New Products, updated info on Diamond FX stock and Cyber Monday Sale

Dear Face Painters! This is Santi (Anna’s hubby). I just wanted to let you know that we have added new 2 colors split cakes, all TAG colors in 90gr and Christmas Stencils to our store!
We should be getting our order from Diamond FX Europe today, so soon we will have a full inventory of Diamond FX again!!!!!

We will be getting more Christmas cakes soon for those of you that couldn’t get them the first time (we still have some left but not many).

Keep in mind that if you are planing to order products for Christmas the sooner you do it the better, because shipping gets slower during Christmas time!

We wanted to remind you that we have the option of insuring your package, and that might be a good idea during Christmas when USPS is flooded with packages.

Also, we have Wish List and E-Gift Card service available at the store, so, you can create your wish list and send it to your significant other, or you can ask a E-Gift Card from for Christmas.

Soon we will be doing more contests and tutorials, and keep your eyes open for Cyber Monday (Monday after thanks giving) for our BIG SALE!

We wish you all a great Thanks Giving and we thank you all for your support! We love being your source for Face Paint!

Santi (and Anna)