Zombie Makeup for the Creepy Requests!

Hi Everybody,

I posted a youtube video of a super moldy zombie face for you to take tips from. I was inspired by the Wolfe Brothers. Speaking of whom, let me know if you are interested in attending one of their workshops in IL in June next year.

I hope you are all excited and maybe a little freaked out by the Halloween craziness that is about to start! I am doing 6 at home make overs and 3 big gigs, and going to see Shakira in Illinois too!

I am going to post pics soon in the body paint page of a 6’7″ tall monster that Santi and I painted Yesterday. Once the photo shoot was over he went with me to pick my daughter up from school and scared all the little kids.  It was great!

Earlier this week I went to an afterschool program for innercity kids and taught face painting. It is amazing to see 9 years olds paint half of the face while I do the other, and see them do it soo well! While we were team painting, the rest of the kids were painting their arms and friends faces, and they loved it.  It is soo nice to not be the only one painting at an event, and to see that spark in kids eyes when they see that they have the ability to make awesome faces if they have the right supplies!

Best Wishes this weekend!!
Anna 🙂  Clash :o)

Here is a picture submitted by Elizabeth Wiggand of her zombie she painted after watching the video!

5 comments on “Zombie Makeup for the Creepy Requests!

  1. Anna! GREAT VIDEO!!! You did a GREAT couple of Zombies so quickly and talking the whole time! LOVE IT! LOVE YOU and your talent! I hope the Zombie look went over well at the marriage counseling!!! LOL I bet they felt sorry for S!!!! You are tooooooooooooo cute!

    hugs, giggles, and love, Light

  2. Great job on the zombie! That sounds like fun having a workshop with kids too. 🙂 I bet it was a blast!!! Good luck with your Halloween gigs! Thanks for being such an amazing supplier & for all your tips too!

  3. Sounds so fun teaching kids to face paint. How was it funded? Did you donate all the supplies? Did the school system or other agency pay you for time/materials?
    I get asked to do alot of fundraisers and wonder how you manage the financial side?

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