Art History Contest Results! Yeah Edwina!

Hi Folks!


The artist behind this Vangoh Starry Night rendition is Edwina Shelley from Party Picassos Facepainting!  Here is a note Edwina submitted with her entry!

“LOVED this contest. I knew immediately what I was going to do; Van Gogh’s Starry Night.

Over a year ago at a nightclub, a man asked me to do it on his face. I didn’t have a lot of time, but it was fun.  So my entry is one I painted today of Van Gogh’s famous painting. 

Van Gogh used lots of texture and line in his work – not lots of smooth graduated tones. Most of the time in face painting, we use the blend cakes and don’t use much texture. Our work tends to be cute, silly or scary, but this time I got to work on a more “classic” level.

Thanks for the opportunity. It was great fun and I had a very willing and patient model (thanks, Makayla!)”

The second place winner was Jen Schuster from Sunny Face Painting. She painted a Chagall inspired painting of the Garden of Eden. She also did a fantastic job! Thanks so much to both of you for taking the time to go out on the limb and paint with a whole new style!

And thanks to the 24 people who voted!

Original Post Below:

Everyone must be pretty busy painting at gigs, because we only got a two entries for the Art History contest.  Those that entered  seemed very excited to try new techniques for face and body painting, thanks to some inspiring artists.

You get to vote by using the Poll Station below. Just pick one person and let’s hold tight!

The voting will Last until Next Monday (June 27th, 2011)  at 11pm EST.  The votes will be hidden until Tuesday, June 28th, and then we will post them on this page and a new blog article.  We will contact the winner on Tuesday, June 28th, and he/she will get a $25 credit at the JestPaint shop!

Click on the Images to see an enlarged version.

As posted in the rules for the contest, only those subscribed to the blog can vote, and we do not encourage popularity voting…aka asking your friends and family to vote for you.  The pictures will be posted anonymously once they are all submitted. You can tell folks on facebook to join the blog and vote…but not tell them what your design is. Thank you so much! We made these rules after listening to your suggestions on what a dream contest would be like.