1 Stroke Jack-o-Lantern and other Fall Demos ! :)

Hi Everyone!  How are you??   I hope  life is cranking out some goodness!

We are so happy that a lot of you are keeping us busy here at Jest Paint. We really appreciate your support and your mega sweet words of encouragement as we jump into the craziness of the Halloween Season!

I made these quick step by steps for you if you are craving some new face painting ideas.  If you have any cool fall designs that you want to share on the blog e-mail me some pics and I will put them on this page.

Cameleon Colorblock Roses is my new favorite cake!

Zombie Skin is a ton of fun to use. Just keep in mind that you are going to use it to create gruesome effects, so don’t expect a flawless finish with this good old goop unless you are a master at sculpting sticky paste. Santi used layers of bunched up toilet paper to add to Oceana’s humiliation (no, actually to make the nose bigger without having to use as much Zombie Product).  The bonus to this toilet paper addition was that Oceana was left with a very smooshy flexible nose that we could mold around. She found this really fun to play with and so did we!  If we didn’t use the toilet paper her nose would have dried into a very firm rubber material.

Zombie Skin does not have ammonia in it after some magical processing, but it does still have a rather pungent rotting flesh smell that is gross, but very easy to get used to…and the smell fades as it dries. 

To make cuts, you just plop a glob of the paste onto the zone of destruction and quickly smooth out the edges all the way around with a popcicle stick, a rubber mixing spatula, or the end of a paint brush, or anything flat and smooth. I imagine a zombie tooth might work well for smoothing out the skin, but we didn’t have any of those.  Once the skin starts to firm up you jab the thick center with a q-tip, a butter knife, a popsicle stick or something that won’t actually hurt you, and then pull the Zombie skin apart a little.  Now you can color the skin and bruise it and fill the hole with blood and life is good! Well, life is more disgusting actually, but luckily it is just temporary. Below is Linda’s review.  🙂

Reviewer: Linda Schrenk from Jacksonville, FL United States  

This product is super easy to use. I’ve made ripped out mouths, cuts & holes in head. I am not a SFX expert, but this product makes me look like one. It’s easy to paint over & comes off easily.

Have a  great Halloween Season. Let us know if there are any new products that you would like to see at our store, or if you have any step by step requests.   Thanks again!

Anna and Santi  🙂