Quick Step by Step Eye Design plus Zombie Demo Revisits

This is a great design for those new to using rainbow cakes because there really aren’t any fancy moves here.  The key is just to make your strokes flow around the face. Keep your wrist loose and paint with your whole arm as you swirl up over the eye and around the cheek bone.  Try to keep you strokes away from the mouth, and you will be all good!


Looking for good colors to use for painting zombies? The Paradise Nuance Palette has a lot of colors that would make perfect bruised, rotten, moldy zombie flesh! Click here to check it out.

We also have some wonderful Zombie Skin for easy 3-d effects.  It is recommended to keep the goop covered as much as possible and lay some plastic wrap over it as you work deeper down in the jar. A little goes  a long way with this stuff. Add and blend small areas at a time to get good blending while it is still soft. My daughter loved getting covered in it, but I didn’t take a picture, so keep your eyes out for one soon! She wants more rotting flesh all over here ASAP so she can freak out the neighbor boys!  Here are all of our special effects products!

Oooh ohhh oooh and you will notice that we have Mehron Extra Flesh and Mehron Synwax.  A customer has used both and she says that the Synwax is better for doing really large effects, giant gashes and facial molding, and the Extra Flesh is really easy to use for smaller wounds, warts and all that nasty stuff.

If you have any Halloween Requests for Demo’s or Products let me know!

Anna 🙂


Below is an old YouTube video I made demoing a zombie face in case you want a nice zombie flashback.