Free Shipping Code for November! +more

What? Free Shipping this month???
FSN100 is a very magical code! If you pop it in at Check out at you will get Free Shipping and Handling on orders over $25! This code is good for this month, and I tell you folks, we get your orders and ship them out like lightning! 

Also…HAVE YOUR LAP TOP LINERS lost their zest??? We have liners for sale for DFX paints, and they are super perfecto! Only $5 each. Imagine a laptop case with a liner on each side!? OMG

Picture of the Day
Try taking a Celtic design and turning it into a full face masterpiece. I used the Tree of Life design to get me going. I spent about 20 minutes on this monster, which turned out kind of creepy…but different…hey.

3 comments on “Free Shipping Code for November! +more

  1. Yay for laptop liners! I put a liner in each side of mine already and I LOVE it. Might be time for some new ones and maybe some other goodies as well. Loving that coupon code! Thanks Anna!

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