TAG Neon SALE! and new products

Hello hello!

Sorry it has been so long since our last post. We know you have been busy and so we are! We just wanted to let you know that we have a BIG sale on TAG Neon colors, they are at $7.25 each 32gr cake!

Also, we got a new product, Stick on Jewels. These are great to upgrade your facepainting, or to sell at a festival! You can now offer a Super Deluxe Party Package that includes our Stick on Jewels and make kids extra happy! (and get some extra money).

Take a look at this New Product:

Also, by the end of next week we should have Diamond FX White and Pink (and other colors) back in stock, as well as Wolfe FX.

And that is not all, next week we are getting a shipment of new products that we know you use and now you can get at our store ….. and…. we have a surprise coming too, that we wont say until we actually get it at our store (since it might take a couple of days until we get it).

Also, like always, we want you to leave us your comments, suggestions, concerns, complaints, or anything else you want to say, here or at our Facebook page. We really want our Facebook page to be like an online Jam; it is not only about our store but about our customers and friends, so feel free to post your work there, your questions and your ideas.


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