is all spiced up! New site…new products!

We have been spending the past two weeks working together with a great graphic designer, Tal Soriano Thompson, to give a fresh face and better navigation to Jest Paint.  Ohh it has been a lot of work, but we are so glad that we made the switch!

You can hit the links on this page to bounce around and then just go dancing through the store once you have read the post.

Please let us know if you spot ANY spelling errors or glitches. We are working on better images for the Subcategory Headings, some look like they have been stretched in a fun house mirror!

VIP ITEM:   You will have to sign up with a new account because we have a new website provider.  You might also have to delete your cookies and cache and history if your computer is stubborn and won’t let you see the new site.

Some new Features to Jest Paint are:

-Easier Navigation with a subcategory menu on the left that stays open when you look at items under that category. Our old site was a disaster in this department.

-Subcategory pictures to help you identify what you are looking for.

 -When we are out of something you are hoping to order you can click  “Email me when item is back in stock”.  When we update our stock you will be sent an e-mail to let you know that we have the item.                                                                                                                                           

  1. You have to click on the product or add it to your cart in order to see the link.  It will be under the Wish List Button (If you go look at  SUPER M STENCILyou will see the small link) 

  2. -What’s really great is that we are notified when you hit that magical link, so we know what people are hoping to get back in stock soon and we can place orders accordingly.

-We now have an easy to use FAQ page to find answers to your most intimate, I mean important, questions.   Go check it out and let us know of any other good  questions we should answer.  Thanks!

-We have more options for shipping Priority and Express.

Please read our Shipping/Returns page to see other important information.

-We have a page just for those who want to place International Orders with all the good info you need!


We have a nice variety of Bad Ass Stencils to help texturize and speed up your face painting talent. Stencils seem like cheating to some, but they actually amaze those watching, and you can always add your own pizazz with a brush to make every design look unique.

We have a lot of new Loew-Cornell Brushes, including the Gold Grips,  and fun special brushes!

Under sponges we have their Smoothie Blenders  and Double Dotters.

We have new DFX brushes by Da Vinci which we have tested and approved for awesomeness.

We now have Sponge Stamps which are GREAT for closing a long line. Load one of these up on a rainbow cake and run down the line stamping those last folks that you don’t have time to paint. Bad Ass stencils would also be great for this.

Thanks for being so great!!

Peace, Love and Paint,

Anna and Santi