One Stroke Ideas! DFX White is coming to town! Hola from Argentina!

Santi and I are soo  happy to announce that the DFX white will be in stock early next week….hopefully by Tuesday night!

We are having a great vacation burning our once pale skin,  and I am trying to imagine what Christmas will be like in 90 degrees weather. The minimal decorations that they do have down here seem very out of place!

We saw a cool add for AT & T with painted hands piled together to look like bunches of grapes on a vine, and another advertisment with hands painted like tea pots.  So far we haven´t painted anyone down here, but once we get to Cordoba for the wedding, I am sure going to paint all of Santi`s little neices and nephews and he can impress them with his new balloon twisting capabilities. Yippe Doo!

Just a reminder that we have Gift Cards at JestPaint if folks are asking you what you want for Christmas. Even though I run the store…there are still colors that I need to put on my wish list!

Happy Holidays! Happy Painting!

Anna and Santi