line or eyelashes or leave a shadow on the skin.

Global has developed the most beautiful and rich MAGENTA and BRIGHT YELLOW that are not neon, but are almost as intense in color.  They have a light yellow that pops alone and brightens up any complementary color that you mix it with.  The RED is FANTASTIC!!! To me it is like the perfect red; bold, easy to work with, and intense enough for your most demanding red super heroes.  The ORANGE is darker and richer than most oranges on the market, and looks delicious mixed with either Yellow or Magenta.

Another great thing about all of the Global Colors is that they contain zero fragrances. Some color’s raw ingredients do not have the most pleasant odor, but I think overall it is totally a win win for those with sensitivities to perfumes.  All of the regular, pearl and metallic colors have been dermatologically tested and only contain ingredients that are compliant with FDA regulations. We have been working closely with Global to make sure that the labels are also FDA compliant, so that customs will be a breeze.  Like most Neon Colors, they contain pigments that have not been tested by the FDA for use in cosmetics, and are labeled accordingly. They have been tested for cosmetic use by independant labs though.

Global will also be adding rainbow cakes to their line, and because of their great new colors, I am so stoked to see them in rainbow cake form!


We have some new products at the store that are useful for the temporary tattoo artists and face painters. Check out our selection of LaDot ink stones, inks and jewels.   These stone stamps create clean, crisp designs that you can embellish and spread all over the body quite quickly.  5-10 stones and a body ink filled pad would create a perfect temporary tattoo set that you can offer your customers when face painting isn’t up their alley, or to compliment your face painting services at the event.  If you want to use these stones with face paint you will need to prep the stones with layers of face paint. This will ensure that future applications of face paint will not get sucked into the stone, and instead stay on the designs surface. The raised surface of the designs makes them perfect for easy loading with out getting paint on the rest of the stone. Check out the videos posted at our store!


gel pens design 4 copy.jklgel pens design 1 copy

We have a new line of Body Art Gel Pens from NPW in Europe that come in Glitter and Matte colors. If I don’t get these away from my desk soon I will be completely covered in random designs!! One of our great Packeristas, Betsy, got some for her daughter, and she is letting her creativity run wild!  Not only are they great gifts for the young budding artists in our lives, but they come in handy for highly detailed work, like filling in henna designs or creating tattoo style work. You can even blend the colors right on the skin. They are not waterproof, but they are smudge proof when dry. The Glitter colors are super shimmery.

Another product that we are carrying from NPW is Glisten Up, Brush on Glitter Tattoos! Imagine doing a tattoo without having to use liquid body glue! Though they are not designed for festival sized events, you could use these at small birthdays to accompany your face painting services and enjoy the ease of use and long lasting glittery results for your clients!  All you have to do is cut out the design you want to use ( I would pre-cut them all out before an event) peel the clear film off,   press the design  onto the skin, peel back the paper, and then apply glitter. They look just like regular glitter tattoos that you could create with glue and stencils.  What else? You can use these on fabrics to decorate aprons, shoes, bandannas etc. and they stay looking nice even after being washed many a time.  Glisten Up, Brush on Glitter Tattoos would also make inexpensive stocking stuffers for the people you love to see sparkle, but whom you don’t want to see dripping body glue on your fancy rug.

dfx new cake


That’s right! Diamond FX jumped in with their new line of 30gr rainbow cakes and a larger variety of their 50 gr sized cakes! Come check them out! I think you will really like the Beach Party cake, and the Rose Garden cake pictured above, along with the many others!


Ben Nye Precision Eye Liner – Body Art Pen¬†is here finally!!! A black felt tip liner pen that actually has a water resistant formula! That is right, run your design under water and it won‚Äôt budge! Blot it dry and it will be perfect. If you rub it up the first layer of major blackness comes off, but you are still left with a pretty nice design that doesn’t look smudged at all. We were dying for a product like this, and it is finally here!!! Thank you BEN NYE!!!

ben nye owl

We also have Snazaroo Petal Sponges,  and we will also some more sponge surprises soon! Let us know what other products you would like to find at our store.

Treacy, Betsy and Deanna  Our Awesome Packeristas!

We are so thankful for Tracy, Betsy and Deanna
Our Awesome Packeristas! The kids are pretty cool too!