Wish Lists and Halloween Mania!!!

Hi Face Painters!

This is Anna from JestPaint.com with a little holiday Jingle and some fun info below about what is new at our store! Thanks so much for your orders,  and we hope you had an amazing Halloween Weekend! Read below about my Halloween, and some ideas for next year that might keep your week full next year!

(Feel Free to Exchange the word Christmas for any other occasion)

All I want for Christmas is some Bling Bling Bling,
Some DFX Lite Green!
Some Metallix White I mean!
All I want for Christmas is a book to learn,
a kid that won’t squirm,
…new brushes and no germs! 

All I want for Christmas
is a rainbow cake,
a fancy whisp rake,
and sturdy containers that won’t break!

All I want for Christmas are more face paints!
Are you listening honey???

Register and create your Wish List for Face Paint Presents!

To create your Wish List sign in or register at  www.jestpaint.com . Shop around the store adding things to your Wish List when you see items that make you go ga ga!

To add a product you need to click on it, and you will see a tab that says Add to Wish List under the Add to Cart button. Keep adding items until you have the whole store on your list (ha ha ha just kidding).  Then you can click on the main Wish List button on the home page and choose to send it to someone. You can copy and paste the message below if you want, or make it more personal and filled with face paint desire!

Dear              ,

I am sending you a little hint about what I am dreaming for (fill in the occasion). I have been drooling over these items at www.jestpaint.com, and if you go there you can log in to my wish list and purchase or reserve items that you will bestow upon me because you love me sooo much!  Thank you!

You can also direct people to www.jestpaint.com to buy you a nice little gift card, so you can buy things that you might need throughout the year (to buy an e-Gift card just go the home page, and click on the link call “e-Gift Cards” on the main menu, fill in the blanks and Check Out).

P.S. We now have Paradise Detailz in stock.  Dot dot dot!

HALLOWEEN!!!!   Ideas for Next Year’s Gig Line-Up!

How was your Halloween? Did you have time to relax and enjoy it, or were you running around like a crazy person slapping paint on everyone in sight?

I started the week painting Zombies at a college to help them advertise their scary movie night. Check with your campuses CAB offices, and the student center to see if they might be interested in your services for their events! Also check in with the colleges sports directors to see if they have a Kids Club for the little fans, or a crazy night they might need you.

After the Zombie makeovers I taught face painting to an after school program called Proud to be Me. It is a Derek Jeter Foundation (he is a baseball player for the Yankees, that grew up in my town).  Check out if there are any foundations out there that might like you to be a part of their service to the community!

I spent Friday morning painting the faces of three middle school teachers for their Day of the Dead parties. Before 7:30am I had three freaky faces in my living room.  Contact schools to see if teachers in your area would use your face painting talent to spice up a day in the classroom!

Santi and I were hired by our  local mall for three hours during their Halloween Trick-o-Treat fiesta and costume contests. Wow, the lines were incredible, but we handed out our END of THE LINE signs and kept rooting on the parents that were holding the signs for us, and we promised them the best balloons and face paint if they warned the newcomers that the line was closed. We had to stay firm, but we got out on time to head to a Halloween Birthday Party.

After one last private Halloween party in a mansion,  I came home totally exhausted. Luckily I kept Sunday free to relax in the morning, do a couple of makeovers in the afternoon and then go out to a Drag show with friends.  I opted for the easiest costume, a cheetah, and Santi was this super weird funky mime.

What kind of gigs did you have this year?

Have you thought of a perfect way to run personal makeovers?

Did you make time to get out and dress up?

This is our new pet monster we found

in the basement!