Good News!!!

Hello! I am glad to say that we are all stocked up at We even got Metallix Baby Blue and Neon Green!!! (we haven’t had those in a long time).

I have to apologize with you since I haven’t been able to post as much as I wish, but I hope next week will be less crazier. Tomorrow I am showing  the Body Paintings I did with my husband over the year at the Art Hop in Kalamazoo.

We will be sharing room 202 with two other photographers at the Park Trade Center. Bill Strome, Steven Brown and Santiago Massano (my husband) will be displaying their photography work of the Body Paintings.

I really hope to be back with you next week with more step by step designs and some pictures from the Living Canvas Convention.


At the Living Canvas Convention

I am at the Living Canvas convention and things are going great! I will be back soon with more step by step videos.

Have a nice week!


Day of the Dead Skull

Step #1  Paint the whole face white, but skip the eyes and the nose if you can resist!

Step #2 Outline the eyes, making a raised arch at the outer eyebrow will increase the scary level.

Step#3 Blacken in the nose kind of like an upside down heart or triangle. You can make it a little raggedy and chipped at the top if that is the way you like your nose-less noses.

Step#4 Check out those scowling eyebrow creases, have your client of death scowl and follow their natural furrows!

Step #5  Frame the forehead with ( ) lines starting at the eyebrow furrows and angling to the upper spot on the temples.  Blend in the line work with a almost dry brush or your finger. (You have to do the blending fast while the paint is a little moist on either the face or the brush)

Step #6 Think of the cheek bone as a gentle v stroke that starts a little above the nostril but on the cheek, and that fades off to a parallel line heading towards the ear.  Blend  downwards,  really darkening the shadow under the side of the jaw bone.

Step #7 Darken in the temples leaving a thin piece of bone framing the outside of the eye and creating a ridge between the temple and that ) forehead shadow.

Step #7 Shade the lower jaw bone, following the line or creating a new shape to the jaw.

Step #8 For fast teeth load one side of the chisel or round brush  with white   ( a round brush will make long pointy teeth) and then flip it over and rub the edges in black. Stamp the white side along the lips forming these cute individually outlined teeth.

Step #9 Add a funky black mustache to simulate a day of the dead male skull. I am not sure how much I like this addition, but it is funny.

Step #10 Darken the cracks between the teeth if needed and create root ridges by dragging down thin lines towards the point of the chin from between each tooth.  Don’t go all the way down.

Step #11 Make black ovals on the side of the teeth that should actually go all the way up and under the” v” of the cheekbone, this splits the lower jaw from the bones of the upper skull. What was I thinking, it was 9am when I did this!

Step # 12  I experimented with following sections of my line work with mimicking lines slightly inside the white area.  I added cracks to texturize old skully and patted faint amounts of black around the white to dirty it up and add more texture.

Step #13 I blent down the inside of the cheekbone lines with a dryish black brush to add more depth.

Step #12 Make the fiery floral design with a double or triple loaded pointy round brush of warm colors and black on the outer edge. I outlined each one on the top again with black so I could add a flaming tip.

Step # 13 For an added bonus of delight, throw in a spine. I just winged this messy old spine.Thanks to Eric Dexter, or the band Saraph, for sacrificing his good looks for this step by step of madness!

The picture below shows what a skull really looks like. Oh I have a long way to go!

New Rainbow Cake

Hello, I added a New Hand Made Rainbow Cake to my store, you can check it out at:

I have been working on adding some eye design images next to the photographs of the products on the detail page of each product so you can have a better idea of how the colors looks like. I still have many more to do, but I added the eye design photograph on the following product’s detailed page:

– Square Rainbow Pot Glow Pop

– Square Rainbow Pot Metallix Rainbow

– Square Rainbow Pot Pink and Green

– Square Rainbow Pot Red White and Blue

– Square Rainbow Pot Rosey

I also created a new Flickr Group for Body Painters or people interested in Body Painting. The link is:

If you have a Flickr user you can join the group and add your photographs.

Remember, since I am leaving to San Jose California to teach at the Living Canvas convention, I will not be able to ship any order between September 15th-24th. I apologize for the inconveniences this might cause.


$5 Discount Code for Purchase of Clash’s New Book

I just sent an e-mail to all the subscribers with the Coupon Code to get my New book with a $5 discount at

For those who haven’t subscribe to my blog yet, you can get the coupon as long as you subscribe to my blog before October 13th 2010. The coupon is only valid untill October 15th 2010.

I hope you like my new book!


New Flickr group where you can post your pictures!

Hello, I have just created a new Face Painting Group on Flickr for those who want to share their designs with other face painters.

Flickr is a great tool to get other people to know you and critique your work.

If you want to add pictures to the group you need to have a Flickr account and join the group. Every one can visit the group but only members can add content to it.

Visit the group at: