TAG is Back in stock!

Hi, this is Santi.

We just wanted to let you know that we got all TAG colors and one stroke cakes back in stock (but Pearl Copper and Regular Teal). We are getting more TAG products next week, specially made for JestPaint.com

Also, by the end of the week we should have all Diamond FX products back in stock (our order from DFX Europe is already in the US on its way to our office).

We should be getting  Wolfe FX paints soon (maybe next week).

We will keep you informed.





Official announcement from Diamond FX Head office, Netherlands. ( AUG 2011)

    • Official announcement from Diamond FX Head office, Netherlands.Summery Version.Alex Beek C.E.O. Diamond FX Face ArtsPretty Face BVAlkmaarTo all concerned users of DFX USAWe wish to bring attention to the issue that has circulated within the last two weeks.

      Below is an official statement of all facts concerning the use of ‘fake DFX’ throughout the USA.

      We are now at the point that statements can be made official, by social media sites and other websites.

      On Saturday August 6th 2011, Diamond FX Netherlands received an important email drawing our attention to the sales of face paints with poorly printed labels, and clearly not the same quality DFX is known to supply.

      Diamond FX is very proud of the quality and high standard paints supplied. All our paints are put to stringent tests, and are considered extremely safe for use.

      If paints are not to the same quality, yet hold a DFX label, users are effectively buying what they know to be a trusted and respected brand, yet receiving goods that may not be reliable.

      Diamond FX has tried to ensure all users were made aware of this issue immediately, and asked they cease use of their suspicious products, through the fastest method we thought possible, FaceBook!

      Diamond FX cannot verify the quality of any ‘fake’ paints, regardless if the paints eventually turn out to be usable.

      Diamond FX holds their customers in the highest regard, and would never risk customers’ safety with paints and supplies not absolutely perfect.

      We are now able to release the information that all faked products were originally supplied by the USA distributor.

      No other countries have been affected.

      The distributor has been terminated of her distributorship, and asked to cease all ties with Diamond FX.

      As a company, we have been betrayed by one of our own.

      Clearly our distributor did not represent the high respect and concern Diamond FX has for its customers.

      Diamond FX will continue to supply the amazing paints we are known for, but not at the cost of our customers safety.

      Below is a list of all safe vendors you can feel confident purchasing your Diamond FX products from.

      Please contact us if you need to know anything that is not clear.

      Diamond FX will support and answer any questions.

      If you would prefer a longer more detailer version of this issue, please email us (klantenservice@diamondfx-faceart.eu).

      Alex Beek

      C.E.O. Diamond FX Face Arts

      Pretty Face BV




      Paint And Glitter



We at Jestpaint.com received this message from DFX Europe to post and we are not legally responsible for the contents of this message.  Please feel free to repost this message as a link, do not Copy and Paste.  Thank YOU!!!  Anna and Santi