4th of July Sale, Contest Winner and New Products!

THING NUMBER 1: The winner of our “Art History Contest” is Edwina Shelly! Congratulations Edwina and many many many thanks to her and Jen Schuster for paticipating and taking the challenge! If you haven’t (or if you want to do it again), take a look at the entries: https://annawilinski.wordpress.com/2011/06/20/come-vote-for-the-winner-of-the-face-paint-contest/

THING NUMBER 2: We got 88 new stencils making a total of 110 stencils to choose from at our store!

THING NUMBER 3: If you order over $25 in products at JestPaint.com (and you are a blog subscriber and a you “like” our Facebook Page) you can get a 10% discount on your order when entering a coupon code that you will find at the end of this post .

This coupon expires at 11:59pm EST on Thursday, June 30th.

Check over the rules below before you shop  to avoid any shopping cart confusion, especially if you are using paypal!

Thanks soooooooo much to everyone for your mega support at http://www.jestpaint.com !

When do I enter the code?

At check out.

Where do I enter the code?

For Guests or Registered check out: go to your “Shopping Art Cart” in the store, and at the VERY LEFT of the shopping cart page, above the customer information there is a box that says “enter code”.  Put your code there, complete the customer information and click “Proceed to Step 2″.

For Paypal Express Check Out (an express route that skips the guest or registered checkout)  enter the coupon code after going to PayPal. Once you’ve been to the PayPal page it will take you back to our website and there will be a space for you to put the coupon code. It seems weird, but it works!

When does the Coupon Expire?

The coupon code is valid for orders CONFIRMED by  11:59pm On June 30rd, 2011 U.S. Eastern Standard Time (check the world clock to make it in time!)

Can I use this coupon more than once?

No, this coupon code can only be used 1 time per costumer.

Can I use the coupon with another one?

No, you can only enter one code at check out.

If I forget to use the code at check out or have a problem using it, can you refund me later?

No,  in order to get the discount you MUST put the coupon code in the correct spot during the check out process. Call us before checking out if you have any problems and we will make sure you get your discount.

Can everyone use this code?

ONLY our blog subscribers and Facebook “fans” can use the coupon. Tell your friends to join so they can use the code!

The e-mail address you use during the checkout process must match the one you used to subscribe to our blog.  If you don’t remember it, please ask us before you go to checkout.

Can I subscribe and “like” your page now and use the code?

YES!    If you aren’t a subscriber go SUBSCRIBE on the Right side of the page at http://www.annawilinski.wordpress.com and then use the code.  It can’t hurt! To “like” us, go to our Facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/jestpaintcom and click where it says “like this”.

The Coupon Code is: