JestPaint has a New color, and we have Snazarooo and Hair Tinsel :)

Hi Face Painters,

I hope you are all doing great! Nature is crazy this year and I hope every one is safe and sound!

We have some new products  in the store and a lot more videos you can check out on youtube.  The links are below.


Santi gave birth to another color for the JEST PAINT line, it is a really pretty metallic aqua blue…like a dark metallic  teal.   It is a powerful color that creates a lot of drama, but it washes off  SUPER easily.  We had requests for this color, and Santi went to work!  It is made of FDA approved ingredients for cosmetics  just like the rest of our line.

We read a post on a forum  considering that our paints were re-labeled, but we want to be clear that we really have been working personally with a person from the factory  on the shades and consistencies. You won’t find this Aqua Blue anywhere else, it is our baby!

We are in a toss up between softer, but easier to load colors and harder based paints that are a little harder to load. I have been out painting in 90 degree weather with extreme humidity, and even though some of our colors are soft, they do not get sticky, or unworkable like some paints you might have tried before.  So don’t be afraid of the term “soft” as the way we describe them in the store.  It’s  a good kind of soft! lol See it at the store here!


Do you want to be booked for more hours at a job? We have Hair Tinsel now to compliment face painting and Glitter Tattoos.  After a day playing with them, I got the hang of making nice little knots to hold them in. My daughter loves them! Check with your state to see if you can do these if you don’t have a  license to do them. I have no idea why you don’t need one to paint a child’s face, but you do need one to tie a piece of tinsel into the hair, but…that is the way life is.  See it at the store here!


We started carrying Snazaroo in May. The Sparkle colors are great! If you like SNAZ and see a color that we don’t have that you love, please let us know.  I grew up using Snazaroo, and I still keep some of my favs in my kit. Ask me if you have any questions about them! Check them out here!


Are you in the sweat belt? Starblends will help hold back the drip with their powder base.  We only have the top colors this week, but we will have a bigger selection in a week or so. Let us know what you think of  these paints and what colors you use the most.  Be ready for those mega sweaty boys, and overheating girls! Here they are!

We also have Paradise Detailz Teal, get your dots on!


Santi has been working away taking special requests for paint comparisons and posting them on our facebook page.  If you see any colors that we sell that you would like to see compared to other colors, let us know!

See the Swatches Here!