ONE STROKE MONSTER FACE- One Stroke Stack now Available!

Hi  Face Painters!!

I hope you are warm and toasty somewhere today. We are getting hit with some record blizzard tonight, which is always exciting! I love crazy weather, as long as it isn’t flooding or blowing down my house…or anyone else’s!

There is a new product at Jest Paint. It is a set of two color one stroke pots that stack up and fit in your purse…lol

They are perfect for those who do a lot of double loaded designs, and the set is much cheaper than individual rainbow pots.  (The Six Pots are $36 for the month of February) They have a lot of Metallix colors, which also adds pizazz to  your designs,and they are the perfect size for a 1″ brush.  Don’t forget…these are almost twice as thick as an the DFX mini blends, so they will last you a  long time.

The design below was made with the black and white split…and some red from the fire split. CLICK ON THE IMAGES TO ENLARGE THEM….THEN BACKSPACE to come back to the home page!

4 comments on “ONE STROKE MONSTER FACE- One Stroke Stack now Available!

  1. LOL…call a family member and tell them how ugly you are? You crack me up Anna! Bravo on another wonderful post, an easy to follow step-by-step and a great design. Thanks for sharing and stay silly!


  2. Love this one! You are so inspiring. I just came across your blog and am excited to see what else you have on here! Keep em coming!

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