New New New!!!

Hi! Sorry it has been so long since we wrote our last post, so many things happened since then! We have tons of new products that we want to introduce you, a new employee that will be helping us pack with love all your orders, and a new baby that wants to come any time now!

Our baby is coming soon! Yes, last Monday at 2am Angelo tried to come out but he wasn’t ready yet, but he should be saying hello any time soon, so keep your eyes open for the news! Once the baby comes, we will take 2 days off from the store so we can take care of him and Anna, so orders might take a bit longer to be shipped, but we will do our best. We will post on our store front when we are at the hospital so you know before you place your order if we will be able to ship it mega fast or not.

Tomorrow we will be training a new employee to help us pack your orders. He is a great guy and we will introduce you to him as soon as we can get a picture of him! Once the baby is born we will need an extra hand to help us keep up the speedy service that we are proud to provide!

New products! The past month we have brought many new products to our store and we are happy to see that some of you have already tried them!

We have started our own line of Glitter Gel with a unique thing that was not available in the US until now: 2 colors of glitter in the same bottle! This makes for a wonderful effect that you will love! It is our own version of rainbow cake but on a glitter gel base! They are called Jest Paint Rainbow Gels

We now have 4 different combinations and we love them all!!! The colors are: Cosmic Purple, Cosmic Gold, Cosmic Pink and Cosmic Blue. They all come with a plastic and a metal tip. You can use the plastic tip for thicker lines (or thinner lines if you have good control of the bottle), and you can use the metal tip on top of the plastic tip if you want to make mega thin lines. Since the bottle is small it is easy to squeeze and you won’t have any problems with glitter being at the bottom of the bottle and not coming down. The ingredients are listed at our store and the product is manufactured by a reputable manufacturer in the USA.

We also introduced a new line of products custom made by TAG for us. We have been thinking for a while how nice would it be to have two 1-Stroke cakes in one so you can save some money and space, and also so you can use both color combinations to create cool designs without having to pick up different cakes. After debating the idea we came up with the TAG Duo cakes, big split cakes with 2 different color combinations that are very popular. Right now we have one for boy designs, TAG Duo Snagon (Snake-Dragon) and TAG Duo Riris (Rose-Iris). More combinations and stock will be coming soon.

Now you can also buy the new line of TAG 2 Color Splits that TAG has created. They have some great color combos, and we are still getting the custom made combinations, so you have more options than ever! We have had great success when we first introduced that product to the market last year, and we are happy to see that TAG decided to incorporate our idea to their regular line.

We also now carry Amerikan Body Art Liquid Bling. They are great Glitter Gels that are known for their quality and colors! We hope you like them as much as we do.

Last but not least, we are now selling the great YBody Stencils and a new glitter Tattoo Kit by Ybody. Their stencils are of great quality, much easier to pull off than other brands, and their designs are well thought out so they are easy to get on and off of the skin without having to pick up tons of small parts.

Also, we are hoping to have the complete line of Colorini and the new Lazer Glitter Set by YBody very soon, so keep checking our Facebook page for more frequent updates.

Thanks for all your support!

Anna and Santi