Have you heard the News?

We have 3 new colors at JestPaint.com. The 3 colors are from our own line, JestPaint Face and Body Colors.

We have an AMAZINGLY BRIGHT Yellow, a crazy beautiful Light Magenta and a really deep Rose. All of them are essential colors. The Light Magenta and the Yellow almost look as bright as neon colors, actually the Yellow looks even brighter than DFX Neon, but they are NOT neon, so they are all made with FDA approved ingredients to be use in cosmetics.

We also created a new hand-made rainbow cake that almost looks like neon. We have heard your requests about having something that looks like neon but FDA approved, so, after some research, we created this new rainbow cake that “looks” like glowing!!!! it is just beautiful.

Come to the store and check this and more new items!

Have you seen our collapsible water bag? It is just great if you are looking to save some space!

Have fun shopping and getting ready for the season…. also, if you missed the last contests, keep your eyes open because new contests and coupons will come!


Santi (yes, not Anna, Santi, the hubby)