Hi Hi!

I hope you all had an amazing Thanksgiving this past week!

We hosted it at our house so I got to experience Turkey baking and all that jazz for the first time in my life.  It worked, and we had a great time sitting around a homemade table with family and friends. Yummy! Still eating those leftovers…how many ways can I prep turkey…. 🙂


We have Metallix Baby Blue and Metallix Black on sale for $9.50….and two more days of free shipping with the coupon code FSN100

VIP STORE INFO BELOW for Dec 12-Jan 12th

Gina Newsum will be running the shop for one month, starting the second week of December. We won’t have handmade rainbow pots,  special orders, custom kits, or shipping other than Priority Flat Rate.  Also, once you place your order, it can’t be changed or canceled. We want to keep it simple for Gina, even though she could probably handle anything a face painter could throw at her!

Please double check everything before you check out, and then happily await your order! 🙂


OH OH OH!….Also, place those orders a week in advance if you  are buying yourself something for Christmas since there won’t be overnight shipping, or shipping on December 24th, 25th, 31st or Jan 1st, and the holidays slow things down. You might want to insure your package this time of year to make sure it gets the best treatment by the USPS too!

Santi and I will be basking in the hot sun over Argentina…I get to meet all of his friends and family, get married to him again church style, eat amazing desserts, and go see some gigantic waterfalls! We hope to meet up with a fellow body painter in Buenos Aires, Analia Gomez Lima.

Robo Boy Thinking about what Cyber Monday means to him….