White is in stock at JestPaint.com

Hi! I just wanted to let everybody know that we have DFX white in stock now in every size.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!



One Stroke Ideas! DFX White is coming to town! Hola from Argentina!

Santi and I are soo  happy to announce that the DFX white will be in stock early next week….hopefully by Tuesday night!

We are having a great vacation burning our once pale skin,  and I am trying to imagine what Christmas will be like in 90 degrees weather. The minimal decorations that they do have down here seem very out of place!

We saw a cool add for AT & T with painted hands piled together to look like bunches of grapes on a vine, and another advertisment with hands painted like tea pots.  So far we haven´t painted anyone down here, but once we get to Cordoba for the wedding, I am sure going to paint all of Santi`s little neices and nephews and he can impress them with his new balloon twisting capabilities. Yippe Doo!

Just a reminder that we have Gift Cards at JestPaint if folks are asking you what you want for Christmas. Even though I run the store…there are still colors that I need to put on my wish list!

Happy Holidays! Happy Painting!

Anna and Santi

Euro Blend Rainbow Cakes and Neon/Metallix 12 Palette Back in Stock

YEAH! We just got the Neon/Metallix Palettes and the Euro Blend Rainbow cakes back in stock right in time for your Christmas Shopping adventures!

Have a nice week.


PS: we are still waiting for the white paint to come from the factory. We REALLY hope to get it in time for Christmas, but we can’t promise it.


Face Painting Contest Winner!!

Holy Shmoly! We didn’t think we were going to get any entries in the our latest face paint contest. The night it was ending there was not one submission in our e-mail box by 10pm…and off we went to watch Will and Grace in bed…a little sad. Waah.

But then, YAY, Tuesday morning we woke to  four last minute entries sitting in the In-box!! Thanks so much to those who took the challenge on! You made us super happy!

It is soo hard deciding on a winner because every design has so much going for it. I can tell that every one who entered was trying something new, and that they were challenging themselves.

The winner for this contest is Aura Lee Faulk, from Tennessee!

This is what she wrote about her piece.

“My picture is called “Fairy Necklace with a Lace Glove”.
I used DFX black, white and gold. I also used black, white and gold shimmers and gold and white glitter.
It is a fairy sitting in the tree watching the moon on the medallion. The chain and lace glove are also painted on.”

I chose Aura Lee’s design because the whole concept was totally creative! I love the chain wrapping around the hand, and how transparent that medallion is holding the little image.  I wish the picture was in better focus, so I could zoom in to see all of the little details, but I get the over all sense that a lot of time and creative thought went into this one! Keep on Painting Aura Lee!!!We shipped your package yesterday, so keep your eye out for it this week! I hope you have fun with the book and rainbow cakes!

Aura Lee Paints with her mom, Jenny Faulk, who submitted this super stunning entry,” Black Tie Masquerade” for the contest. Click on the picture to check out that necklace!! That was totally amazing Jenny!

Both of them were experimenting with Lace, which is a really fun way to decorate the skin. Dots and tear drops, and patience can do amazing things!

Mary Bennett is a self proclaimed “newbie” at face painting. This was her first contest entry too, and she submitted this arm piece that shows off her determination to master tear drops and meld them together with snakes, flowers and swirls! It is really a creative combo and the monochromatic tones make it cool for all ages.
“aussiemarie” with Macon Faces Face Painting
Franklin, North Carolina

JOJO THE CLOWN (JOANNE DORME), I like how she put her real name in parenthesis, submitted this really cool full face design that totally has a wild streak running through it! I feel like she was exploring the world of asymmetry and the magic of white dots on black! The blue she used is totally gorgeous too….what is it JOJO? Keep this design in mind when Mardi Gras season is upon us!


Thanks for all of your entries! Keep your eye out for more contests in the future!