The Winning Peace!

The results are in for the Peace Out Contest. We had a ton of voting going on! This was by far our most active contest ever with nearly 200 votes and 16 entries! A lot of people had a hard time choosing their top choice when they entered the voting booth! Congrats to our top winner and to everyone for taking the time to practice with their creativity!

The winner of the contest is Cat Cabajar, and here is what she submitted with her entry.

My name is Cat Cabajar and I own The Painted Cat Professional Face & Body Art Studio in Sarnia, Ontario Canada. I have been face painting since the summer of 2004 when I was on the committee for a local arts festival called Artwalk. Since then I have done birthday parties, festivals, fashion shoots, fundraisers and all sorts of amazing events. This year I have started my journey into full body art. My goal is to travel with my trade and enter more competitions. When I saw that you were holding this contest I thought it would be a great way to delve in!
My submission is the result of an image I envisioned when I first read about this contest. The most important part of peace is finding it from within. It is only then that you can express the kindness, compassion and clarity that it takes to share that peace with others. Keeping calm amongst the chaos, that is what this piece represents to me.
I used Wolfe Bros. and Mehron products for this design.
Thank you for this opportunity 🙂
Cat Cabajar
The Painted Cat
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