New Auguste Clown Face Paint Design

Check out this Clown Face that I did with a Diamond FX Rainbow Cake.

4 comments on “New Auguste Clown Face Paint Design

  1. Wow, the white you put on really pops! Can you tell me the name of it and where I can get it? Also is it grease paint? Do you put powder over it to set it? I also love your rainbow. Which one is the best to start with? I face paint, but would love to start adding the colors you are using.
    Thanks and God Bless!

    • I used Diamond FX white and you can get it at my online store
      Diamond FX are water based paints so you don’t need to put powder overt it to set it.
      I have many rainbow cakes in my store. I have 50gr cakes and 10gr cakes. I recommend you to check out the Rainbow Cake’s section at my store and choose form there. If you want to start with a cake that you can you use for boys and girls designs you can choose the Euro Blend Ess Rainbow. For the rainbow cakes I use the wedges sponges (but you can use brushes too), and you can get those at my store too.
      Thanks for your comment!

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