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We have ONLY ONE in stock and we might not have it again. This might be a once in a lifetime opportunity! 4 split Prisma Paradise cakes in one amazing kit at a SALE value of $45 (retail value of $56)!!!! Lets see who will get it first! Get it Here!

Save on TAG One Stroke Cakes! Plus Step by Step!

Hi Face Painters!

Here is a video of a fairy butterfly clown. I think this would be a cute alternative clown face, not soo scary like some clown faces can appear to little kids (or even adults).

I used our new colors, and might I just say, we have been getting GREAT reviews about the new line!  Thank you to every one who has given them a shot. I had a blast painting kids with darker skin tones this weekend with all of the Jest Paint colors. They showed up so well and the metallic colors made them all look magical and shimmery! I fell in love with the Cranberry Rose…I love mixing it with pinks and purples and DFX Metallix White for variety. I also cried a river of happiness over the redness of the TAG red.

Check out our JestPaint page on facebook to see color swatches and join Face Painters Product Review on facebook to see the reviews. Check the Jest Paint line out at our store by clicking here!

Attention: Orders placed after Thursday April 21st at 4pm will be shipped on Monday April 25th during the morning. We will be chasing a Rabbit around Chicago (aka..meeting Santi’s Parents for the weekend.)

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FAQs on the Coupon that you need to know BEFORE using the code!!

What EXACTLY is the discount for?

 This is a 10% discount on TAG One Strokes and the TAG Pearl Split Cakes that you add to your order before shipping and taxes.   There is no minimum order required. Our prices are already cheap, so this is just an added bonus of love!

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At check out.

Where do I enter the code?

For Guests or Registered check out: go to your “Shopping Art Cart” in the store, and at the VERY LEFT of the shopping cart page, above the customer information there is a box that says “enter code”.  Put your code there, complete the customer information and click “Proceed to Step 2″.

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When does the Coupon Expire?

The coupon code is valid for orders CONFIRMED between 4/18/2011 and  May 1st, 2011 at 11:59pm U.S. Eastern Standard Time (check the world clock to make it in time!)

Can I use this coupon more than once?

No, this coupon code can only be used 1 time per costumer.

Can I use the coupon with another one?

No, you can only enter one code at check out.

If I forget to use the code at check out or have a problem using it, can you refund me later?

No,  in order to get the discount you MUST put the coupon code in the correct spot during the check out process. Call us before checking out if you have any problems and we will make sure you get your discount.

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ONLY my blog subscribers can use the coupon. Tell your friends to join so they can use the code!

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Thanks for shopping at JestPaint.com! Happy Painting!!

Have you heard the News?

We have 3 new colors at JestPaint.com. The 3 colors are from our own line, JestPaint Face and Body Colors.

We have an AMAZINGLY BRIGHT Yellow, a crazy beautiful Light Magenta and a really deep Rose. All of them are essential colors. The Light Magenta and the Yellow almost look as bright as neon colors, actually the Yellow looks even brighter than DFX Neon, but they are NOT neon, so they are all made with FDA approved ingredients to be use in cosmetics.

We also created a new hand-made rainbow cake that almost looks like neon. We have heard your requests about having something that looks like neon but FDA approved, so, after some research, we created this new rainbow cake that “looks” like glowing!!!! it is just beautiful.

Come to the store and check this and more new items!

Have you seen our collapsible water bag? It is just great if you are looking to save some space!

Have fun shopping and getting ready for the season…. also, if you missed the last contests, keep your eyes open because new contests and coupons will come!


Santi (yes, not Anna, Santi, the hubby)

NEW CLASS in Michigan with Anna and Gina Newsum!!

Please Note: Gina Newsum can no longer attend this class. It is a small group and we are moving it to my home.

With all of the data we collected from the poll, we are holding our first class this year in Kalamazoo, MI on a Saturday afternoon. If you would like to have a class in your area and can help round up others who would like to take one, and know of a place we could do it at, please contact me at anna@jestpaint.com. We are willing to hit the road and spread some learning fun! Yippy!!!

Contest Results for The One Stroke Flowers and The Review Raffle!

The winner of our Review Raffle contest is Kerrie Miller Armstrong. Her review is at our store under the detailed description of any product (FYI: our facebook comments on the store are crazy, they pop everywhere, so please mention what product you are commenting on). Thank you soo much Kerrie! You won a $25 e-gift card to be use at our store! Have fun shopping!!!

Linda Schrenk is the winner for The One Stroke Flower Contest!!  She wins The One Stroke Stacker Set, Face Painting with Clash and a lot more goodies!

Here is what Linda shared about herself!

A little about me:

I started face painting in 2005 to help a friend who was short a face painter. Next thing I knew I was face painting, clowning, balloon twisting & doing magic(some of those I was not doing so well at:-) I took a break in 2006-2007 to care for my father with terminal cancer. In 2008 I revamped my business to just face & body art with some balloon twisting & gave it a name: Amazing Face Painting by Linda. I work along with my daughters(one is a wonderful henna artist, face paints, runs the glitter tattoos & can balloon twist. The other is a phenomenal balloon twister. It has taken off & I’ve fallen in love with it! I feel so blessed that I get to hang out with kids & be artistic.  -Linda

I kept going back to this picture over and over, and Santi too! The things we like the most about Linda’s design is that she used the flower concept in a very creative way by painting the petals and leaves in an unexpected flow around the eye, and her use of highlights and shadows are so bold.

