DFX Products back in stock and NEW products!


We just wanted to let you know that we got most DFX products back in stock! Including the 12 Ess Palette and the Euro Blend Rainbow!!! Also, the new batches of DFX paint now come with a LOT number, as requested by many of us.

We also have the new Euro Blend Zebra cake by Diamond FX, new 50gr 2 color split cakes by TAG, new 50gr solid color cakes by TAG, new Colorini colors and new Glitter by Y-Body! The new glitter, called Laser Glitter, is MEGA sparkling!

Next week we will have the laptop cases back in stock, in color black, with the amazing liners from TAG!

Also, last week we introduced a new Pearl One Stroke cake, a new Regular One Stroke cake and a new Pearl Split cake that TAG developed for us.

We also added the liner for the 50gr rectangle cakes and 2 more Palettes from TAG!!

If you have any other products in mind that you will like to see at our store, please let us know!