Make your own face painting stencils! Yahoo!

I was browsing on youtube, when I saw a mermaid video posted by someone…that I can no longer find…but she made stencils using puffy fabric paint. So, Santi and I went to Micheal’s Craft store right away to buy some paint and try it out. I printed a scale stencil I found doing a Google image search, and then put the sheet inside a lamination pouch. Glass would work, or any thick clear material. We smeared a small amount of baby oil on the plastic so it would be easy to remove the paint, and the stencil bottom looses its stickiness, so it doesn’t roll up on itself when you peel it off. I squeezed the glue out really thick, so it would be durable, making sure every line connected solidly.  It was crazy easy and fast to do. The next morning we peeled the stencil off and got to work!


1.Paint the face the darkest shade of green or blue or even all black. The darker the base, the darker the lines will be around each scale. Notice one side of Oceana’s face is lighter, and the scales pop off less because of this. (I used DFX Light Green, Dark Green and Black)

2.Place the scale stencil over the forehead and sponge a light color (here I used DFX Patina) over it, filling in all the empty spaces.

3. Next do the cheeks!

4. Outline the face and give that little monster some angled creepy nostrils.

5. Now go wild adding teeth, horns and angry eyes. Isn’t she cute? Raar!