New Prices on Diamond FX Products

Hi there,

We just wanted to let you know that at we have lowered our prices on Diamond FX products so you can get ready for Halloween!
Come and visit our store to find out more about these new great prices!

PS: also, we have fake blood, a new Rainbow Cake, 2 new Split cakes from TAG and 2 new rectangle solid cakes from TAG on the way. And, very soon, we will have Y-body amazing products available at our store!!! Keep your eyes open.


Anna and Santi

3 comments on “New Prices on Diamond FX Products

  1. Hi !! i really love all of your work! A person can really tell when the painter is doing it for fun or for work, and i can tell you’re really talented!! i am starting my face painting business in Ct and i was wondering if you have any suggestions for seating? I have been using just plain chairs so far. what do you use? do you stand or sit when you paint children?

    • Hi Carolina,
      This is Santi, Anna’s husband. Anna usually have kids seat in a director’s chair, and she paints standing up. This is what is more comfortable for her, but each painter has its own preferences. 🙂

      • Hi Carolina,
        This is Anna, Santiago’s wife. 🙂
        I don’t know of any fool proof way to paint comfortably, the best I can do is ask the kids to look up into my face so that I am not crunching down to paint them while they stare at their belly button. Sometimes I lift up their chin gently with one finger, or push back on their forehead a little with my finger. I avoid putting any weight on the top of their heads, or tilting their faces up so much that their necks are stressed out.
        I will post more on this when I get another moment!

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