Finding Joy and New Life in Face Painting! Judi’s Story

Earlier this year I got an order for a dream kit by a woman named Judi Palmer,  who lives in Guyton, Gorgia.  She had seen someone painting faces at a craft fair, and her creative itch just sparked like crazy. She knew that this would be something she would have fun doing, and indeed, face painting has helped her positively deal with a lot of changes and loss in her life.

Here are some letters that really touched me, and I was so happy and honored that I could be a part of her new adventures in face painting.

I love my paints and at least that is helping me get through each day by keeping me occupied andhappy for now. Again, thanks. Judi

Thank you so much. Yes I am so pleased that you liked my first stab at this. I am practicing every day and will let you know how the body/art convention goes. It is a little scary as I am going all on my own for the first time in 28 years. My friends got a big kick out of the notation in their welcome letter – “no nudity in any area but the convention rooms – or something like that.” My mom died two years ago after living with us for five, then Craig’s mom died (we took care of her too); and then I came home and found Craig had died unexpectedly. I lost my 28 year job right after Mom died but that was okay as Craig and I were getting ready to move to Florida for our golden years and working as a director of human resources had taken its bite.

Sometimes we don’t understand our purpose but I do know that God has always taken me in “out of the ordinary” paths and this one seems to be where he is sending me now. I know it is putting joy back into my broken spirit. Thank you for the advice and I will take in all in like a sponge.


I am thankful every day that I am a face painter. We all know how much joy this gift brings to others, and the endorphins that run through us while we work makes us feel like we almost have an addiction to it.

There are always hard parties where things aren’t going as planned, the kids might be a little too wild, or we may have found ourselves working overtime and not getting paid for it, or maybe we got lost and showed up 5 minutes late.

These little stresses that go with the business side of being a face painter are nothing in comparison to the great joy we have laying in bed at night thinking about funny situations, like everyone’s expression when a little guy emerges from your chair like a horrid little monster or growling tiger. My poor husband always has to listen to my favorite memories from each gig, and now that he is balloon twisting with me, he understands the magic that we can create in peoples life.

Judi is experiencing this kind of joy every time she pulls out her kit, and people she doesn’t know remember her from the last event she painted faces at. Like most of us, she started practicing on herself (I am having so much fun just painting myself for my cats, all 8 of them.), and then moved on to volunteer work. Now she is picking up her first paid jobs and looking into getting business cards printed. Here are some pictures of her recent work! I am such a proud face painting mama! Keep up the awesome work Judi, and live your golden years with Happy Memories and a paint brush in your hand!

“The children and laughter made me so happy!”