Shamrockin’ Sale, New Paints, Vids, Class and JAM

Hi People Painters of the World! Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

We are Shamrockin’ a 10% off sale on orders over $50 this 3 day weekend at Jest Paint! This is a great opportunity to try some of the new things we have bouncing around our shop! Please scroll ALL the way down to find the coupon code and read the fine print…get out your shamrock goggles!

For those who were wondering, our daughter Oceana is doing much better these days. She is adjusting to her new Diabetic lifestyle and we are getting her numbers to normal levels and she looks so much healthier and feels so much better too. It isn’t easy for any of us but it does get better. Angelo is happy because he is getting a little more attention now that we are catching on! He just sprouted his first two teeth and is crawling on all fours and cruising around the house. He’ll be 1 next month, so he has to get his walk on soon!

Beginner’s Class and Super Free Demo JAM

Come visit us if you are free on March 24th, 2013 !! Check out the flyer for all the details!

Jest Paint Class Jam Final Date (Large)

Here is the low down on all the new products we have this month at Jest Paint! We will also have more stuff soon, so keep your eyes peeled and painted!

Check out the new Tat2U pens. They are very similar to the Kryolan Skinliners, just a wider range of bright colors.  Here is an image they shared using the Tat2U pens. We will have a tutorial up soon, but if you want to know more the Skinliner Video below has a ton of info that will help.


We have the entire selection of Cameleon face and body paints now!

We are waiting for our next shipment because many of the 32 gram cakes sold out right away.  I give major thumbs up to Metal Rose Sugar and Metal Thistle! I also love Celedon and Dark Blood Red.  My fav of the new ColorBlocks is definitely Soul Fire! Check out all the swatches under each product at our store so you can build up your wish list!



paradise brilliant colors

Mehron seems to have been listening to all the feedback about their Paradise metallic colors, and they came out with a new line of them called Brilliant Colors!  We are totally psyched because they are beautiful and easy to apply!!

The new Brilliant Gold and Silver is out of this world! It is like they took the Metallic Powders and magically transformed them into cake form! They are soo opaque and extremely shiny! Your robots will have never looked so good!

The Brilliant Fuchsia is super shimmery and very magenta-ish! I promise that you will love this color, even if you are a boy! Just ask Santi. 😉

The Brilliant Orange is much fresher than their Sunset Orange (which was kind of like a burnt orange), yet it still isn’t crazy tiger orange since it has some gold in it to simmer it down. It is  a stellar color, and would make more high fashion tigers, that is for sure.

The Brilliant Baby Blue is like a mix between DFX Sky Blue and FAB Ziva Blue shimmer.

The Brilliant Violet, Blue and Green are much improved in consistency than their older versions and a bit brighter in shades; as a reference they are similar to DFX Metallics in Blue, Violet and Green but with the creamy Paradise consistency that many love!

What else is new?

We also have new TAG Split Cakes and One Strokes to brighten your day!

Check out the swatches and images below to see if you want to marry one!

We have to give Laura Oliver props for helping design the Water Fairy Cake and the Aurora Borealis! Thanks Laura! They are already “flying” off the shelves!

Below is a design using the New Aurora Borealis  I created some major drama at the bank and supermarket with this eye design. meee

The Fire Fairy is a beautiful  sheer creates a gossamer wing effect.  For a more solid bold look you might also like the NEW Oriental Dreams!meow


We love Dara Lightle, the queen of Henna and free hand glitter tattoos , and we also love her new Hello Henna Kit that we are now carrying! This is a great way to get your toes wet…and maybe even delightfully brown… in the name of an age old beautiful body art-form!

For the love of color we made a new chart of Paradise Regular Colors. I hope some of you find it helpful!

paradise chart

Starting on Friday March 15th until March 17th we will be running the Shamrockin’ Sale!

The coupon will be for a 10% discount on your entire order  over $50 (before shipping, handling and Michigan taxes).
Please read the rules below to understand the way the coupon works, and to find the code. There are no exceptions to these rules (please don’t ask for one).     :)
Please read the following rules before using the coupon:

Only one coupon per order is accepted. The coupon is valid only on Friday March 15th until March 17th at 11:59pm EST.

The Code must be entered in the Coupon Code Box at checkout, meaning, we at Jest Paint can’t apply it after you have placed your order, or if you put it in the comments box. 

We cannot combine orders into one package if they each have different coupon codes applied. They will be shipped separately.

Please don’t wait until the last minute to place your order. If your order fails and the coupon has expired, we can not guarantee the discount.

Payment for the order must be received before the coupon expires.

Sorry, but there are no exceptions to these Coupon Code rules.

PLEASE, call  if you have any problems while checking out. We will be happy to help you!

Coupon Code: CLOVER10D