New Rainbow Cake

Hello, I added a New Hand Made Rainbow Cake to my store, you can check it out at:

I have been working on adding some eye design images next to the photographs of the products on the detail page of each product so you can have a better idea of how the colors looks like. I still have many more to do, but I added the eye design photograph on the following product’s detailed page:

– Square Rainbow Pot Glow Pop

– Square Rainbow Pot Metallix Rainbow

– Square Rainbow Pot Pink and Green

– Square Rainbow Pot Red White and Blue

– Square Rainbow Pot Rosey

I also created a new Flickr Group for Body Painters or people interested in Body Painting. The link is:

If you have a Flickr user you can join the group and add your photographs.

Remember, since I am leaving to San Jose California to teach at the Living Canvas convention, I will not be able to ship any order between September 15th-24th. I apologize for the inconveniences this might cause.