The Newest Face Painting Contest is Here! Peace Out!

Oh my it has been a long time since our last contest!

If  you made it through the worst of the Post Holiday Job Slump scream “Yeah, gigs are coming again!” If you didn’t hit a slump, please tell us why in the comments!

Oh yeah, the contest!

The prize this time around is even bigger than in the past! a $50 e-gift card or a $50 store credit to, wooohooo!

The subject of the contest is “Peace Out!”

We are hoping for a lot more peace in our Families, our Schools, our Towns, our Country and our World.  We often wonder how we could ever achieve world peace if we can’t even achieve peace in our own little circles. Everyone is so different in so many ways that it is natural that it is hard for us to all get along easily.   We think that face painting peace signs and other symbols of peace on kids and adults is a nice reminder to those who see them that peace is on our minds! We just need to be examples of peace every day and challenge others to forgive and to compromise.

If you have a peaceful idea for this contest, don’t wait until the last minute! Whip out some practice faces and sketch out as many creative ideas that you can. Once you find the one you like the most paint it on your arm or leg or neck… or someone else that is human, and send it to us!

Quick Submission Rules

1. Paint a human with the Peace Out theme in mind. Be creative as a crazy caterpillar and make a new design just for this contest.

2.  Most of the design should be done with professional face paint. Only use stencils and bling to add to the design, not to create the whole design. E.g. a stenciled background to add texture is okay, but do not use a stencil for the whole design(like you folks would ever do that anyway.)

3. Take  nice clear pictures that aren’t blurry,  too dark, or set to a contrast so high that the model’s tear ducts are bright red and their skin is unnaturally orange. ..I love to tweak my contrast a little, but don’t go overboard with editing, doing this can be misleading. Photoshopping the actual design is a no go, but photo shopping out the background, explosive zits and boogers is fine!

4. Let us know how you felt about participating in this themed contest, and/or some bio info about you.

Other things to consider before you get going!

The pictures will be posted anonymously once they are all submitted. The latest poll results on the best way to handle voting show that most of you want me to pick the top 5….and then subscibers vote on those top five to pick the winner. Check out our polls if you want to weigh in on this for future contests.

Only those subscribed to the blog can vote, and we discourage popularity voting. You can tell folks on facebook to join the blog and vote for the design they like the best…but do not tell them what your design is…please.  And the design can’t be painted on your own face, but you can paint on your own arm or leg or someone else’s face to help keep it anonymous. So basically, this also means that the design has to be new and not published anywhere else.

Extra Rules/Logistics for Entry

(Don’t groan too loud…We know… We Know…rules are not the artists number one fun thing on earth… but these are actually important to read, so buckle down folks!) 

-Starting on January 20th, 2012 participants can submit their entries.

-The deadline for submissions  is February 13th, 2012 at 11:59pm eastern standard time.

-Voting will take place from February 15th-February 20th at 11:59pm eastern standard time.

-The winner will be announced on the blog and facebook and contacted through e-mail on February 21st. We will tell you how to redeem your store credit. If you want us to call you, please leave us your phone number in your submission e-mail.

-Anna Wilinski will choose the top 5 pictures to be voted on. The choice will be based on clean technique (smooth blending, crisp line work, balanced design) and creativity. If you are a beginner, give it your best shot, make every line count and blend like there is no tomorrow.  In the end the design concept, and originality will be top on the list for decision making.

– You cannot tell others what picture you submitted until after the contest is over. No logos or other identifying text should be on the image itself, nor the artist face in the image.

– The images that you submit should contain an original Face and/or body painting design made by you.

-Only two UNIQUE  DESIGNS per participant can be submitted. You can submit multiple pictures of the same design and I will choose two to post on the blog if you want to show different angles.

– Only our blog subscribers can participate and vote, so, you have to send the image using the e-mail address you used to subscribe to our blog. E-mail me if you can’t remember it. Subscribe now if you haven’t yet.   🙂

– The pictures have to be sent to the following e-mail address: You will get an e-mail back from us letting you know that we received your submission. If you do not hear back from us within 24 hours, you can call us at 269-598-5436 to make sure that we got your submission.

-The subject of the e-mail must be: “Peace Out Contest” and the e-mail must contain your name or alias (very important since we will publish the winner’s name in the blog and everyone else’s too after the contest).

-If you have a Facebook page , and you  haven’t become a fan of JestPaint on Facebook, click here and” Like” it!      Face book is a great way to stay connected…feel free to also Friend us… Anna Wilinski-Massano and Santiago Massano on Facebook too. We want to check out your face book pages too!

The PRIZE for the Peace Out Contest is a $50 credit or e-gift card at, which will be issued on February 21st, 2012. 

-By entering the contest you give Anna Wilinski and JestPaint rights over publishing your picture on this blog, the Jest Paint face book page, the site and any other site that we might feel is pertinent to advertise this contest.

-The artist will be given credit for their work wherever their pictures are posted by either their name or alias provided.

– We will publish the winner’s design on our blog, together with his/her name or alias, and any extra info they want to add after the announcement.

– We will publish all submitted images in a collage on our blog so everybody can enjoy them! Artists names will be added after the contest is over.

-By submitting your image, you agree to all of the rules of the contest.

Have fun, give it a shot, and let us know if  you have any questions!

Peace, Love and Paint!

Anna and Santi