New Goodies at JestPaint, Including a long awaited Baby story!

Wowie! This is Anna here. I finally got a pretty good nights sleep since Angelo was born. The doctor said that he should go three hours between feedings now, so I put my foot down and made him wait it out every three hours, and it worked! Image

This was an improvement from 1.5 hour to 2 hour feedings all night, and just sitting and holding him in the rocking chair because I was to tired or too in love to lay him back down in his crib after feedings. With this new schedule,  we did have to run back and forth to his bassinet every hour to pop his pacifier back in his mouth and pat his belly and rub his soft little head. I put the bassinet in the hallway so I didn’t lay awake all night listening to him jabber, and waiting for the jabber to turn into a cry. The other great thing was that I was able to sleep in my own bed instead of on the couch since I am all healed up now and I can easily catapult off the bed with out fear of ripping anything. So, my brain is a little more clear, and Santi’s is too.

Oooh! I just realized that the lack of sleep stopped me from blogging about his birth and everything else for the past two weeks. So that was just the most recent info up there. Let’s see! If you like labor stories read on. If you want to see what new products we have at JestPaint scroll farther down.

While working through the magic of pregnancy and so on I got so much great advice from other face painters on FaceBook about getting the labor going, to working through labor, to how to reduce baby spit up. Thanks to everyone for keeping me informed and supporting me though the whole ordeal.  I ended up going into labor a day after his due date (April 9th at 7:30pm) while waiting for Santi to cook some Vegetable Curry and Rice..since Melissa Biehl said that Indian Food got her labor started. I had just painted a Lucky Contraction Dragon on my belly after remembering a lady that I belly painted telling me that images on the belly can effect the baby. Unfortunately it didn’t get her baby to flip when I painted and image of her baby upside down, but the Lucky Contraction Dragon….ok…I know I know…it was just a coincidence, a very strong and burning one at that. Anyhow, after I stood up from painting the little dragon, woo hoo the first burning contraction that I had long been waiting for struck! And they just kept going and going while poor Santi was trying to finish cooking Indian food for me and Raviolis for he and Oceana, and time my contractions. He kept shouting out statistics like 10 mins for the rice, 5 mins for the pasta and you should be having another contraction right about now! Ding 2.5 minutes apart! I inhaled the Vegetable curry between contractions and my mom came and picked up Oceana. See the picture below.  Santi shaved my legs and we packed slowly, I wanted to stay at home as long as possible.

At 9 we went to the hospital and I was 7-8 cm dilated at triage (I was 4cm two weeks prior) . I was oooming and ho-ho- ho-hozannaing through each contraction. I’d been told by a painter to open my mouth wide to encourage my cervix to also open wide. Once I entered labor and delivery I zoomed into the hot tub where Santi held my writhing body for a little while until my water broke. I kept cursing the Indian food that surged into my throat at each contraction. Wow, that was all very exciting! Sorry if there are too many details!

Any how, if you have given birth before or watched a video, you know that finally there is a lot of pushing involved. I went all natural again, I figured that if I could make it the first time with Oceana I could do it again with Angelo. It took about 20 mins to get into the flow of pushing, but finally I got fully coordinated and Santi and the team of nurses cheered me along though my last push and out came our beatiful little Angelo at 11:43pm! I pulled him up across my belly and on to my chest and Santi and I just stared at him and each other in disbelief! We  actually had been growing a real live person in there for the past 9 months, and here he was wriggling and crying in all of his slimy cute glory! It is crazy how hard it is to comprehend the reality of the magic of life until that little baby is actually there in your arms, versus an unseen creature kicking you in your ribs. He was totally beautiful, tons of dark hair all over his head and body, and the cutest little face, eyes wide open looking around to find his big sisters voice when she came in the room. He started to nurse a little while later, and after about an hour resting on me, Oceana helped the nurse clean him up and wash his hair and weigh and measure him. He was 7lbs 1oz and 20 inches long with all working parts!


Since that awesome night, Angelo has been having a lot of fun in the JestPaint household. He has been watching our new employee Tim pack orders, and has grown to love the sound of bubble wrap and tape. Santi’s Parents have visited us and we will see them again this weekend and for Angelo and Oceana’s baptism next week. Santi’s grandma will also be coming and staying with us for two weeks, which will ensure that we do not survive off of Happy’s Pizza and spaghetti for awhile. She is an amazing cook! I am drooling just thinking about it!












Santi and I cranked out some new color combos for the lovers of 50gr cakes, including ourselves!  For the Awesome cake we were trying to get an almost neon tropical look. We also wanted to have the ablity to create more than what you first see. The pearl teal and the pink create a beautiful purple that you can maximize if you want by extra blending on that side of the cake. You could also just use the orange-yellow-white for tiger effects. If you use the teal to the yellow you can create pretty beach sunset scenes to put behind black palm tree silhouettes. The white and yellow is also great for duckies and daisies and sunshines. You will have fun playing all over this cake!

The Teddy Bird is a larger version of our 30 gr Playa cake. It is designed to go along with the other TAG DUO’s that we
created so that you can have two split cakes in one container, which will save you money, plus they also look really cool used all together on one sponge. If you go here you can see the SNAGON, RIRIS, and TEDDY BIRD. If you add a black and white split or A DFX Zebra you will have the colors to make a perfect travel mini kit of one stroke glory!

The Brisa in 50gr is a fresh crisp cake inspired by the Brisa Blanca that we have had to start hand making ourselves because we quickly ran out of the ones TAG sent us. If we are out of stock by the time this post goes up, we should have more coming from TAG soon, so click on the “e-mail me when this item is back in stock link” after you open up the product.

We have been brainstorming a color combo for an oriental looking cake for months and we finally came up with this unique combo that will spice up any kit! Used all together or in parts, this cake will inspire you to try new

Denise Cold made a post about how the pearl colors are great for the red white and blue flag cake, because the pearl red and pearl white don’t blend together to make pink. It also just looks really flashy in pearls! So here it is in time for Memorial Day and Fourth of July. Yeah!

There are even more products!!

We added our favorite shimmery good FAB cakes to our lineup, along with their RAGE red and Bright Yellow. We called to find out about the “smell factor” before we placed the order and were assured that the metallic like colors had a lower scent that the regulars, and that the perfume level were reduced in the entire line of paint, but not totally eliminated.

Keep in mind that the natural smell of the paint ingredients are not always the best smelling if you stop to give the the perfume free ones a sniff, so a lot of companies add a scent to hopefully give your nose something to smile about. Now that we have the paints in our own hands we can attest that they do have a kind of “Ponds Cold Creme” smell, but it isn’t very strong. I would use them with out any hesitation, but I might steer away from applying some colors right under the nose, which for me is normally the territory for white face paint anyways. If you have any other FAB colors that you love, please let us know!

We now have Mama Clown White Fairy Dust in large pots and we are waiting for more of the big poofers.