Jest Paint has started its own new Line of colors!

YES! At we started our own new line of colors. We have started with only 4 colors and we are working on getting more.

We have a Metallic Grey (Silver), the best silver out there! We also have Metallic Pink (lighter than DFX Metallix Fuchsia with an iridescent purplish accent ), Metallic Light Orange (lighter than DFX Orange and different from TAG Pearly Blush) and Metallic Bronze (like a metallic camouflage color).

Here is the link:

All of the colors are made with FDA approved ingredients for cosmetics.

If you have any questions please let us know!

Also: tomorrow 2 contests will end, the Review Raffle and the One Stroke Contest, don’t forget to participate!

Some information about our paints:

The sample(s) MEET the following requirement(s):
– The US FDA cosmetic ingredient list review of the client’s program.

Note: Based on the opinion of the toxicologists, the submitted formulation would not be expected to pose any
significant chronic adverse health effects to humans when it is used as intended or under circumstances
involving reasonable foreseeable misuse. The product(s) will not require any additional chronic health
hazard labeling according to ASTM D4236. The product(s) must bear the following statement:
“Conforms to ASTM D4236”
Note: It should be noted that eczema-type reactions could potentially occur among users who have been
previously sensitized to FD&C yellow no. 5.

The sample(s) MEET the following requirement(s):
– The total plate count and mold and yeast count requirements of CTFA (U.S. Cosmetic, Toiletry and Fragrance
– The pathogen requirement of the USP XXXI, “Microbiological tests <61> Microbial limit tests”.

When tested as specified, the total Lead content of the submitted samples comply with the test requirement according to US California Proposition 65.