All of the entries were great! From a body painting using one stroke roses, to an awesome belly painting using the cakes for tropical flowers, waves and sunset strips, to simple and bold designs that we all could use at any event. A simple chest bouquet (sounds funny), added to a cute eye design made it super glam for the ladies. We even have a step by step here with cool flowers and funky one stroke creations surrounding the flower arrangement. Thanks to everyone for sending in your entries!

Click on the Image below and zoom in to see all the designs in detail.  🙂

The poll we took on contests currently has a tie for how to choose. 3 votes each (lol) concerning if I choose, blog subscribers choose, or I choose the top 5 and then Blog Subscribers choose the final winner. For this contest, I posted that I would choose, but if you would like to get a chance to vote on the winner next time, go take the poll at this link https://annawilinski.wordpress.com/2011/02/06/contest-voting-what-do-you-prefer-what-is-fair/?preview=true&preview_id=677&preview_nonce=d8e323e4fd

Important Update About Neon Paints

Yeah! This post contains some good news of changes companies have been making to clear up the neon situation, and we even found out that DFX, and most likely the other brands, have an ingredient list that didn’t fully explain the Formaldehyde breakdown in a way that was clear, and it was open for misinterpretation.

In fact, according to TAG, the levels of “Free Formaldehyde” ( which is the FDA’s concern) is lower than that limit! Yes folks! We can get that F word out of our search engines! The high level was a compound that contained Formaldehyde embedded in it, but not pure free formaldehyde.

No company had a clear understanding at their fingertips about the formaldehyde in their paints. DFX did not see that their was a difference, like TAG finally did.  From what I know now, Formaldehyde is not the concern for TAG, and probably not for the other brands.

So what is the ingredient that the FDA hasn’t approved in the regular neons? According to TAG, certain neon pigments, and that is it. We were worried that the formaldehyde made these pigments the problems but it is just the colors themselves that haven’t been approved as safe.

These pigments would need to be sent from the factory that produces them to the FDA for testing. The FDA would then determine if they were safe or unsafe for use in cosmetics. This process has not occurred, so we do not know if they are safe or unsafe for cosmetics.

That is a little better (there is a chance that  they are safe), but legally we are still in the same boat when using them on the public.

Kryolan has been selling these paints for decades, and I wonder why the factories that produce the Pigments haven’t gotten them tested?  Is the money really the issue, or is it the fact that face painters just keep using them with out demanding the testing be done first?

We got a ton of positive responses to the blog. Many people didn’t know what the labels meant, and though we had an error, the fact still remains that they are not for cosmetic use, according to the FDA, and that means that they are not intended to be used on skin.

I am really sad that some people thought this was just a scare, and did not get that the main point is that many face painters have ordered paints, and been left in shock and confusion because they get these regular neon paints with warnings that basically say “You just bought something that really isn’t facepaint” Shouldn’t we know this before we buy them, shouldn’t the companies really tell us the whole story so that we can make the best decisions for ourselves? Shouldn’t the manufacturers and vendors have a clear understanding about what they are selling?

As you can see, I didn’t have a clear understanding (but I did have a warning for a year straight once a customer made a point of it), even after sending numerous annoying e-mails asking for help. I am very proud of TAG for doing the research needed and addressing this situation right away. I expect that the publishing of the blog post helped get the attention, and though we did have an error in our post about the level of free formaldehyde, we finally got some action towards better labels and hopefully more stores posting the warnings.

I also see that DFX understands that the proper labeling is important to a lot of face painters, and clarity in warnings is also important.  They are working on new consistent labels and a clearer post on their site. I also am proud that DFX took the time and effort to create some safe neons for us to use for black light events.

If you really want those neon pigments tested, please let your manufacturers know in whatever way you think will work.

If you want to make sure that you are not liable for using them in the U.S., call your insurance company and tell them WHAT THE LABELS SAY (or should say if they were mislabeled), and see what they say then.

If you know that you are using  products that haven’t been determined safe or unsafe by the FDA, you can put on the pressure so that maybe one day you can use the neon colors with total confidence.

I hope you understand that we called the FDA, companies in charge of designing FDA compliant labels, companies that deal with the paints before they get to the manufacturers, lawyers, and we read all that we could handle in a 6 month period of time. We did not just post the blog to scare people, we sell the paints too, for heaven’s sake. We just wanted to make sure we were selling something safe, and we wanted to be able to answer our customers questions about where they could use the paints. We’ve gotten so many mixed answers from manufacturers, that we felt we needed to look into it more closely.  We have no right, or need to claim what you should choose to do with the information. And we really truly apologize for posting an error in the blog, but we did give our best effort and finally we got a clear response!

Thank you to everyone for getting involved in this discussion. I still feel that it is one worth having until the situation is totally resolved.

(This does not having anything to do with the DFX NEON WHITE, VIOLET AND BLUE which DFX took a great move and found out how to make them using only FDA approved ingredients, however they are not bright under regular light, which is what most face painters are looking for. )