New Step by Step Video and Sales!

Hello! Happy Halloween Season! I hope you all have some fun parties in the works. I always wish I had the time to dress up and go be in a contest, maybe this year I will take night off to do that.

We  added a clearance page with a lot of great products on sale!

We only have small quantities of each, so if you like something you see, I peer pressure you to get it quick 🙂

My baby belly is finally starting to pooch at 14 weeks and Oceana has really taken to covering it with Glitter Tatoos. Soon she will be showcasing a youtube video doing her glitter tat thing on my belly.  She actually seems to have more talent at this than Santi and I do!

Thanks for  your Time!  Have a  lot of  amazing moments with paint and people!

Anna 🙂