Tis’ The Season for a Face Painting Contest!

Santi and I were chatting and swirling in our computer chairs this morning and realized that it has been like 8 million years since our last face/body painting contest.

We are putting this little baby together to help work up your creative juices, and the prize for the winner is going to be my first book on rainbow cakes Face Painting with Clash, and two really awesome handmade rainbow cakes that literally made me drool when I tested them out!

This design only has four requirements.

#1 Use real face paint/Makeup

#2 Use Black, White and only ONE other color

#3 Think way outside of your box! Break the rules you have created, or go be inspired by other artists and try something new! Of course, don’t copy another artists work or  create something copyright inspired.

#4 Make a really cool full face, eye mask or body art design!

Oh, and for #2, you can blend white and black with your third color to create different shades of it!

These are the extra rules/logistics for entry:

From today (November 15th, 2010) until November 29th, 2010 participants can submit their entries.

– The image should contain a Face and/or body painting design made by the participant. Creativity wins the race! This could be creativity in blending, texture, depth, line work, interaction of the design with the face or body, and so on! I get to choose the winner! Ahh!

– Only our blog subscribers can participate, so, you have to send the image using the e-mail address you used to subscribe to our blog.

– The e-mail has to be sent to the following address: anna@jestpaint.com

-The subject of the e-mail must be: “New Funky Face Painting Contest ” and your name or alias (very important since we will publish the winner’s name in the blog).

– The deadline is November 29th 2010 at 11:59pm eastern time.

-Only one image per participant can be submitted.

– The winner will receive the following prize: Anna’s book, Face Painting by Clash, two handmade rainbow pots, and 2 foam wedges.

-The winner will be announced on the blog and contacted through e-mail on December 2nd.

– The prize will be sent through the USPS  to the street address given by the winner.

– The prize will only be sent within the U.S., unless the winner pays for the shipping outside the U.S. .

– We will publish the winner’s design on our blog, together with his/her name or allias (we want to make sure to give you the credit for your work).

– We will publish all submitted images in a collage on our blog so everybody can enjoy them!

-By submitting your image, you agree to all of the rules of the contest.

PAINT ON!!!  Thanks for having fun with us!!

Anna and Santi